The Truth About at Home LED Light Therapy Devices

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29.09.20 (Updated 03.10.23)

At-home LED light therapy devices are fast gaining popularity for their beauty-boosting, complexion-enhancing powers. Whilst at-home cosmetic laser devices have been around for a while, a new breed of LED-based products have hit the market in recent years, claiming to solve all your skincare woes from acne and rosacea to scarring and sagging skin.

LED light therapy could be for you if you suffer from any of the above affiliations, or if you’re worried about ageing skin, the development of fine lines and wrinkles, visible cellulite or hyperpigmentation.

The LYMA Laser is the best home laser treatment on the market - more on that later - but there are some things you should look out for when selecting an LED device to use at home. Read on to find out more:

From masks to wands, LED light therapy comes in myriad forms. The thing that all LED devices have in common, however? The skin uses the LED light as a source of energy to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, whilst boosting circulation to the target area and accelerating tissue repair. The LED light encourages the rejuvenation and restoration of skin cells and fuels the skin to reject and kill the blemish-causing bacteria.

LYMA Laser wavelength

Often, when you treat yourself to a dermatologist-grade facial, you’ll be given a dose of light therapy as part of your treatment. But what kinds of light therapy are there? And what does each of them do?

Depending on your skincare concern and the amount of money you’re willing spend, there are a wide variety of LED gadgets on the market, but none are as effective as the LYMA Laser. We’ll explain what makes the LYMA Laser so unique - and so special - shortly.

First to the various types of LED laser on the market. There are three main types of LED light treatment, and they fall into the following categories: ‘blue light’, ‘red light’ and ‘near infra-red light’.

Blue light is widely used in dermatological circles for its antibacterial properties and its ability to treat blemishes without pain or irritation. Blue light encourages the skin to reduce oil production, thereby preventing breakouts, and has all the benefits of the red light.

Combining all the benefits of the blue light, Red light is often used to naturally boost hydration levels in the skin, as well as to treat inflammation, skin redness, and discolouration. Red light can also help to regulate oil production, minimise pores, improve circulation and speed up the skin’s natural healing and repair process.

The most deeply absorbed LED wavelength, however, is near infra-red light. Near infra-red light can be considered superior to both blue and red light in that it can increase cell permeability and absorption, improve collagen production and elasticity, smooths and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can vastly reduce pain and improve inflammatory skin conditions. Near infra-red light is also effective in accelerating skin repair and healing, and in defeating cystic acne.

The LYMA Laser combines a 500mW infra-red laser with four antibacterial blue LEDs, making it a beauty-boosting powerhouse and totally unique - and significantly more effective at curing your skin woes - when compared with everything else on the market, and making it the world’s most powerful at home skin-regenerating protocol.

LED light therapy machine for home use

For the first time, a clinic-grade near infra-red laser can be used safely at home.

LYMA’s laser technology operates at precisely 808nm and is dispersed 25,000 times through an ultra-diffused internal lens, ensuring no damage to cells (not a given when it comes to generic at-home laser treatments) and meaning that the LYMA Laser is even safe to use around the sensitive eye area.

Combining the best science and technology to transform every layer of your skin down to the fat and muscle tissue beneath, the LYMA Laser offers unprecedented and visible results in as little as five weeks of routine use. Clinical trials over a 35 day period have demonstrated a reduction in pigmentation by 64%, skin redness by 42%, blemishes by 56% and wrinkle depth by 53.8% when the LYMA Laser is used at home twice a day.

Light LED therapy machine for home use

Another unique facet of the LYMA Laser is that it has been developed as part of a unique three-part system.

The first step in the three-step application process is the use of the LYMA Oxygen Glide which eliminates dead cells and regenerates the skin’s matrix in order that the laser is able to penetrate even deeper into the dermis.

The other element in the triad is the LYMA Oxygen Mist: a mineral-rich formula that holds up to 100% more oxygen than spring water, penetrating through the dermis and flooding the skin with oxygen and hydration. .

The LYMA Laser is unrivalled. Not only does it deliver powerful, controlled, monochromatic, coherent and polarised laser light, it also stimulates bio-transformational cellular renewal unlike anything else seen before outside of a clinic. All of this, when taken together, means that the LYMA Laser literally augments the innate structure of your skin, resulting in real, visible and long-lasting improvements to your appearance. The LYMA Laser is a world first: there really is no at-home therapy that compares. Get your hands on a LYMA Laser starter pack today here.



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