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Why is LYMA more expensive than other supplements? 

LYMA was created with an ethos at odds with the rest of the supplement world. We wanted to offer customers the very best of what was available taking a gold standard approach to ingredients and efficacy, but we also wanted to provide value. Each one of LYMA’s ingredients is clinically proven in a suite of peer-reviewed clinical studies. To purchase each ingredient in LYMA separately at the same dosage would cost significantly more money and would mean having to take over 20 pills daily if taking the same ingredients separately. Four LYMA pills daily will elicit the same response at a fraction of the cost and with less hassle. Life can be complicated enough, which is why we’ve made supplementation simple. We know that LYMA may be beyond the reach of some people which is why we are completely transparent about our ingredients to allow people to base their own regime on our gold standard approach.

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