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22.09.20 (Updated 15.03.22)

How was the LYMA skin renewal technology discovered?

It started life quite by accident. But thank goodness it did. Originally developed as a medical laser in a research unit in Leipzig, the LYMA device’s original purpose was to heal injuries that had occurred deep inside the body without having to resort to invasive surgery. Targeted injuries included degenerated cartilage, torn tendons and respiratory inflammation.

However, one particular side-effect that researchers discovered in the process got everyone very excited. Nothing like this had been seen before. In order to reach the damaged tissue, the laser had to pass through the skin, which began to visibly transform.

Transform how? Well, as it turned out, the laser had a profound ability to smooth wrinkles and reduce visible signs of ageing, diminish redness and tackle pigmentation, blemishes and scarring.

Results like these had never been seen before, and the accidental development of the LYMA gadget marks the beginning of a whole new category of beauty devices that could seriously change the way we approach skincare in the future.

Blue light on face skin

LYMA helps with the production of collagen and elastin.

This is where it gets scientific. Mitochondria are the energy source present within every cell of the body, including those cells which produce the micro-fibres responsible for keeping your skin plump and supple: collagen and elastin.

As we age, mitochondria become less efficient, and cellular functions are impaired. Collagen and elastin production diminish, and skin starts to thin, wrinkle and lose its elasticity. This is particularly true for women during perimenopausal years where a sudden drop in estrogen perpetuates the slowing of collagen production.

Unlike any other skin treatment available today, the LYMA Laser is able to effectively unlock the mitochondria to provide the cells with more energy, thereby restoring the cells’ ability to produce collagen and elastin, and renewing the skin in the process.

How the LYMA Laser technology works.

Now for the technical stuff. The LYMA Laser contains a state-of-the-art and totally unique filtered beam which works to diffuse a tiny pinprick of light over a large surface area of skin.

The LYMA Laser is incredibly powerful: whereas the power in generic beauty lasers will typically register somewhere around the 15 milliwatt mark, LYMA’s laser registers closer to 560 milliwatts, penetrating deep into the skin and through the epidermis and dermis to reach the collagen- and elastin-producing cells.

It is by harnessing so much power and successfully infiltrating the skin that the LYMA Laser is able to empower the skin to behave as if it is not ageing.

The most powerful, at-home Laser device.

Lyma red laser skincare system with mist and serum

How do I use the LYMA skin care system?

LYMA Laser has been developed as part of a unique three-part system.

First, you take the LYMA Activating Serum, which acts as a conduit for the laser. The Activating Serum helps your skin to feel healthier as dead cells and blockages are eliminated and the skin’s matrix is regenerated.

The LYMA Activating Serum contains the highest-grade beta glucans known to man, which when applied to the skin immediately hydrate it. In fact, this particular beta glucan strain is 20% more adept at hydrating the skin than much-lauded hyaluronic acid.

The LYMA Activating Serum also triggers the macrophages in your epidermis and dermis to get to work. Macrophages are key immunity cells that are responsible for fighting off pathogens, bacteria and viruses and keeping you protected. Your skin is chock-full of these wonder-cells, but they need to be taken care of if they’re going to protect you in kind.

Thirdly, and most importantly when it comes to anti-ageing, the LYMA Activating Serum works to stimulate fibroblasts in the skin: the cells responsible for the production of collagen.

Next comes the application of the laser itself. It couldn’t be easier to use: you simply pass the powerful portable laser over your skin for 15-20 minutes, slowly moving between target areas, before applying the final step in the three step process: soothing oxygen-based LYMA Mist.

LYMA Mist is a mineral-rich formula that holds up to 100% more oxygen than spring water, penetrating through the dermis and flooding the skin with oxygen and hydration. You will experience an instant plumping of the skin as you spritz.

What results can I expect to see?

The results can be pretty groundbreaking and in some cases life-changing. Clinical trials over a five week period have demonstrated a reduction in pigmentation by 64%, redness by 42%, blemishes by 56% and wrinkle depth by 53.8% when the LYMA Last is used at home twice a day.

Over time, the bio-stimulation provided by the laser restores cell function such that it actually reverses the skin ageing process. This means that your skin not only appears more youthful after repeated use of the LYMA Laser - it actually is more youthful.

What makes the LYMA device different to other lasers on the market?

Many fashionable anti-ageing procedures work by stimulating the skin into self-repair, and damage, harm and destroy the skin in order to encourage new cells to grow.

Unlike micro-needling, laser resurfacing and fillers, LYMA causes no damage to the dermis. We know you don’t need to hurt yourself and damage your skin in order to achieve younger skin.

Newer laser comparison diagram

Is the gadget safe to use?

There are no side effects whatsoever associated with this technology and there is zero risk of infection, scabbing or reddening.

Using the LYMA tool is completely painless. It is even 100% safe for use around the sensitive eye area and does not require goggles. No pain. Pure gain.

How much does the LYMA Laser cost?

The LYMA Laser, LYMA Activating Serum and LYMA Mist come at a combined cost of £2,000 and are available to buy here.

Used in conjunction with the world renowned LYMA nutraceuticals, the effects of the LYMA Laser will be amplified. LYMA’s potent formula is recognised industry-wide as having set a new benchmark when it comes to quality and integrity. All of our patented ingredients are clinically-backed and have been subject to rigorous trials. LYMA primes skin for optimisation from the inside-out, containing ingredients geared toward reducing inflammation, improving sleep, reducing stress, fighting free radicals and putting a stop to inflammaging. If you want to look, feel and be your best, supplementing daily with LYMA can help you to make it happen. Combine our formula with our new laser system for best results and celebrate younger, clearer, plumper skin and the renewed sense of confidence that comes with it.

Reinvent your skin with the LYMA Laser.


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