Why the Woman Behind Menopausal Mayhem Mothers Decided to Write a Book



Hi, my name is Emma Skeates, the author of the Instagram and Facebook pages The Menopausal Mayhem Mothers. I am, in many ways, or at least I WAS, a typical menopausal woman. A bit like a deranged swan. Trying to keep it all smooth and elegant on the surface but everything else going like the clappers under the water. From insomnia, anxiety, leading to brain fog, panic attacks and memory loss along with all the other joys of the phase we quite simply call “The change”.

From Menopausal Mayhem Mothers Blogger to Book Writer.

I was chatting to a friend about how well the blog was going and she said you really should write a book. I looked and her and laughed. Me? This bag of nerves, tears and moods, to sit down and write something that other people would ACTUALLY want to read? I don’t think so. When she saw my reticence, she asked me if it was to do with my menopausal state. I had to admit that it was and my lack of self-belief which had taken hold straight after my hysterectomy. She told me about a game changing solution that she took called LYMA. She told me that it was worth every penny, and I should at least try it. She was right, it was most certainly not “cheap” but she had done such a good sales job on me, I had to try it.

"my lack of self-belief which had taken hold straight after my hysterectomy"

LYMA vessel shining

In the first 2 weeks I started to notice that going to sleep was a breeze, but even better than that, I STAYED asleep! No more night sweats. As the insomnia improved daily, I found that my anxiety and paranoia which had become debilitating for me as a usually gregarious and confident girl, was starting to dissipate and I started to think about the idea of at least starting the book. I knew where I wanted it to begin: 20 years ago, when a dark and life changing experience happened to me so it took me quite some courage to put pen to paper and re-enter that part of my life. But once I started, I quite simply couldn’t stop!

Despite having only just started my own business and endeavouring to fulfil my contracts with my new clients with the blog, I had this newfound energy, which I put down wholly to getting 7 hours straight sleep a night! The kind of sleep which had me up 2 hours earlier, fully refreshed and ready to write 3k words a day. The book was literally flowing out of me, and I even found myself laughing at some of my own jokes!

"I had this newfound energy, which I put down wholly to getting 7 hours straight sleep a night!"

LYMA pills for menopause

And Confessions of the Menopausal Mayhem Mother got published.

Before I knew it, it was done. I had finished. I had considered for years and years writing a book, but it had always seemed far too big a mountain to climb, but there it was, MY BOOK.

Of course, I assumed it was rubbish, but had it proofread by some experts who assured me it was “not bad, not bad at all”. My amazing agent got it into a workable format and photographs were taken and Confessions of the Menopausal Mayhem Mother was published and released on Amazon on 3rd June.

Within 2 weeks it was ahead of both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s books in the rankings, and it was a best seller!

How did this happen?

How did I MAKE this happen?

WHERE did I find it within this broken soul to write, not only a best-selling book, but a comedy and tearjerker to boot?

Answer? From my heart? LYMA.

Why LYMA? How could 4 capsules a day of a solution give someone the ability to go from being a blogger and copy writer to a best-selling author? Answer: sleep.

Sleep leading to clear thinking.

Sleep leading to lack of anxiety and self-confidence.

Sleep leading to having more energy and more hours in the day.

Sleep leading to a new me. The one who believed in herself.

Sleep leading to a 53-year-old mother who thought this was the beginning of the end, when in actual fact it was just the beginning.

With LYMA I am now running a hugely successful business, a household, have started writing a second book and have the one thing that had been lacking in my life: SLEEP which brings, amongst all those other things mentioned above, HOPE.

AND, for any sceptics out there, it’s worth every penny. Because I am forever changed. For the better.

Originally published Jul 28, 2021.
Written by Emma Skeates, Menopause Blogger & Author.


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