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How different is LYMA Laser technology to IPL, at-home diode lasers and in-clinic ablative lasers?

Traditionally, lasers have been used in the cosmetic industry via the stress/damage response. Inflicting damage to skin tissue in order to stimulate collagen production during the healing process. However, science has moved on. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, designed to protect you, not to be injured for cosmetic reasons.

LYMA Laser technology is the world’s most powerful zero-damage laser technology, offering a completely safe, pain free alternative to stimulating surplus collagen production and cellular regeneration in all layers of the skin, and the underlying muscle that sits beneath the skin.

The result? Completely transformed skin, reduced wrinkles, improved elasticity, more even skin tone and regenerated muscle beneath, to give a more youthful lifting effect. Unrivaled transformation. You can read more about the different skin rejuvenation modalities here

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