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The LYMA benefits

Why is LYMA such a great anti-ageing supplement?

When we look good, we feel good. LYMA offers a full spectrum approach to fight ageing from within. It has taken us years to find the most proven, trusted ingredients that offer true benefits in all areas. LYMA is the ultimate Supplement, powered by science to deliver optimum wellness. Prepare to feel your best.

Why is LYMA such an effective beauty supplement?

The way we look affects the way we feel. LYMA was designed to offer future beauty benefits by assuring that all areas of our body perform optimally, decreasing inflammation and allowing an optimal beauty response in the process. LYMA is a supplement powered by science to deliver optimum results.

Why is LYMA the ultimate supplement?

LYMA has changed the way the world looks at supplements.

However, the lack of regulation means that the industry is awash with low-quality products that deliver little or no benefit with bold claims and no real evidence to support them.

LYMA is different. We refuse to work with unproven ingredients that offer nothing outside of hope and hype.

LYMA is the first supplement company to use nine of the best, patented ingredients, proven in over 200 peer-reviewed clinical trials to restore ultimate balance and enable you to start feeling your best.

This is the LYMA difference. No other supplement comes close.

The LYMA capsule

When were the clear capsules introduced?

We introduced the LYMA clear capsule to EU customers on 1st August 2022, in response to new European Commission legislation. As of 21st December we have replaced the LYMA copper capsule with LYMA clear capsules worldwide, part of our commitment to transparency and B-Corp membership.

Why have you changed the colour of the Supplement capsule?

As part of our commitment to transparency and B-Corp membership we are now shipping our new LYMA clear capsules only.

Getting started

When should I take the LYMA supplement?

Take four capsules a day, all at once, every day. LYMA can be taken at any time of day that suits your schedule. None of the ingredients contain stimulants that risk keeping you awake. If you’re a coffee lover, avoid taking it for 30 minutes before or after caffeine. It's also best to take LYMA with food; this helps your body to absorb the powerful ingredients, (a snack is sufficient.)

Who can take LYMA?

LYMA has been formulated for adults over the age of 18 who are seeking to optimise their health, beauty and wellbeing. It is not suitable for children and should be kept out of their reach.

It is necessary to take LYMA on an ongoing basis, or do I need to have a break?

LYMA should be taken daily. There is no evidence showing a break is beneficial but lots of evidence showing continuous consumption builds the benefits and effects over time.

How long will I need to take LYMA for before I start seeing results?

Scientific studies show that the body starts seeing the difference of LYMA within 24 hours as the ingredients starting engineering the body to perform at its best. In the first month people report stronger nails, thicker hair and more but the real optimisation is hidden within the body. You can read case studies from LYMA members on their experience here

How do I take the LYMA Supplement?

We advise you take the LYMA Supplement at least 30 minutes before or after caffeine intake, as caffeine can inhibit the absorption of nutrients. It's also suggested to take LYMA with some food, as it helps your body to absorb LYMA and all of its ingredients. This doesn't need to be a full meal, a snack is sufficient.

When will I be charged for a LYMA subscription?

Charges for your first subscription renewal will occur 27 days after your initial payment, and then every month thereafter.

Am I able to purchase the LYMA Supplement without the copper vessel?

The naturally antibacterial copper vessel is intended to be displayed in your home or office as a daily reminder to take LYMA and acts as an ideal storage environment for the capsules. It is for this reason your initial purchase includes the copper vessel. The cost of your Starter Kit includes your initial LYMA Supply, the copper vessel and gives your LYMA Membership. This gives you access to LYMA Concierge and member pricing for refills and subscriptions.

Can I take LYMA alongside other food supplements?

LYMA has been formulated as a total supplement regime, to provide nutrients that cannot be obtained from the diet at the levels that have been shown to convey real health benefits. Unless you have been medically diagnosed as being deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral, there is no need to take anything else. If you have any questions regarding an existing supplement you are taking, please do contact

Science, testing and safety

How do I know if a clinical trial should be trusted?

If an ingredient isn’t backed by peer-reviewed clinical evidence, then there is a good reason. It hasn’t met the criteria. You’ll often see the words ‘clinically tested’ attached to wellness products. What this actually means is that a company has paid to conduct a private clinical trial. These results cannot be trusted. The industry doesn’t trust these results, and neither should you.On the other hand, peer-reviewed studies, are published and reviewed medical journals. This is the gold standard that the medical profession fully supports. This is why we only use peer-reviewed ingredients. This is transparent evidence-based nutrition, and this is why LYMA is so different to the rest of the supplement industry.

