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When can I expect to see results from the LYMA Laser PRO?

As soon as you start using the LYMA Laser PRO you’ll notice an immediate skin boost, and with continued use over 30 days, profound transformational results will emerge. From the very first use, skin will look more glowing and its tone more even, making the LYMA Laser PRO the perfect pre-event skin prep tool. With consistent daily use, alongside LYMA Skincare, your skin’s health and resilience will steadily improve, becoming visibly brighter, smoother, plumper and benefiting from a significant boost in hydration. Sensitive skin will also be calmer and redness reduced due to the LYMA Laser PRO’s anti-inflammatory properties. Results can be seen after 30 days of use but we advise you take before and after pictures, so you can look back and see the progress over time yourself.

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