The Best Laser Treatment For C-Section Scar Removal You Can Do at Home

It’s safe, effective, has zero side effects, and can be used from the comfort of your own home.

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22.09.20 (Updated 10.08.22)

Birth isn’t always straightforward, and there will be occasions where it is either necessary or desirable for a woman to have a cesarean section. When you undergo a C-section, your medical team will make two incisions - one in your abdomen and one in your uterus. Each incision will measure around 4 to 6 inches, or the size required for your baby’s head and body to fit through.

Most women are left with a pretty hefty scar after a cesarean, and whilst your midwife might advise techniques such as self-massage in order to minimise the scar’s appearance, the best way to remove scars at home is to use The LYMA Laser.

Many women are fortunate in that the scarring after a C-section is minimal, however if you’re looking to improve the appearance of your cesarean scar, LYMA’s unique and groundbreaking laser system is the ultimate C-section scar treatment. It’s safe, effective, has zero side effects, and can be used from the comfort of your own home.

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What is the LYMA Laser?

The LYMA Laser is a clinic-grade near infra-red 500mW laser that delivers powerful, controlled, monochromatic, coherent and polarised laser light, stimulating bio-transformational cellular renewal unlike anything else seen before outside of a clinic.

The LYMA Laser is a world first.

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How effective is the LYMA Laser at removing scars?

The LYMA laser is a quick and effective way to fight the appearance of scar tissue. It works by regenerating the skin cells and smoothing the scar tissue so that more closely resembles the skin around the site of the incision. Using the LYMA laser for just three minutes per day, over each section of the scar, for two months has been shown to render the scar almost invisible.

It’s never too late to heal your scar and improve its appearance - The LYMA laser is just as effective on a new scar as it is on a scar that is years, or even decades, old.

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What else can the LYMA Laser help with?

The LYMA Laser is not only effective on C-section scarring, it has also been demonstrated to have an incredible ability to smooth wrinkles and reduce visible signs of ageing, prevent and reduce sagging skin around the face, neck, knees, arms and stomach, diminish redness and skin redness, speed up the process of bruise-healing and tackle hyperpigmentation, blemishes and acne scarring.

The LYMA Laser is probably the single best investment you could ever make when it comes to your skin.

What else can you do to improve the appearance of C-section scarring?

The Light therapy Laser is hands down your best bet when it comes to healing your C-section scar naturally. There are, however, a few things you can do to augment the process and yield even more impressive results.

Scar revision - If your scar is particularly visible, it may be possible to have the wound reopened and then sewn back up in a neater way. This can result in the scar blending better with the skin around it, and can smooth out any large knots of scar tissue.Some women with particularly noticeable scarring may opt for this, but it should be a last resort and not a go-to.

Apply silicone to the scarred area - silicone, when applied directly to the scar tissue, can help to restore the skin to its original state. Silicone sheets, or silicone gel, can be applied directly to the incision or can be applied to the scar tissue later on. Both should help to speed up the healing process ignited by daily use of the LYMA Laser.

Scar massage - this can help to stimulate the skin and encourage blood flow to the damaged area, encouraging cellular regeneration. Scar massage should only be conducted after the incision has fully healed (around six weeks).

All of the above techniques should be used in conjunction with The LYMA Laser, LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide for best results. The three-step process is fully explained here. The LYMA Laser starter pack, which includes both the LYMA Activating Serum and LYMA Mist costs £1,999 and is available to buy here.

The effects of the LYMA Laser will be enhanced when used in conjunction with a subscription to LYMA’s ultimate Supplement. In 2018, LYMA redefined the supplement industry with a new category of evidence-based nutrition, and to this day is the benchmark against which all other supplements on the market are measured.

And LYMA isn’t just for scarring: LYMA’s world-renowned, fully-patented and peer-reviewed nutraceuticals have been formulated to prime the skin from the inside-out. If you want to reduce inflammation, improve your complexion, get back your glow, and look younger, combining The LYMA Laser and The LYMA Formula can help you to achieve scar-free, blemish-free, wrinkle-free skin and the feeling of confidence that comes with that.

The LYMA Laser can be used daily from the comfort of your home, is totally pain-free and yields unprecedented results. Everything you’ve been taught about skin care is about to be turned on its head: The LYMA Laser is about to revolutionise the world of beauty.

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