What to look out for in a clinical study?

We consider the best way to check efficacy of ingredients is to see if clinical studies have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. This way you can be sure the clinical study has not been doctored in any way and results are genuine. All LYMA’s ingredients have been published in peer-reviewed journals. The study design is also crucial, as is the result. Statistical and clinical significance are important but if the study design is poorly thought out it affects the reliability of the results recorded. The gold standard for clinical studies are RCT’s (randomised control trials). These underpin LYMA’s patented ingredients. The credibility of research can also vary. Studies can be double blind in design, randomised or placebo controlled. These are all factors that improve validity of a trial. You can read our Director of Science Dr Paul Clayton's view on the importance of looking at the research when it comes to supplements HERE.

What if a clinical trial hasn’t been featured in a peer reviewed journal? 

Peer-reviewed studies are only category of study which have been critically assessed by the peers of the authors. If a study wants to be taken seriously, a credible study is always one that is peer-reviewed, published independently in a credible journal rather than not at all.

This is the gold standard that the medical profession fully supports. This is why we only use peer-reviewed ingredients. This is transparent evidence-based nutrition, and this is why LYMA is so different to the rest of the supplement industry.

Has LYMA been clinically tested?

Each of our patented ingredients has strong clinical data to back its inclusion into a supplement of LYMA’s standing. We are proud to have over peer-reviewed 200 clinical studies representing each of the ingredients in our formula. As part of the selection process, ingredients were chosen on the basis as not to conflict with each other’s unique mode of action. Given the diverse pharmacodynamic properties of the ingredients, there are no side effects.

How can you prove LYMA isn’t one of the 90% of the supplements on the market that aren’t proven? 

LYMA’s patented ingredients have been selected on the premise of outstanding bioavailability, stability and efficacy. Unlike generic ingredients, patented ingredients give consumers assurance they are ingesting the gold standard in supplements with each ingredient backed by a suite of clinical trials and considerable time and financial investment.

How can I be assured the LYMA ingredients are not toxic? 

LYMA is a food supplement not a drug. Each patented ingredient has been featured in peer-reviewed clinical studies and has undergone an extensive safety record to ensure no toxins are present.

Is the LYMA supplement safe?

Every ingredient in the LYMA formula is fully certified for sale in the UK and USA. All ingredients are manufactured to a GMP (Good Manufacturing Standard) of the highest level.

The Supplement

Why don't you have a money back guarantee?

Whilst we do not offer a money back guarantee we can assure you that all nine ingredients in the formula have been strictly trialled and tested and proven to work. You can find the links to all of the scientific trials on our website HERE

How often do you change your formula?

Science progresses, and as it does, we keep up with it. As more validated materials achieve evidence-based status, we review the science and determine whether they make the LYMA grade.

Does LYMA work for post-menopausal women?

LYMA works for women in all life stages, including being a support through perimenopause, menopause and post menopausal stages.

Can LYMA be taken by both men and women?

LYMA has been created to be the one ultimate supplement that will work for everyone regardless of gender or life stage. The powerful ingredients in LYMA help you with the benefits you personally need, at the time you need them. No other brand takes this approach of just offering the best possible formulation which is proven to work for everyone.

Are there different versions of the LYMA Supplement?

No. Our formula is the best possible supplement for everyone. Brands which offer different products for men and women, for different health issues or benefits are delivering products based on marketing, we decided to create a supplement which would deliver the best possible results for everyone.

Are there any side effects from taking LYMA?

LYMA is not a drug, it’s a superior supplement which does not elicit side effects. We have specifically selected powerful ingredients based on safety and clinically dosed efficacy. Our ingredients do not interact with each other. Get ready to feel your best.

How does LYMA differ from the rest of the supplement market?

Most supplements use poorly characterised and untested ingredients. This is hope-based nutrition. At LYMA we only offer proven, high-quality evidence. LYMA is evidence-based nutrition and this is the future of wellness.

Where is LYMA manufactured?

The LYMA Supplement is manufactured in the UK, our entire manufacturing processes are quality assured to ISO 9001 international standards and our design processes are ISO 13485 certified. We conform to every major regulatory compliance standard, including FSA, FDA and EFSA.

How is LYMA truly different to other supplements on the market?

