4 Signs You’re Suffering From Inflammation and What to Do About It

These are the signs you need to look out for.

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28.08.20 (Updated 28.02.22)

What is inflammation? Acute inflammation is a natural and healthy immune response to stressors in your environment. However, if the immune response is turned on too frequently - which is increasingly becoming the case in our busy day-to-day lives - it can start to become a health hazard. Causes of inflammation include prolonged periods of stress, sub-optimal nutrition and a lack of sleep; all of which are common in today’s fast-paced world.

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When the immune system goes into overdrive, ‘acute inflammation’ morphs into something called ‘chronic inflammation’; a dangerous condition that can impact several elements of wellbeing. Signs of inflammation can be seen in everything from decreased brain function and low mood, to compromised sleep, metabolism, digestion and immunity.

Dexamethasone, the steroid hailed by prime minister Boris Johnson as a potential cure for Covid-19, is a powerful anti-inflammatory, suggesting that having high levels of inflammation may contribute to an increased likelihood of contracting the coronavirus.

There are lots of ways you can reduce chronic inflammation , including taking anti-inflammatory supplements. But first you need to be able to identify the signs of inflammation.

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Here we outline the signs that you might be suffering from inflammation, and suggest some of the best treatments to reduce inflammation:

1. You feel constantly run-down

Chronic inflammation can lead to you feeling foggy-brained, fatigued and unable to focus or concentrate. Whilst tiredness can be a symptom of chronic inflammation, a lack of sleep can, in turn, be a cause of inflammation too. So make sure you’re getting a minimum of eight hours of good-quality sleep per night.

LYMA contains full-spectrum adaptogen KSM-66® Ashwagandha, which has been clinically proven to help you to fall asleep more quickly, and improve the quality of your shut-eye.

LYMA’s patented formula also contains brain health-boosting Cognizin®, a powerful nootropic that can increase mental energy, attention and processing speed.

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2. You’re experiencing low mood

One of the first signs that you might have underlying chronic inflammation is often that you feel inexplicably sad or low. In fact, high levels of inflammation have been shown to elicit depression-like symptoms and are frequently mistaken as originating in the brain.

HydroCurc® , as formulated at 250mg in LYMA, contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds and has been linked with a more optimistic mood & enhanced overall well-being. In LYMA, HydroCurc® is formulated alongside LipiSperse® technology, resulting in increased bioavailability of curcumin when compared with standard curcumin supplements or with dietary sources such as that found in turmeric.

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3. You have digestive issues

If you have sluggish digestion, have a history of food intolerances, get bloated after eating, fall asleep following meals, or experience water retention from time to time, it could suggest that you are suffering from chronic inflammation and that it’s impacting your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is the umbrella term most commonly given to disorders that involve chronic inflammation of your digestive tract. According to official statistics, up to 1.6 million Americans are currently suffering from IBD.

If you’re experiencing poor gut health and think inflammation might be to blame, you’ll need to clean up your diet pronto . Up your intake of fibrous, nutrient-rich, fruits and vegetables and start incorporating anti-inflammatory spices such as ginger, cinnamon and turmeric into your meals. Avoid gluten, dairy and soy until your symptoms have abated. You should also consume fermented foods and such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and kefir and take a daily probiotic to restore your gut to full health.

Vitamin D3 deficiency - the most common deficiency in the northern hemisphere - has been linked to IBS, too, so make sure you’re taking a supplement. LYMA contains Vita-Algae D3™ at a clinical daily dose of 2,000 i.u. (as opposed to the token 600 i.u. present in most generic supplements and multivitamins). One double-blind randomised controlled study that aimed to unearth a possible connection between vitamin D3 deficiency and IBD found that up to 78% of people with IBS had insufficient vitamin D3 in their blood.

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4. Your skin, hair and nails are looking dull and feeling weak

LYMA’s formula contains ingredients designed to enhance the appearance of skin and nails - all of which can suffer as a result of elevated levels of inflammation in the body:

  • Cynatine® HNS is the world’s first solubilised, active keratin. LYMA uses the latest technology to deliver a highly bioavailable, stable and clinically proven form of these natural keratin peptides, directly to hair, skin and nails to repair, protect and strengthen.
  • Technology-enhanced natural carotenoid, Lycored Lycopene™, has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that can act as a shield against the damaging effects of inflammation on your skin, hair and nails.

After supplementing with LYMA, 80% of people experienced smoother and more hydrated skin. 88% of people also reported less nail breakage, and 47% said their hair felt stronger.

LYMA is the ultimate anti-inflammatory supplement , offering uncompromised reliability and the best delivery systems, and can help to protect you against the perils of chronic inflammation. When your health needs it most, trust LYMA.

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