Maintaining Your Weight After Menopause Is The Answer To “Exceptional Longevity”

Scientists have proven the answer to a long healthy life isn’t just losing weight during menopause.

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Fancy achieving “exceptional longevity”? Who wouldn’t? Reaching the age of 90 or even 100 years old, free from chronic disease and maintaining a good daily health is the definition of “exceptional longevity” and where we all should be heading. But a multi-institutional study led by University of California San Diego just proved that this feat is far more probable for women who maintain their body weight after age 60.

Longevity is now perceived to be the ultimate luxury and all the big tech moguls are investing their billions into futuristic research because when you live your best life you want it to go on forever. However, somewhat ironically, it’s the low-key ancient Hunza Tribe who’ve been living ache-free for generations. Proving it’s actually a lifetime of good life choices that get you to live to 100. Nevertheless, this new discovery from UC San Diego goes some way to showing us what we can do now, to ensure the decades to come are full of vitality.

The whys and hows of menopausal weight gain

Many women, millions in fact, experience that entering menopause causes weight gain. At the most basic level, starting during perimenopause, women gradually develop ‘insulin resistance’ making the body store, rather than burn, calories. The dominant reason for this being that one particular strain of estrogen, known as estradiol, starts to decrease consistently during perimenopause, dropping somewhat more dramatically with menopause. Estradiol is a crucial hormone that helps to regulate weight and metabolism, and thus its decline during the years of perimenopause, for many women, can lead to unwanted weight gain, particularly around the hips and thighs. As it’s your body’s naturally adjusting chemicals at work, hormonal weight gain can feel unresolvable, however it’s well documented that lifestyle changes can and do make all the difference.

Investing time, money and energy into your outward appearance to keep your weight stable might at first seem a little shallow but now there’s robust evidence to show that working on the outside, inevitably leads to benefits on the inside. Turns out being vain is ultimately good for you.

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Longevity is not limited to losing weight

Now, you might well think that menopause signifies you’ve finally reached a glorious age of being able to fully accept who you are. Right on. There's so much more to life than looking good in a tight dress at your ex husband's latest wedding. That’s why this new research is so fundamental to any women thinking they need to dramatically lose weight during menopause. The researchers at UC San Diego indeed found that postmenopausal women who kept their weight stable after age 60, were highly likely to reach ‘exceptional longevity” but these impressive benefits refer to maintaining a consistent weight, not losing it. In fact, they further found that “those who sustained a stable weight were 1.2 to 2 times more likely to achieve longevity compared to those who experienced a weight loss of 5 percent or more. ”

But what if you’re unintentionally losing weight during menopause?

This occurs most often at the beginning as the body transitions from the perimenopause into menopause. During the start of menopause, a woman's ability to gain fat doubles while her lean muscle mass decreases and because muscle weighs more than fat, initially it often shows as a net negative. The numbers are somewhat short-lived though because as the body continues to store fat, both body shape and the scales read differently.

Alternatively, some women might continue to ask themselves ‘why am I losing weight during menopause?’ And that could be an indicator to an underlying health issue that needs addressing and investigating. Because whilst the majority of women experience hormonal weight gain, in some genetic make-ups, hormonal weight loss can also be attributed to inflammation in the body. Taking the time to research and identify proven, science backed supplements for menopause can make all the difference to your weight and your overall menopausal health.
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The whole system solution to menopause

The LYMA Supplement is an unrivaled evidence-based nutraceutical dosed at the clinical level to bring down inflammation throughout the body. Containing ten peer-reviewed ingredients that tackle brain, bone and cardiovascular health as well as optimizing cognitive function, the LYMA Supplement has fast become a trusted tool in menopause weight management. By effectively combating inflammation, improving mindset and increasing motivation, LYMA creates the perfect platform for any individual wanting to stick to their regular workouts and remain consistent in their healthy eating plans. Furthermore, statistics show post-menopausal women can lose up to 20% bone density, therefore an increase in Vitamin D3 is imperative. Oily fish and whole eggs are both excellent sources for this as part of an anti-inflammatory diet for menopause but the LYMA Supplement is formulated with bone strengthening Vitamin K2 and algae-derived Vitamin D3 at the highest possible human absorbency.

Maintaining weight through menopause and beyond is not easy but it is an all-round positive outcome for long-term health, happiness and now it’s proven to help you live longer too. Once again, consistency, dedication and focus is the surefire answer to being your best self at every age you reach.



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