How to anti-inflammage your body and skin in four weeks.



Inflammaging can be best described as the accelerated ageing that occurs as a result of being exposed to sustained and chronic inflammation. inflammaging can cause you to experience typically age-related ailments well before your time, these include everything from the development of age spots and wrinkles and brittle hair through to memory impairment and bone weakness.

Inflammaging is a consequence of long-term over-stimulation of the immune system that causes premature ageing of both your body and skin. Scientists have discovered that inflammaging is heavily implicated in other serious life-altering age-related diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Prevention is no doubt better than cure, but there are steps you can take to treat the symptoms of inflammaging and turn back the clock on premature biological ageing. Anti-ageing supplements can be useful for anti-inflammaging, as can incorporating anti-ageing specific exercises into your workout routine. Whilst supplements and exercise are great for turning back your internal biological clock, at home cosmetic laser treatment can be an effective way to negate the toll that inflammaging can take on your appearance.

We’ve broken the steps required to turn back time down into a recommended four week programme for anti-inflammaging. Read on to find out more about how the LYMA Formula and LYMA Laser could revolutionise the ageing process for you.

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Week 1.

Add half a cup of berries to your breakfast.

Berries - and blueberries in particular - are packed full of anti-inflammatory vitamins and antioxidants called flavonoids. Berries also contain chemical compounds that help to regulate your immune system, thereby reducing chronic inflammation that leads to premature ageing.

Sign up for a HIIT class.

HIIT - aka high intensity interval training - is a method of movement that involves short periods of intense exercise interspersed with less strenuous recovery periods. Scientists have found that HIIT can have a powerful reversal effect on biological ageing. HIIT has time and again been shown to be the most effective exercise system for turning back the clock because of the particular effect it has on protecting your cells and nervous system from age-related wear and tear. HIIT workouts are great for fitness beginners as they can last anywhere from seven minutes to half an hour, and are customisable to your fitness level which is why we recommend them from week 1.

Take the LYMA Supplement.

The LYMA Supplement has been engineered with your ultimate wellbeing in mind and contains a whole host of age-defying ingredients that can help you to wave goodbye to the undesirable effects of inflammaging.

LYMA’s supplement contains HydroCurc® at an industry-leading dose of 600mg. HydroCurc® is a potent anti-inflammatory that is the world’s first 100% cold water dispersed turmeric extract and provides increased protection against inflammaging. HydroCurc® utilises a state of the art and novel delivery system to increase the surface area of the curcumin particles, effectively transforming the active compound in turmeric from a placebo into an unrivalled anti-oxidant. HydroCurc® can help to mitigate against age-related decline both inside and out.

LYMA’s new wonder ingredient affron® has the ability to improve eyesight in older adults who are experiencing macular degeneration as a result of inflammaging. affron® has the ability to protect against the accumulated oxidative stress and free radical damage that can damage eyesight as one ages.

Use the LYMA Laser.

LYMA’s revolutionary new laser system is the best thing in anti-inflammaging right now. The laser’s anti-ageing and skin-plumping benefits are unparalleled by anything else on the market. It can be used safely in the comfort of your own home and has been clinically proven to improve age-related appearance.

The LYMA Laser can be used to reduce wrinkles, increase skin tension and elasticity and boost collagen production. How does it do this? By unlocking the mitochondria that provide your cells with energy, thereby restoring their ability to produce collagen and elastin, and renewing the skin in the process.

The LYMA Laser penetrates so deep into the skin that the skin begins to behave as if it is not ageing. Over time, the laser’s powerful bio-stimulation restores cell function and quite literally reverses the skin ageing process, leaving you with reduced wrinkles, improved muscle tone and reduced pigmentation.

You will need to use the laser for 30 minutes per day over the course of your four week anti-inflammaging regimen, and for best results you should continue using the laser daily for up to 12 weeks.

At home laser treatment has been a game changer for people who are experiencing inflammaging but don’t want to go down the invasive route. With the LYMA Laser, unlike invasive treatments such as micro-needling, laser resurfacing and Botox, there is zero risk of infection, scabbing or irritation. The LYMA Laser doesn’t cause pain or discomfort and is completely safe to use at home. It can even be used around the sensitive eye area - an area that is particularly prone to wrinkling with age.

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Week 2.

Eat fatty fish.

The omega-3s found in fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, anchovies and mackerel might just be the elixir of youth you’ve been waiting for. According to researchers, omega-3 fatty acids may preserve the genetic ‘fuse’ responsible for determining the lifespan of any given cell in the body.

