Organic Beauty Supplements. What You Need To Know

The truth about going organic.

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15.10.20 (Updated 28.02.22)

Three quarters of adults in the UK and North America take a daily vitamin or supplement. This is more than ever before in history. People, it seems, are more interested in health, beauty, wellbeing and longevity than ever before. Buzzwords like ‘clean’, ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are thrown around in supplement circles; but what do these words even mean? In most cases the implied benefits of clean, organic or natural supplements far outweigh the science behind the pill.

So what exactly does it mean when it says ‘clean’ or ‘organic’ on a supplement label? Can you trust the companies who are pedalling these contemporary snake-oils to consumers? And how can you begin to separate science from science fiction when it comes to selecting the best supplements for health and wellbeing.

LYMA’s formula contains only clinically proven, patented ingredients. Our formula was created with the help of over 50 research groups and hundreds of scientists based across numerous world-leading universities and research institutions. Read on to find out what makes LYMA superior to every other supplement on the market and why we represent the gold standard when it comes to reaching the ultimate in health and wellbeing.

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What are ‘organic’ beauty supplements exactly?

When a supplement is labelled ‘organic’ it simply means that all of the ingredients have been grown, produced and formulated without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. It does not mean - contrary to popular understanding - that it has greater efficacy than non-organic supplements. In fact, just because something is labelled ‘organic’ does not even mean it is guaranteed to work at all.

There is a stark and concerning lack of regulation around so-called organic supplements, and the word is at best meaningless and at worst dangerously misleading. Many generic supplement brands utilise the word ‘organic’ in their marketing strategy simply as an excuse to charge more money for what is, in effect, a useless pill.

The bottom line is that the word ‘organic’ pertains to the methods by which an ingredient is produced and in no way does ‘organic’ equate to ‘effective’. Many organic supplements come with very few benefits and a whole lot of risk.

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What makes LYMA better than organic supplements?

Our global team of scientists took three years to formulate LYMA. Their brief was simple: to create the world’s best supplement. At LYMA we believe in the simple fact that your health is not something that can be left to chance.

Each one of LYMA’s ingredients has been clinically proven for efficacy by being put through rigorous peer-reviewed clinical trials. By putting each and every one of our ingredients through this process, we ensure that the LYMA formula truly meets the highest standards, taking nutrition far beyond the notion of ‘organic’. ingredients are powered by the best science and offer outstanding delivery systems, stability and efficacy once ingested.

LYMA will never compromise and will only ever use peer-reviewed ingredients. We consider our transparent evidence-based nutrition to be our unique point of difference, and is what sets us apart from - and above - the rest of the supplement industry.

LYMA’s ingredients have up to four times the absorption compared with organic supplements, meaning that the body is able to absorb these nutrients faster and at a deeper cellular level. This is the true definition of a supplement. Nothing else comes close.

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Why is LYMA more expensive than organic supplements?

LYMA was formulated by a team of leading nutritional scientists with over 100 years’ combined experience at the forefront of the pharmaco-nutrition industry and our patented ingredients are sourced from the world’s leading and most trusted pharmaco-nutrition companies. This kind of expertise comes at a price.

We spared no expense in developing LYMA. Patented ingredients have special qualities that are worth protecting and, as such, we knew from the get-go that it was worth investing in the process of ensuring all our ingredients were trademarked. Now we know that our unique technology is protected, the purity of our ingredients is guaranteed and that our product is stable and bioavailable. Our goal has always been to provide our customers the very best supplement available, and to offer the best possible value for money.

You are no doubt beginning to understand why patented ingredients inevitably cost a whole lot more than organic ones, but you get what you pay for. Trust, efficacy and powerful science comes at a cost. For example, organic turmeric costs approximately £1 per kilogram, whereas the HydroCurc® formulated in LYMA costs almost £300 per kilogram. HydroCurc® is also 85% curcuminoids as opposed to the standard 20% constituted in generic turmeric. HydroCurc® as formulated in LYMA is also up to 250% more bioavailable than organic turmeric extract, partly due to our novel delivery system known as Lipisperse®. Lipisperse® is a revolutionary new technology that works by increasing the surface area of lipophilic particles in aqueous solution, thereby enhancing the bioavailability of the active compounds. This is just one example, and similar comparisons can be made between all of LYMA’s ingredients and their organic equivalent. LYMA is proud of the science packed into every capsule: we know it can change lives and deliver real results, and all for the price of your daily coffee.

LYMA is also more expensive than organic supplements because to purchase each ingredient in LYMA separately - and at the same dosage - would cost significantly more money and require robust and time-consuming searches. LYMA not only represents value financially, it also saves customers from the inconvenience of having to take multiple pills each day by supplementing with the same ingredients separately. Life is complicated enough, which is why we’ve simplified supplements for you. One pill: unparalleled results.

Organic supplements are inferior to LYMA in every imaginable way. Organic supplements are unproven, both in terms of efficacy and results, and don’t even come close to meeting our standards. Patented nutraceuticals such as those formulated in LYMA have clinical data to back their use. Generic ingredients - including organic ones - simply don’t have the same credentials and clinical backing as those that have been clinically tested. At LYMA we only use ingredients that have been scientifically studied and are medically-backed: no compromises. Our formula contains more patented ingredients at active levels than any other supplement of the market and that is what puts LYMA in a different league: the difference is everything.

We are determined to set the record straight on what organic really means and to tear down some of the most enduring - and dangerous - misconceptions about supplements. LYMA’s balanced patented formula has been optimised to help you unlock your true potential and to support you to feel your best.

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