LYMA contains patented ingredients that go above and beyond to support optimal wellness. LYMA’s ingredients are selected on the premise of bioavailability, stability, purity and innovation. These super ingredients are backed by more research than other supplements on the market and our formula is developed by leading pharmaco-nutrition experts. You can trust us to deliver.

Why is the LYMA Supplement more expensive than other supplements? 

LYMA Supplement is created with an ethos at odds with the rest of the supplement world. We want to offer customers the very best of what is available taking a gold standard approach to ingredients and efficacy, but we also want to provide value. Each one of LYMA’s ingredients is clinically proven in a suite of peer-reviewed clinical studies. To purchase each ingredient in LYMA separately at the same dosage will cost significantly more money and mean having to take over 20 pills daily if taking the same patented ingredients separately.

Four LYMA pills daily will elicit the same response at a fraction of the cost and with less hassle. Life can be complicated enough, which is why we’ve made supplementation simple. We know that the LYMA Supplement may be beyond the reach of some people which is why we are completely transparent about our ingredients to allow people to base their own regime on our gold standard approach.

Why we created LYMA as one formula to fit all?

The industry wants to sell you a myriad of different supplements to combat areas that LYMA can fulfil with its one formula approach.

We only use actives which have been proven in peer-reviewed clinical and pre-clinical studies. LYMA’s formula has been tested to ensure all the ingredients work together and perform optimally.

LYMA proves there is no need to take multiple supplements to target different areas of the body. Life can be complex enough, which is why we’ve made supplements simple with no compromises.

Is LYMA an effective antioxidant?

Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation. They have a role to play in the body, where they regulate the overall redox environment. Antioxidant supplements are still used commercially, but after the failure of many antioxidant trials, the science has moved on. The emphasis is now on chronic inflammation and the supplementation use of anti-inflammatory agents. As to the question if LYMA is a powerful anti-inflammatory? Our hands are tied by the legislation to explain this. We suggest you follow the peer-reviewed references provided in our ingredients’ section so you can make an unbiased view for yourselves.

How do I know LYMA will benefit my body?

The ingredients in LYMA have all been clinically trialled with proven efficacy at levels provided within the LYMA supplement. Unfortunately, the industry is plagued with low quality, unproven, synthetic ingredients trading in an unregulated environment that has no recognised industry standard for the products sold.

Is LYMA suitable for those breastfeeding?

LYMA is not recommended for those who are breastfeeding. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we advise to check with your doctor first before taking any food supplements.

Is LYMA suitable for pregnant women?

LYMA has not been formulated as a pregnancy or breast-feeding supplement, therefore we advise not to take LYMA during these times. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend following the advice of your doctor or midwife with a specific nutritional programme. If you're taking LYMA you can simply pause your subscription until you're ready to take it again.

The formulation

Taking the LYMA Supplement with pre-existing health conditions

When considering a new supplementation regime it is advised that all those with pre-existing health conditions and medical disorders, and those taking medication, should ensure they consult their doctor, or a health professional.

What is Levagen®+?

Levagen®+ is a patented version of PEA (palmitoylethanolamide), sourced from palm kernel oil, and contains no allergenic ingredients. It is particularly bioavailable due to Levagen®+ including LipiSperse ® technology, meaning the body is able to absorb it better than in other forms.

What are the side effects of turmeric? 

There are very few side effects to supplementing with turmeric or HydroCurc®. However, we recommend you seek advice from your doctor if you are undergoing treatment or have any underlying health condition.

What are the side effects of ashwagandha?

Taking the ashwagandha doesn't generally cause any side effects, however taking large doses may lead to an upset stomach or other issues. Always seek advice from a doctor before you start a new supplementation regime or if you have any concerns.

Those with pre-existing health conditions, for instance endocrine disorders, should ensure they consult their doctor before beginning their LYMA Supplement journey. We have also collated below independent research on ashwagandha:






What is Lycored LycopeneTM?

Lycopene Lycored is a powerful technologically enhanced natural carotenoid derived from tomato. You can read more here

What is Sensoril® ashwagandha?

An industry leading full-spectrum adaptogen and the most potent form of ashwaghanda on the market with proven benefits across multiple areas of health and beauty. Find out more here.

What is MenaQ7® Matrix?

The world’s most bioactive form of vitamin K2 as all-trans MK-7 isomers. Find out more here.

What is HydroCurc®?

