Busted: The 5 Biggest Myths in Health and Wellness Right Now

Some of the most common wellness myths debunked.

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22.02.21 (Updated 09.08.23)

There’s so much information out there when it comes to health and wellness, but which wellness tips should you believe, and wellbeing hacks should you take with a hefty pinch of Himalayan salt?

When it comes to deciding which health and wellbeing tips to follow, you need to check the provenance of any claims made, and ensure that recommendations are backed by peer-reviewed clinical trials wherever possible. Your health is too important not to double check your sources. Do your research, arm yourself with knowledge, and feel empowered to reach your full potential.

At LYMA, we only use ingredients that have been rigorously trialled and tested. Our formula is 100% evidence-based. Allow us to debunk some of the most common myths around popular health and wellbeing supplements.

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1. NAD

The Myth: Taking NAD in supplement form switches off the genes that are responsible for ageing, effectively tricking the body into thinking that it’s younger than it is.

Busted: Whilst there are studies that supplementing with NAD can increase longevity and rejuvenate mitochondria in yeast, worms and mice, the research to support its effect in humans is mixed and preliminary. Furthermore, NAD as an anti-ageing supplement has been implicated in promoting cancer-cell growth. LYMA’s trusted network of experts and scientists unanimously agree that you should hold off incorporating NAD into your daily supplement regime until the safety of NAD, and any benefits it might have in humans, are confirmed by peer-reviewed clinical trials.

We are not against NAD, and we believe it has its place in the nutraceutical ranks, but there is simply not enough evidence yet for its efficacy in humans and thus we have chosen to omit it from our formula. Instead, LYMA uses the latest patented technology to deliver Cynatine® HNS, a stable and clinically proven form of natural keratin peptides, directly to the relevant cells. Cynatine® HNS naturally protects, repairs and increases the health of skin, hair, nails and tissues to help you keep your glow as you age.

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2. CBD

The Myth: CBD is a cure-all remedy that can help to eradicate everything from cancer and chronic inflammation to autoimmune disorders and anxiety.

Busted: CBD is not a miracle drug. Its efficacy depends on your ailment as well as your unique metabolism and physiological make-up; it works differently for everybody. The answer as to how and whether CBD can work for you is incredibly nuanced, and it is not the straightforward wonder medicine that marketers would like you to believe it to be.

First of all, the quality of CBD can vary wildly from one brand to the next. CBD has not been granted pharmaceutical status in either the USA or Europe because of the inconsistencies between producers; some strains are simply far more potent than others and there is no standardisation process in place to determine which ones actually work. One recent study found that 31% of CBD products currently on the market actually contained the amount of CBD that had been advertised.

Furthermore, it has been suggested that many of the brands available to buy over the counter have not been properly purified and still contain traces of THC - the psychoactive compound present in cannabis that CBD producers profess to leave out of their formulas (not to mention the illegality of selling THC-containing products in most of Europe and much of North America). CBD has not been deemed safe for long-term use in Europe as clinical trials have either proven inconclusive or are still ongoing.

CBD has also been shown to weaken the immune system, suppressing T-cell production and function, and rendering the body’s ability to fight off foreign invaders diminished.

One of the loudest claims around CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties. However, evidence for this is scant and there are safer supplements you can take to curb inflammation that have been confirmed by longitudinal studies. This is why LYMA contains HydroCurc™, not CBD. Hydrocurc™ is a highly bioavailable anti-inflammatory strain of curcumin, the active compound present in turmeric. HydroCurc™ has all of the anti-inflammatory benefits that people associate - rightly or wrongly - with CBD but with none of the nasty side-effects.

LYMA also contains our Wellmune® Blend, a highly specialized 1,3 1,6 natural beta glucan found in yeast, that has been clinically proven to support your immune system and keep you thriving through times of stress.

Finally, if you’re considering taking CBD for its purported stress-busting and sleep-enhancing properties but are concerned about the risks, LYMA can support you. LYMA contains full spectrum root extract Ashwagandha KSM-66® which is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety and aid sleep , not to mention its immune-boosting and brain health supporting properties. Supplementing with Ashwagandha KSM-66® as formulated in LYMA can help to boost your productivity, focus and concentration, and can even help to regulate your blood sugar levels.

