What LYMA Gives You That a Balanced Diet Cannot

Other supplements make up for deficiencies; LYMA goes beyond that.

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18.02.22 (Updated 08.01.24)

When you hear the word ‘supplement’, most people immediately think of the thousands of multivitamin pills rattled at us to make up for our many modern day deficiencies. This is far from accurate though because a gold standard Supplement like LYMA is very different. LYMA optimises your health, broadens your bandwidth and increases your mental and physical capacity. Vitamins might aim to fill in the gaps, but LYMA creates a whole new blueprint of long-term health.

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Do we need to take vitamins if we eat healthily?

When you see the long list of ingredients on the back of a supplement bottle, it’s easy to be convinced you’re about to take in the whole alphabet of vitamins. The more nutrients squeezed inside the better, surely? Not so. “You should be able to eat your nutrients in a healthy balanced diet and nowadays it’s highly unlikely that you’re deficient in most vitamins and minerals,” says LYMA Founder, Lucy Goff. “If you do have a deficiency, your body will show that but the only vitamins we’re likely to be deficient in now are vitamins D and K2. Anything else is unlikely to be needed by the body and if you’re not deficient in it, the body will just flush it out.”

What a balanced diet should give you (from the world’s leading expert)

“If you are eating a balanced diet, you are likely getting all the nutrients you need for your body to function correctly,” agrees Professor Paul Clayton, clinical pharmacologist and expert in the fast-developing science of preventative ageing. “A diet full of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy – often referred to as ‘the Mediterranean diet’ - is a great rule for what you should be eating.

All of the above categories are excellent for reducing the risk of heart disease, maintaining blood pressure, lowering your risk of cancer or dementia, and keeping your cholesterol in check. Complex carbohydrates like oats and whole grains, antioxidant-rich fruit and veg, beneficial fats and complete proteins are all excellent for making sure you keep your energy levels up and don’t become tired.

Two great foods for preventing fatigue are almonds and avocados, which come loaded with key nutrients. The truth is that most vitamins can be sourced from a balanced diet. Unless you know you are not eating a balanced diet, multivitamin pills should not be necessary.”

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What LYMA gives you that a balanced diet cannot

LYMA is not a vitamin pill. It is formulated to provide you with unrivalled quality ingredients that you cannot get from a balanced diet, giving you an advantage above anything you could source from food. This is a gold standard formula bio-engineered to help you reach your better self.

Vitamins D and K

Vitamin D is vital for calcium production and Vitamin K transfers that calcium to where it’s needed. Both keep our body’s most vital processes ticking along, including those that maintain bone health, heart health, and immunity. But the body cannot get enough Vitamin D or Vitamin K from food alone. Most people in the western world are deficient in Vitamin D due to a lack of sunlight exposure and a recent randomised study that looked at 452 healthy adults in the USA found that 438 of them - a staggering 97% - were either deficient or insufficient in vitamin K2.

LYMA contains an optimal dosage of both: 2,000 i.u. of our patented ingredient Vita-algae D3™, and 75μg of our patented version of Vitamin K called MenaQ7® Matrix.


Saffron has long been promoted by Persian and Ayurvedic medical practices as an effective mood stabiliser. The LYMA patented version of ashwagandha, Sensoril® ashwagandha, is the most powerful ashwagandha extract on the market today. It helps with stress and anxiety, as well as being a powerful anti-inflammatory throughout the body, all of which creates the optimal physicality and mental state for deeply restorative sleep.


While turmeric has a lot of buzz around it as a health ingredient, the benefits of its component curcumin are hard to get through consuming organic turmeric. Instead LYMA uses a patented, proven version of curcumin called HydroCurc®, which is proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and effective in anti-ageing your cells.


Nootropics are attracting a lot of interest in the wellTech and preventive disease areas. Aiding neural communication and nourishing cognitive pathways. Cognizin®, a proven and patented version of the brain nutrient citicoline, not only gives you better focus and concentration but also nourishes your brain in the long-term.


Touted as a panacea for weak or damaged hair, skin and nails, keratin holds vast potential but is not readily absorbed by the body. However, the most soluble and highly bioavailable version of keratin is Cynatine® HNS, which you’ll find in LYMA. This ingredient is proven to strengthen hair and nails, as well smooth out your skin and has substantially more evidence behind it than any collagen supplements on the market.


Lycopene is the substance that gives bright foods like tomatoes their colour. It’s a powerful antioxidant that helps with heart health but the body cannot produce it and most forms of lycopene are not highly bioavailable. Technology enhanced LycoBeads® in LYMA does what a diet cannot, helping to prevent and delay vital cell damage.


Beta glucans 1,3, 1,6 are essential in priming the body's immune cells to fight off foreign pathogens. A type of soluble dietary fibre that can help to treat high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and fortify the immune system, beta glucans are found in yeast and fungi but they’re only effective when in a particular molecular structure. LYMA‘s Wellmune® Blend is the exact beta glucans arrangement that’s been proven to increase mental clarity, resist infection and reinforce the body’s immune response.A patented beta glucan, Wellmune Blend, is also present in the LYMA Supplement.

LYMA means next-level health optimisation

The LYMA Supplement is for people who are already mindful of their health and nutrition and instead are looking for a formula that goes beyond this to counteract the inevitable challenges of modern life, namely stress and sleep, to improve their brain performance and build their immunity. That is why LYMA is the superbrand of supplements; it goes above and beyond so that you can too.



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