How To Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles (There’s Hope for Us All)

There are ways to remove those deep facial wrinkles located on the forehead without cosmetic surgery

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Not all wrinkles are created equal; some are far more irksome than others. For many of us, smile lines and crow’s feet are signs of good times had, which makes them far more loveable than deep forehead wrinkles.

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What Causes Forehead Wrinkles?

Facial wrinkles form for two dominant reasons; repeated expression movement and the gradual loss of collagen within the skin. Both of these take years, both are somewhat unavoidable. Deep facial wrinkles are sneaky sorts because wrinkles and fine lines creep on you, becoming almost imperceptibly more established. What starts as a dynamic line that disappears as soon as your facial expression changes, slowly morphs into a static line, sticking around long after that facial expression has changed. What makes vertical frown lines and stretching horizontal forehead lines so loathsome though, is that they’re telltales of historical stress, a repeatedly furrowed brow and often, mispent years of glaring at computer screens.

Humans have been plodding around the earth for 200,000 years and nonverbal communication through facial expressions has been essential to that survival both within tribes and to potential threats. Our facial muscles are directly linked with our thoughts and emotions - it’s the mind/body connection in live action, so taking umbrage with facial expressions now for cosmetic reasons, seems somewhat churlish. However, aging is a deeply personal issue and idealistically we might be onboard with accepting the process but in real terms, watching lines take residence on your face can be deeply unsettling.

Common Types of Deep Facial Wrinkles That Develop From Dynamic Lines Into Static Lines

Glabella lines or more colloquially known as horizontal forehead lines and come from lifting the eyebrow muscles in surprise or shock expression.

‘Eleven lines’ are the short, vertical frown lines usually an inch or so long that form between the brows as a result of years of knitting the eyebrows together when frowning.

Nasolabial folds, sometimes known as ‘parentheses lines’ frame the corners of the mouth and from smiling over the years become deeper and more pronounced.

Crow’s Feet are small lines that splay outwards from the outer corners of the eye over the periorbital bone. When the cheek muscles are lifted as a result of squinting, laughing and broad smiling, the skin is temporarily creased.

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How To Stop Forehead Wrinkles Forming in the First Place

There’s no specific age that facial wrinkles show up and their glacial emergence makes it too hard to identify the ‘when’ anyway. Studies have also found that 25% of skin aging is down to genetics and well out of our sphere of influence. However, the accelerated formation of forehead wrinkles, thinning skin and loss of elasticity descend directly from sun exposure, dehydration, smoking and poor nutrition. All these factors contribute to the cumulative loss of collagen reserves, making skin more fragile and liable to deep wrinkles, lines and sagging. Of these lifestyle choices, sun damage is arguably the biggest culprit in the breakdown of collagen and if you’ve been overly basking in the sun’s rays for even just a few days, you’ll notice your forehead lines are more pronounced. This is because the forehead is where the sun naturally hits, often taking the full force of UVA rays.

Taking a scientifically proven health supplement containing collagen supporting ingredients is the best way to prevent wrinkles forming. Lycored Lycopene™ 30mg is an incredibly powerful and potent antioxidant that safeguards collagen reserves and protects skin cells against UV damage. Found naturally in many bright red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, guavas and watermelon, Lycopene is incredible for skin health and achieving plumper, firmer skin. The patented form of Lycopene is Lycored Lycopene™ and this is what’s been uniquely formulated into the LYMA Supplement. Bio-engineered to optimise bioavailability and microencapsulated to survive the gut breakdown process, so it can be fully utilized by the skin to fight wrinkles and all signs of aging for strong and healthy, glowing skin.


Forehead Wrinkles - How To Get Rid of Them

Can you reverse deep forehead wrinkles? Yes, absolutely you can. Established deep wrinkles of any kind can be rubbed out depending on your zeal, patience, pain threshold and the girth of your wallet. Opinion is divided as to what the best treatment for deep wrinkles is but there are solutions that achieve varying levels of results and equally varying longevity of said results. Much depends on how heavy handed you’re willing to get in the process of reaching those smooth skin goals and the extent to which you’re willing to invest in your skin health.

