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Can you explain the science behind the LYMA Laser PRO?

LYMA Laser PRO uses the most powerful and biologically effective form of Low Level Laser Therapy ever engineered.

LYMA Laser PRO supersedes leading clinic LED with 12x more near infrared biological power in the dermis vs leading clinic LED machines and 4x more near infrared biological power vs leading clinic Low Level Laser Technology.

The technology works on a principle called photobiomodulation; the term used to describe when light energy is transferred into human cells to bring about tissue regeneration and repair. The absorption of light energy provided by the LYMA Laser technology causes the mitochondria, (the energy center in skin cells) to become more efficient. Genes involved in tissue regeneration and repair are turned on, while genes involved in tissue aging are turned off.

The benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy have been known, proven and used in the medical industry for decades, but never engineered with optimal power for at home use in a safe, portable device. Until now.

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