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What's the best protocol for the LYMA Laser PRO on the face and neck?

This is the ultimate protocol using LYMA Skincare and LYMA Mist & Glide with the Laser PRO

After cleansing your skin, spray 6 pumps of LYMA Oxygen Mist on the area to be treated. Uniquely formulated with 100% Active Stabilised Oxygen (ASO), this targeted delivery system floods the skin with critical antioxidants to accelerate cellular protection, blood flow and moisture retention.

Apply 4 pumps of LYMA Serum to the face and neck with sweeping upward movements. After the serum has been absorbed apply 4 pumps of LYMA Cream. When the Cream has been absorbed into the skin detach the charging cable and switch on the LYMA Laser PRO. Hold the Laser PRO on each area of concern for 3 minutes (the light will flash after 3 minutes), then move to the next area.

Powered by Genolytic TechnologyTM and engineered to reverse the eight mechanisms of skin aging, LYMA Skincare is the most active skin science in existence. ‘Formulated with a record 80:20 actives to water ratio, reaching the 80% of living dermal cells that conventional skincare has never before been able to target.

Use LYMA Skincare with Laser PRO daily, morning and evening as part of your daily skincare routine.

Twice a week give skin a hydration boost applying LYMA Oxygen Glide as an intensive mask. Apply a thick layer to the skin, avoiding the eye area, leave for 10 minutes and then remove with a moistened LYMA sponge in sweeping upward movements. In addition to Active Stabilised Oxygen (ASO), this formula incorporates a powerful combination of patented Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and Magnolia Bark extract to deliver instant hydration.

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