"The healing speed of the Laser PRO shocked even my surgeon”

The LYMA Laser PRO accelerated Jan’s recovery faster than even her surgeon could believe.

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Jan’s theory on hi-tech beauty devices was that they were too expensive and she couldn't be bothered. “I’m 68, I’m getting on, so it’s a bit late in the game,“ she says frankly.

“I also have family with poor health, so all my energy, time and focus goes to others. I get very little time to devote to myself.” That being said, she admits that massages are divine.

Responsibilities aside, Jan still gets a thrill from new beauty products and high end skincare.

“I do take a tremendous amount of joy in a new eyebrow pencil or a luxurious face cream, and I’m always keen for that instant boost of new lipstick. I would like to look not necessarily younger, but better, and I know skin gadgets can do that but these devices take time and the results are further down the road.”

Laser pro very closeup

Facing not one, but two surgeries

Somewhat predictably, it wasn’t for her appearance that Jan discovered the LYMA Laser PRO.

“Thanks to osteoarthritis, there was almost zero cartilage remaining in my left knee and when I moved, it was bone on bone. I had all the injections possible but in January 2023, I finally accepted full knee replacement surgery. It was a huge operation but I went in with such enthusiasm; perhaps I’d start running and do regular workout classes? Not so, it went terribly.”

It was beyond deflating when Jan was told she was one of the unlucky 5% that the surgery didn’t work for, especially considering how much dedication she’d put into religiously following her post-surgery physiotherapy routine.

“I saw my surgeon regularly over the next six months to check my progress and there was absolutely no change. My knee was every bit as swollen, ugly and stiff as it had been straight after the surgery. In fact, the new knee was somehow worse than the original. My surgeon admitted that this was likely the best it would ever be and so he recommended another surgery as an attempt to rectify things. Facing another knee operation with extended downtime and even further pain and immobility I’d already experienced, I wasn’t tempted in the slightest.”

Laser light: the non-surgical solution

“My plan was just to carry on suffering and use handrails but my daughter read up on the LYMA Laser PRO and how it had originated from the same low-level laser therapy technology being used to repair cartilage on rehabilitation patients in hospitals and this really intrigued her. I didn’t believe it would benefit me that much, but my situation meant I didn’t need all that much persuading.”

Jan began to use the Laser PRO morning and evening; once a day on her good knee and twice per day on the operated knee. “I hold the Laser PRO still on one area for three minutes, before moving onto the next section. I divide my good knee into four treatment points and my operated knee into six.”

LYMA secondary PRO Laser leg knee

I had no idea the LYMA Laser PRO would be this successful

The swelling and scarring that had been so bad and hadn’t shown any signs of reducing for an entire six months, suddenly started to calm down.

“Within two weeks of using the Laser PRO, the difference was amazing. I started to notice that there was no tightness, no stiffness and mercifully, no soreness.”

After two months, the Laser PRO had reduced all the swelling from the knee operation. I certainly did not expect this laser to be the solution or to be this good.”

I can't tell you how much better it is!

“My recovery has nothing to do with me and everything to do with this device.”

Two weeks ago Jan returned to her orthopedic consultant and showed him her knee. “He was amazed and majorly impressed by the healing progress. He said he couldn’t fathom this sudden shift and the acceleration in healing the Laser PRO had caused. What’s more, he’s decided against discharging me as he wants to see the progress of the LYMA Laser PRO himself!”.

Jan remembers back to the summer when she was in the consultant’s waiting room, “I was hobbling, I could only just manage stairs and walk the dog very gingerly. Now I’m comfortably doing my 10,000 steps a day and even more, I can even run.”


The skin on my knees is radically transformed

And it’s not just the internal inflammation, muscle and cartilage that has benefitted, the skin on both knees looks completely different.

“Before using the Laser PRO, the skin on my operated knee was puckered, red and swollen with a huge ugly scar down the middle. Now that swelling has all but gone, the redness is down to nearly nothing and both ends of the scar are significantly faded. Also, sections that were previously numb from all the swelling, I now have so much more feeling in.”

No pain, all the gain

“Since using the Laser PRO, I swear the pain in my knee has halved, if not even more. It used to hurt constantly; if I worked it, put pressure on it, twisted it, anything. At night, if I turned over in bed, the motion of the knee cap would wake me with the stiffness and no pain at night now, I am sleeping! It is a game changer for me. Now there is no pain when I’m at rest and only minimal when I'm active. It’s a flippin’ miracle and I would never have reached this point without the Laser PRO.”

The thought of going back to that tight, swollen knee is unthinkable for her.

“The difference is too much, I couldn't go back to that now. I was hoping that medically it would make a difference but there’s been a remarkable cosmetic difference too. I'm not being dramatic, the LYMA Laser PRO has been life changing. ”



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