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Injectables and Fillers for Deep Forehead Wrinkles

Definitely a viable option and one if you need a smooth brow by Sunday but in no way a long-term solution, nor one that improves skin health to any degree. Muscle relaxant injectables work by blocking the nerve’s ability to send chemical messages to muscles instructing them to expand or contract. The facial muscle is therefore paralyzed and thus, the appearance of dynamic lines are lessened. For existing static lines, injecting a filler directly into the line will plump them out, making them appear more faint. Job done. Well, sort of…

Injectables are certainly a quick fix but plumping out wrinkles with filler changes the plains and contours of the face and freezing facial movements always makes resulting expressions look less natural. What’s more, when all movement in the forehead is inhibited, the face organically forms different expressions, so you might find you suddenly develop bizarre new expressions like clusters of creases either side of your nose or around your temples when you smile. Lastly, it’s worth working out a long-term plan as to how to look after facial fillers because should you ever wish to hop off the injectables train and enjoy facial expression again, those same old lines will re-emerge.

Skin Resurfacing Treatments for Deep Forehead Lines

If injections for wrinkles are one end of the skin smoothing spectrum, then laser resurfacing is at the other. Laser resurfacing treatment for wrinkles is highly invasive, notably painful and requires both multiple appointments and significant downtime but in doing so, achieves dramatic, long-term results. Whilst ablative lasers remove the entire outer layer of skin and nonablative lasers heat skin’s water content to create controlled thermal damage, both classifications cause sufficient trauma within the skin to trigger skin’s emergency healing response. When skin is under attack, it speed-manufacturers collagen, so as to repair as quickly as possible. The result of this newly generated collagen is smoother, bouncier, brighter skin and the harsher the laser impact, the more noteworthy the results. The down-side of this youthful endeavor is raw, bloodied skin, a heavily compromised skin barrier and high risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and infection.

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How To Get Rid of Wrinkles on the Forehead Naturally

Should you wish not to wage all-out war on your skin with traditional clinical lasers, technology has now made it possible to achieve the same wrinkle-busting results, minus any of the damage. The LYMA Laser is a groundbreaking skin device set to alter the beauty landscape and how we view cosmetic laser treatment for good.

So, how does The LYMA Laser work?

It’s an FDA-cleared medical-grade cold laser that transfers laser light energy to the deepest skin cells without causing the thermal destruction of traditional clinical lasers. This is made possible by two internal lenses that diffuse the laser beam 25,000 times, therefore removing all the heat but none of the power. The concentrated laser beam is able to pass through multiple layers of skin, even passing through fat and muscle, to reach the crucial skin cells below. This is a process called Photobiomodulation, whereby The LYMA Laser switches off the genetic switch that causes these cells to break down and degenerate and instead, transmits the energy they need to start working as new once more.

How To Get Rid of Forehead Lines With The LYMA Laser

The LYMA Laser can be used to fade out horizontal forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, ‘11’ frown lines, nasolabial ‘parentheses’ lines, lip wrinkles… you name it. There aren’t many rules of how to use The LYMA Laser, in fact there are technically only two:

1. Move it slowly

2. Use it every day

If you’re looking to target specific lines and wrinkles, hold The LYMA Laser still over the area for three full minutes before moving onto the next area. Repeat this every day and within three to six months, you’ll achieve impressive results.


Quickfire Forehead Wrinkle FAQs

Can you massage the forehead to remove wrinkles?

Massaging the forehead with a nourishing facial oil will target dehydration in the skin and increase microcirculation which both serve to lessen the appearance of forehead lines. Unfortunately you won’t achieve profound, wrinkle reversal results by this technique alone.

How best to get rid of forehead wrinkles at 20?

At age 20, collagen reserves have not begun to decline, skin is still brimming with it. Forehead wrinkles on young skin are a sign of dehydration, poor nutrition, perhaps smoking and most likely of all, too much sun exposure. Drink more water, get a good skincare routine in place and wear sunscreen as well as a wide-brimmed hat.

What age is normal to get wrinkles on the forehead?

There is no set age that dictates when forehead wrinkles form but it is usually in tandem with the depletion of collagen that gives skin its structure and resilience. The appearance of forehead wrinkles can be accelerated by prolonged stress, sun damage and dehydration.

What skincare gets rid of forehead wrinkles?

Retinol serums (Vitamin A) can be highly effective at fading out fine lines and lesser wrinkles, antioxidants prevent collagen breakdown from free radical damage, Vitamin C is excellent at improving skin texture and collagen peptide serums are best at plumping. However, established, deep forehead wrinkles cannot be reversed with topical skincare.


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