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How will my order of multiple products be delivered?

When you benefit from an order with multiple products you will receive a number of individual deliveries or one box containing all of them.

How will my bundled products be delivered?

When you purchase the LYMA Skin System you will receive a number of individual products.

With taxes and duties paid upfront, does this mean I’ll get my LYMA Laser or Supplement quicker?

We certainly hope so! Any delays in getting your LYMA product to you would be due complications with import charges and items being held for payment. Now we’re taking care of all that so deliveries should be reliable and prompt no matter where they’re being sent.

Will LYMA cover the taxes and duties for any country you ship to?

Yes, all countries are now covered for import taxes and duties, plus we will continue to cover any international shipping costs too.

How long does shipping take?

All orders are shipped as fast as possible, Monday to Friday from the UK. International orders are sent by DHL Worldwide Express. Please be aware that shipping time varies by country, so please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

What should I do if I’m not a home when delivery is scheduled?

You can re-arrange delivery with DHL. Please contact DHL directly using the tracking information provided.

How can I check the status of my delivery?

You can check the status of your delivery using the DHL tracking information sent to you once your package is dispatched.

Is there any duty applied to international shipping?

LYMA covers the cost of tax and import duties for all countries we ship to, and there are no additional charges.

What courier partner do you use?

We use DHL Express as our global shipping partner, except for US orders which will be delivered by Fedex. Orders in the UK are shipped by DHL and subscriptions and refills will arrive through your letterbox by Royal Mail.

Is shipping included?

Yes, shipping is included for all deliveries worldwide.

What countries do you ship to outside of the UK? 

We ship to over 100 countries. To confirm availability, please select your country at the checkout process and you will be advised if this is available.

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