Enough With the Collagen Creams, Beta Glucans Get Skin Making More Collagen All on Its Own

Enough with unproven collagen creams and supplements, discover the benefits of beta-glucans on skin.

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Collagen levels deplete with age and we’re all fervent to know how to tighten skin and restore collagen in the face. But you’d be hard pushed to find a reputable, independent scientist who'd tell you that collagen skincare actually works. Which is perhaps why the shady world of ‘miracle’ collagen supplements hasn’t sparked any anti-aging revolutions yet.

"A few trials have found that collagen supplements might lead to minor skin improvements, but there are as many trials that have found little or no effect,” explains Professor Paul Clayton, world leading expert in pharmaco-nutrition, "Collagen itself does not work. It is not a targeted approach.

And when it comes to collagen face creams, Dr Graeme E. Glass MD PhD Plastic Surgeon, Associate Professor of Surgery firmly agrees, “Collagen is produced by the fibroblasts in the dermis, so rubbing it onto the epidermis isn't necessarily going to be effective. It's creating a trend that isn't addressing the root causes of aging but sounds good and to a certain extent, feels good. People do it anyway though and because collagen forms cross links, it can make skin feel tighter and smoother.”

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How do you get skin to make more collagen naturally?

Instead doctors and dermatologists recommend giving skin all the nourishment and support it needs to promote collagen production. “A much more effective way of getting collagen to the extracellular matrix is to stimulate fibroblasts to make collagen and this is what truly effective skincare regimens do,” advises Dr Glass. “Your body is very good at making collagen naturally.” We’re so glad to hear it.

The approach of attacking skin into ‘enforced regeneration’ is somewhat outdated and unnecessarily destructive (the LYMA Laser already proved that outright). Far more intelligent a method is engaging the skin’s immune system by tricking it into thinking the skin is injured. This fake insult response speeds up the skin’s renewal and repair systems, first of which is speed-making collagen. It’s the same response as used in laser rejuvenation but minus all the actual burning and thermal destruction.

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How do beta glucans work to boost collagen production in skin?

Beta glucans are just that trick. Research shows that these naturally occurring polysaccharides boost skin health by simultaneously reducing inflammation and causing an up-regulation in adaptive immunity.

“Beta glucans benefit skin by signaling that it has been injured. This sets off a coordinated reparative response, kickstarting the regeneration process and the increased production of fibres such as collagen, elastin and ceramides. So inducing a regenerative response, ultimately makes the skin look younger,” explains Dr Glass.

The most advanced beta glucan skincare comes courtesy of LYMA in the LYMA Skincare Serum and Cream two-phase protocol. Formulated with the gold standard of beta glucans Wellmune® Hydrolysed Beta Glucans - a tightly patented, scientifically modified yeast beta-glucan, hydrolysed to a smaller molecular weight, thus allowing it to be fully accepted into the epidermis.

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The proven route to more collagen

To push collagen production even further up the charts, LYMA Skincare also contains Bakuchiol; an excellent ingredient for stimulating the upregulation of collagen and improving elasticity. And unlike chunky collagen creams, all actives in LYMA Skincare are readily accepted into the skin using Pro-Lipo™ Neo; a patented delivery system. This bio-engineered liposome is small enough to pass through the different skin layers releasing the encased ingredients, ensuring product penetration for transformational results in a quicker time frame.

Isn’t Wellmune® already in the LYMA Supplement?

Wellmune® is already one of the ten power ingredients formulated into the LYMA Supplement to improve the body’s immunity and ability to fight infections. The highly specialized 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans have the right molecular structure to be absorbed in an effective way by the body. Working in the gut, they send messages to the brain to support our innate, rapid fire system and immune system by priming white blood cells to engage quickly and effectively with foreign pathogens. Wellmune® Blend has been shown to be the fastest-acting and most efficacious supplement for instructing the body’s T cells to fight off foreign bodies. Nothing else comes close.

Now LYMA has mastered how to get patented, proven beta glucans into our skincare as well as our supplements, our collagen reserves should be well stocked and our skin health remain well within its prime.



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