There is Sex Life After The Menopause

Menopause can sabotage your sex drive but there are also many benefits of sex after menopause.

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Menopause can all out sabotage your sex drive but rest assured, the many benefits of sex after menopause can be a very exciting prospect indeed.

Much is said about a woman’s low libido during menopause and can you blame her? Hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, weight gain and a gradual loss of self wouldn’t give anyone a rampantly high sex drive during menopause. For those years at least, the rabbits can keep it.

What’s not often said often enough though, is that it’s totally normal and it will pass. Menopause by its very nature is transitional and thus, temporary. So no matter how flatlined your menopausal sex drive is right now, it’s a physical impossibility for it to last forever.

How to increase sex drive during menopause

Admittedly, menopause and sexual drive aren’t the most common of bedfellows. The gradual reduction in both estrogen and testosterone in the female body throughout perimenopause and menopause can suppress libido as well as triggering vaginal atrophy, sensitivity and sometimes pain during sex. Although certainly disheartening, none of these are signs that you’ve shut up shop for good and the majority of women find that sex drive returns after menopause. In fact, as uncomfortable as other people’s sex lives make us feel, women’s sex drive after 50 is reportedly higher than that of younger women and many embark on a postmenopausal sexual renaissance. More on that later…

LYMA supplement menopause libido

Your mindset after menopause

The great thing about women is that a large portion of their sexual drive starts with the mind, which means there’s always new possibilities for where that can go. We can quite literally, imagine ourselves into a better sex life at any time. “There is a beautiful confidence that comes with aging,” says Dr Shahzadi Harper, Menopause Specialist and Founder of The Harper Clinic.

“As you go through menopause, you pick up little bits along the way and you grow along the way. I always think about it like you're in a cocoon and you come out as a butterfly at the end of it. Well that's how I feel. For the first time in my life, I feel like the woman I've always wanted to be. Reframe it as "how can you become the best version of yourself and what do you want to do?”

The benefits of sex after menopause

Even if you haven’t enjoyed a high sex drive during menopause, your libido after menopause can get back on track and even be quite the sexual liberation. You're less likely to get pregnant, no periods, you don’t have to worry about contraception, you’re more focused on your own pleasure and you can be sexually free. “I've had so many women say they’re now more experimental, they've got to 50 and are trying new things like sex toys and ethical porn for the first time in their lives. So many different things that they may never have considered before, so I think it's a really exciting time to just make your way to happiness. Yes it's a journey, there are some bumps on the road but it can be a really an enlightening journey of discovering yourself.”

LYMA supplement menopause sex life

The under-the-radar menopause libido supplement

Male Viagra launched 25 years ago and yet, for inexplicable reasons, female viagra hasn't made an appearance yet, (come on women in science!). For those looking for a leg-up in how to increase libido after menopause naturally, there are a host of herbal remedies boasting unsubstantiated claims of boosting sexual arousal. But again, because the female sex drive is so interlinked with overall physical health and psychological state, none of them offer overwhelming results.

Enter LYMA; the whole system health supplement for body and mind, and that fully includes sexual health. By conditioning every organ including the brain, LYMA supports the female sex drive during menopause and long after. Among it’s ten patented and peer-reviewed power ingredients, the ashwagandha in the LYMA Supplement eases worried minds so you can concentrate on the good feels, Vitamin D3 increases lubrication and blood flow to aid orgasm, and curcumin has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for cultivating desire.

The best tip for boosting your libido during menopause and after? Saffron.

LYMA also contains affron®; a fiercely patented version of the most proven saffron extract in the world. Clinical evidence suggests when ingested daily and in concentrated form, saffron extract can improve desire, sensation and arousal in both men and women after just one month. Improved orgasms were also reported. So by investing in your long-term health with LYMA, you’re inadvertently selecting one of the best supplements to boost your libido too. Believe us when we say, there are plenty of good times ahead.



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