How to Treat ‘Maskne’ and Kill Acne Causing Bacteria

What is 'maskne'? And what can you do about it?

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09.10.20 (Updated 01.11.22)

Most of us have been forced to adopt a new language this year: the language of the pandemic. From “social distancing”, “new normal” and “furlough” to “flatten the curve”, “WFH” and “household bubble”, we’ve collectively spurted a whole dictionary’s worth of new phrases specific to the coronavirus. But the latest word in the covid lexicon? That would be “maskne”.

What is maskne? Maskne is the zeitgeist term for a particular form of acne that people have been experiencing in response to having to don a mask every time they leave the house to shop for food, visit a friend, run errands, or simply walk the dog. Whilst it is of course vital to wear a mask when encountering people outside your household, dermatologists blame the warm and humid environment behind the protective mask, and the increased sweat and oily sebum production that this encourages, for the increase in the number of people experiencing inflammation, irritation and angry breakouts. Unfortunately, the area of the face that a mask covers - the nose, mouth, and chin - are the very same areas that are naturally most prone to breakouts. If you’re already an acne-prone person, you’ll need to take extra care to keep your skin clean and clear. So how can you go about preventing maskne in the first place, and what can you do to treat maskne if you already have it?

There are a variety of factors that could be contributing to acne and breakouts right now, including a lack of Vitamin D, the stress and uncertainty of the current situation or a change in diet now that we’re working from home. When it comes to maskne specifically, it can indeed be caused by the hot and humid oil-encouraging conditions, but just as likely it could develop as a result of the friction between skin and mask or the transference of bacteria from the fabric of the mask onto your face. Whilst there are a few reasons that maskne is so prevalent right now, one thing is for certain, and that is that the pandemic is doing our skin zero favours.

The best way to treat maskne is with LYMA’s revolutionary new at home laser system. Designed to kill acne causing bacteria and rejuvenate the skin to prevent blemishes from returning, The LYMA Laser is in a league of its own when it comes to obliterating both acne and the scarring caused by acne. Applying the The LYMA Laser to the affected area for just 10 minutes per day for four weeks can completely dissolve any trace of acne, and can considerably reduce the visibility of acne scarring too.

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How does the LYMA Laser work?

Unlike other at home solutions, the LYMA Laser is able, through a process known as bio-stimulation, to effectively unlock the mitochondria to provide the cells with more energy, thereby restoring the cells’ ability to produce collagen and elastin, and renewing the skin in the process. How? For effective bio-stimulation to occur all the researched evidence demonstrates that a power density of 100mW/cm2 to 200mW/cm2 is required to effectively stimulate deeper tissue. The LYMA Laser operates at an optimal 160mW/cm2 with an energy density of 9.55 J/cm2 representing a true breakthrough in effective skin renewal.

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Why haven’t we seen anything like the LYMA Laser before?

Originally developed as a medical laser in a research unit in Leipzig, the LYMA Laser’s original purpose was to heal injuries that had occurred deep inside the body without having to resort to invasive surgery. During the medical laser’s clinical trial period, it emerged that when the laser passed through the skin in order to reach the damaged tissue, the skin began to visibly transform. In the course of these initial trials researchers noticed that the laser - which registers around the 560 milliwatt power mark, compared with the 15 milliwatts typical of generic beauty lasers - had a profound ability to tackle pigmentation, acne and scarring, as well as to smooth wrinkles and reduce visible signs of ageing, diminish redness and cure inflammatory conditions such as rosacea.

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Is the LYMA Laser skin expert approved?

Facialist to the stars, Nichola Joss, possesses a little black book that includes the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow and she regularly recommends the LYMA three-part system to her A-list clientele. Nichola is one of the world’s leading facialists and worked with LYMA to develop the cutting-edge laser system. Nichola explains that 15 minutes of use per day will do more than merely improve your skin’s appearance; it will transform your skin so completely as to result in it being totally renewed.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Graeme Glass says: “The LYMA Laser is one of the most exciting and innovative products to have been developed for the purpose of skin rejuvenation: The LYMA Laser captures the efficacy of a laser-based light therapy previously only available in the clinic setting and safely delivers it into the hands of the consumer for use at home”.

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How else can maskne be treated at home?

In addition to washing your face thoroughly before and after wearing a mask, and double cleansing morning and night, you should also consider skipping heavy pore-clogging products and make-up and switching to a silk face mask to reduce the friction (make sure it’s been medically approved though).

To really augment the use of The LYMA Laser and to further enhance visible results, the at home laser system can be used in conjunction with the world renowned LYMA nutraceutical formula. LYMA’s patented formula is recognised industry-wide as having set a new benchmark for beauty-boosting supplements.

LYMA contains Cynatine® HNS - the world’s first solubilised keratin and described as “The holy grail of beauty” - and Lycored Lycopene™ - a potent carotenoid with powerful acne-fighting potential. The LYMA formula primes the skin from within to help you look and feel like your best and most confident self. When the LYMA Formula is combined with daily use of The LYMA Laser, the at home beauty-boosting results are guaranteed to herald a new dawn for your skin.

Penny and Chris have shared their story on how the LYMA Laser helped with their acne scars.

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