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3. Fish oils

The Myth: Fish oil supplements are the best way to hit your omega-3 RDA.

Busted: Fish oils supplements are the biggest sellers in the global supplement industry. However, they have been proven time and time again not to be effective when taken in supplement form. In fact, in the largest study conducted into the efficacy of fish oil supplements in improving cardiovascular health in humans, it was concluded that fish oil supplements had ‘little to no effect’ on mortality rates pertaining to cardiovascular health.

However, other studies have demonstrated that when omega-3 fatty acids are consumed through diet, they do have a positive effect of cardiovascular health. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine explored the link between seafood consumption and coronary heart disease in 852 middle-aged Dutch men over a 20-year period. The findings were stark: mortality rates from coronary heart disease were reduced by 50% among the group that ate fish every day.

Overall, the evidence suggests that consuming fish oils can indeed have important health benefits, but that these benefits are greatest when fish oils are consumed through diet. Good sources of omega-3 fish oils include fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and anchovies.

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4. Turmeric

The Myth: Turmeric is the greatest superfood there is and its anti-inflammatory properties are second to none.

Busted: First of all, the compound within turmeric that gives it its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities is curcumin; when you read about turmeric’s anti-inflammatory benefits, you are really reading about the benefits of the curcumin within. Curcumin is the real superhero here.

The issue with curcumin when it is consumed in turmeric form, however, is that it has abysmal bioavailability and the curcumin content of turmeric is surprisingly low. When ingested through diet alone, humans are only able to absorb 5% of the active curcuminoids from turmeric. Consuming turmeric in turmeric form for its anti-inflammatory properties is inefficient to say the least. In addition, curcumin is fat-soluble, meaning it can only be metabolised by the body if consumed alongside healthy fats. For these reasons, eating turmeric to reduce inflammation can be said to have a placebo effect at best.

If you want to exploit curcumin for all its goodness, you need to take it in its most bioavailable and fat-soluble supplement form. In LYMA, HydroCurc® is combined with LipiSperse® for optimal delivery and uptake. LipiSperse® is a cutting-edge ingredient scientifically proven to increase absorption to deliver 250% more active curcuminoids than generic curcumin.

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5. Multivitamins

The Myth: Everybody should be taking a daily multivitamin.

Busted: Evidence is scant and conflicting as to whether taking a multivitamin can help to reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease, cancer and other afflictions. Illustratively, one study concluded that multivitamin consumption led to 31% reduced risk of cancer in men who took multivitamins but saw no such effect in women. Likewise, other studies have failed to find any notable link between multivitamin intake and development of heart disease, either showing no statistical significance or no correlation whatsoever, whilst others have found a strong connection between taking a daily multivitamin and a reduced incidence of heart attack and stroke. Basically, the jury is very much still out.

Furthermore, some multivitamins have been shown to be actively harmful. Dosage is particularly important, as taking too much of some vitamins and minerals can seriously damage health. Fat-soluble vitamins are easier to overdose on because they are not expelled as quickly by the body and vitamins A and D in particular can have toxic effects if over-consumed. If you already have a healthy diet and eat a lot of nutrient-dense food, you could be at risk of over-consumption.

Pregnant women should be particularly careful to not exceed the recommended intake of vitamin A as excess amounts have been linked to birth defects. And smokers should avoid any multivitamin containing high doses of beta carotene or vitamin A, both of which have been associated with an elevated risk for developing lung cancer.

LYMA is not a multivitamin; it is the ultimate supplement and provides the right balance of peer-reviewed patented ingredients formulated at proven levels. We only use real science to provide you with a product you can trust and results you can rely on. LYMA offers you something different, a formula that features ingredients that cannot be found in effective doses through food. LYMA has been formulated as a total supplement regime for those who already have a complete and varied diet and who wish to take their beauty, health and mental performance to the next level .

“LYMA has created an industry leader. Never before has so much validated science and patented technology been combined into one formula. LYMA has changed the supplement industry and it has the power to change you.”

Dr. Paul Clayton, PhD

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