LYMA contains 600mg of this, the world’s first 100% cold water dispersed turmeric extract. Increased protection against inflaming. You can read more here.

What is Cynatine® HNS?

The world’s first solubilised keratin, much more readily absorbed by the body than other forms of the protein and contained in LYMA at 500mg, the dosage used in peer-reivewed papers. You can read more here.

What is Cognizin®?

LYMA contains 250mg of this world leading nootropic. You can find more information here.

What is Affron®?

LYMA contains 28mg of this unique standardised saffron extract with positive benefits across mood and sleep quality. Read more here

What is Wellmune® Blend?

A highly specialized 1,3 1,6 beta glucan clinically proven to boost the innate, rapid fire immune system priming white blood cells neutrophils and macrophages to engage with foreign pathogens. You can read more here.

What is Vita-Algae D3TM?

Algae sourced vitamin D3 helps support the brain, immune and nervous systems. Delivered at 2,000 i.u. in the LYMA formula. You can read more here.

What food could I eat to get the same benefit as the LYMA ingredients?

You can not get the nutrients delivered in LYMA from a balanced diet. Each of our patented peer-reviewed ingredients have been chosen to augment a healthy diet not replace it.

What are beta glucans?

Beta glucans are sugars found in the cell walls of bacteria, funghi, yeasts, algae, lichens and plants. The LYMA Supplement and LYMA Skincare contain Wellmune® Blend a highly specialised form.

Does any other multi-vitamin or supplement brand use any of these patented ingredients?

LYMA is a unique formulation, you won’t find anything else like it. You may find other products on the market that adopt one or two patented ingredients and even some products will use one or two that are featured in LYMA, but no other supplement or multi-vitamin formula uses as many patented ingredients at active levels. LYMA is in another league to anything on the market, of that we can assure you.

What are the advantages of taking LYMA over any other high-end supplements on the market? 

LYMA is unlike any other supplement. LYMA’s formulation contains clinically proven, patented ingredients which are provided at representative levels. Many of our ingredients are award winners and have exceptional qualities such as enhanced bioavailability, improved stability and extensive research. No other product has the exceptional qualities we have. Over 50 research groups contributed to this formulation, involving many hundreds of scientists with others based at over 25 universities and research institutions.

Does LYMA contain artificial bulking components?

We do not bulk out our supplement, it is packed with active patented ingredients. However in order to avoid oxidation of ingredients we add a small amount of brown rice flour.

Will the LYMA capsule colour my urine?

There are no ingredients in the LYMA formula that will change the colour of your urine. Typically, in terms of supplements the only ingredients that will change the colour of your urine are beetroot and Vitamin B2 of which there are no traces of in the LYMA formula.

Can you get the nutrients in the LYMA formula from a balanced diet? 

LYMA doesn’t pretend to be a multivitamin. It’s something completely different. The LYMA formula includes ingredients that cannot be found in effective doses through food alone to help users who want to increase their health and wellness potential progress to the next level.

The LYMA formula truly meets the highest standards by taking nutrients beyond the capabilities of ‘organic’. These ingredients are powered by the best science to offer outstanding delivery systems, stability and efficacy once ingested. LYMA’s ingredients have up to four times the absorption of generic supplements, meaning the body is able to absorb these nutrients faster and at a deeper cellular level. This is the true definition of a supplement.

Why doesn’t the LYMA formula include a multi-vitamin? 

LYMA doesn’t pretend to be a multivitamin. It’s something completely different. The LYMA formula includes ingredients that cannot be found in effective doses through food alone, to help users who want to increase their health and wellness potential progress to the next level.

The LYMA formula truly meets the highest standards by taking nutrients beyond the capabilities of ‘organic’. These ingredients are powered by the best science to offer outstanding delivery systems, stability and efficacy once ingested. LYMA’s ingredients have up to four times the absorption of generic supplements, meaning the body is able to absorb these nutrients faster and at a deeper cellular level. This is the true definition of a supplement.

Can LYMA help to reduce inflammation?

Reducing inflammation is a key objective to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. The LYMA formula includes turmeric (curcumin) which has been extensively studied for its anti-inflammatory properties. LYMA features the revolutionary ingredient HydroCurc® which is the world’s most bioavailable form of curcumin. This well-researched, patented ingredient is four times more potent than generic turmeric, providing 90% curcuminoids and 230% improved bioavailability compared to generic curcumin supplements.

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