Fish oil supplements are nowhere near as effective as dietary sources. Adequate omega-3 intake has been implicated in fighting inflammaging, as well as in mitigating against age-related diseases more generally, but these benefits are greatest when fish oils are consumed through diet.

Take up swimming.

Keep up with the HIIT workouts this week but add in a swim or two if you have time. The effectiveness of your new HIIT routine will be enhanced by interspersing it with endurance workouts. Longer, slower cardio sessions can help to boost base fitness level and will support your cardiovascular health. Swimming has been shown to have other anti-aging benefits too, including reduced blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels.

Take the LYMA Supplement.

Another consequence of inflammaging can be something called immunosenescence, which is effectively the age-related disintegration of the immune system and a decline in its optimal functionality. LYMA contains Vita-Algae D3™ and K2VITAL® DELTA which combine to support calcium metabolism and calcium distribution in and around the body. Sustaining adequate levels of calcium in blood is fundamental to maintaining a healthy and functioning immune system and in keeping the immunity cells in the body primed and ready for action.

Use the LYMA Laser.

Continue with laser use for 30 minutes per day. You will start to see a difference this week.

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Week 3.

Eat garlic.

Adding garlic to your cooking can enhance the appearance of your skin. Garlic offers a multitude of benefits for your health and skin. Most relevant to us is garlic’s ability to boost the skin’s natural collagen levels. Garlic is also rammed with antioxidants that help to fight the free radicals responsible for inflammaging.

Garlic can be a great addition to your meals if you’ve recently experienced any trauma to the skin too. Because garlic is high in sulfur, increasing your intake of the allium can also help to repair skin fibres aiding healing and recovery.


Dancing is a great way to improve your overall fitness level at any age. Furthermore, dancing has some incredible and unique anti-ageing and brain-health benefits that are relevant to our quest to turn back the clock on inflammaging.

Scientists have shown that dancing is the only form of exercise that has a discernible impact on reducing age-related cognitive decline. So put on your favourite tunes and have a boogie around the living room. It doesn’t matter whether you tango, foxtrot, freestyle or jive, dancing has proven to both prevent and treat neurodegeneration and, what’s more, dancing is fun and there are very few barriers to entry.

Take the LYMA Supplement.

In terms of what the LYMA formula can do to improve the toll that premature ageing can take on your skin, hair and nails, Cynatine® HNS - the world’s first 96% solubilised keratin - and Lycored Lycopene™ - a powerful carotenoid extracted from tomato - have been variously implicated in boosted collagen production, UV protection, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and protection of the skin, hair and nails against ageing and environmental stresses.

Use the LYMA Laser.

Continue with laser use for 30 minutes per day. You should be starting to see a noticeable difference now. Fine lines should appear reduced, and wrinkle depth will be diminished.

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Week 4.

Eat a plant-based diet.

Try not eating any animal products this week. Plant foods such as fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains are naturally high in antioxidants. Animal foods are so often pumped full of inflammatory antibiotics and hormones that put undue stress on the body and can contribute to premature ageing. Your body can easily recognise plants as fuel, preventing your immune system from panicking and going into overdrive when food is taken in.

Try weight training.

Weight training is important no matter your age as it is fundamental for keeping your bones strong and for maintaining musculoskeletal integrity, as well as healthy tendons, ligaments and connective tissue, as well as ensuring a healthy posture. Bone loss is a common symptom of inflammaging and intervention is key. Falls, fractures and osteoporosis are common complaints in those who suffer from premature ageing.

Take the LYMA Supplement.

When it comes to brain health, LYMA contains Cognizin®, a natural form of citicoline. This brain health nutrient has the ability to improve cognitive function and brain health and falls into the every-popular category of nootropic, or smart drug. Cognizin® has the power to mitigate against age-related mental decline.

Use the LYMA Laser.

Continue with laser use for 30 minutes per day. Continue this week and for up to 12 weeks for best results.

By following our plan you will see and feel discernible results in just four weeks. Whilst inflammaging can be at the root of age-related disease, mental decline, and premature ageing of the skin, hair and nails, LYMA is able to offer a solution. By combining daily supplementation with LYMA, an age-defying exercise regimen, an anti-inflammatory diet and daily use of the LYMA Laser you can begin to feel like yourself again.

Originally published Jul 22, 2021.


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