Travel Dreaming? 5 Spectacular Destinations to Satisfy Your Wanderlust While You Stay Home

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In the midst of this lockdown we’re all suffering from a very particular bout of wanderlust. This time last month, if we wanted to travel, to escape to the beach, or sign up to a retreat, all we had to do was click a few buttons and turn on our Out of Office.

Now, we’re staying safe at home in our pyjamas dreaming about the holiday we had booked but were forced to cancel, reminiscing on our most recent sun-soaked vacation, and drawing up a destination bucket list for when we’re finally allowed to travel again.

If you’re looking for sun, sea and relaxation, allow us to inspire you and help your mind wander - even if your body can’t. Here are five of our favourite holiday destinations in the USA and Europe to book when it’s ok to travel again. We’ll also explain why you might want to consider adding LYMA to your packing list when you do.


Amelia island Florida wellness travel inspiration LYMA

1. Amelia Island, Florida

Some call it the ‘Island of Wellness’. With over 13 miles of stunning white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters and tonnes of native wildlife it’s no wonder Amelia Island is often referred to as the ‘crown’ in the barrier islands on Florida’s Atlantic coast. It’s well-heeled visitors flock there for year-round sun, luxury resorts and sprawling golf courses (most offer lessons if you can’t already play). The Island even has its own wellness festival which is held in November each year at the Ritz-Carlton.

Feeling good is super important to the residents on the island; it has some awesome spas for unwinding and ultimate relaxation, plenty of opportunity for strolls on the beaches and soaking up that all important vitamin D. Amelia Island is also famous for its sunset horseback rides which you can enjoy before settling down to a nourishing meal at one of the beach-side shack-style restaurants; you can expect to be served delicious local fare, with an emphasis on freshly caught seafood and fish specialties.

If you’re headed to Amelia Island from Europe, and you’re wanting to avoid the ickiness that is jet lag, you should stock up on LYMA’s evidence-based formula before you leave. LYMA contains nootropics and adaptogens that work to combat the ramifications of air travel on your health.

Visiting Amelia Island will give you the chance to kick-back, unwind and reconnect with yourself.

Savannah Georgia wellness travel LYMA

2. Savannah, Georgia

For a little less beach and a little more culture, look no further than Savannah, Georgia’s second city. Savannah is still technically a coastal destination, but what draws the crowds are its gorgeous green spaces and local landscapes, its chilled-out pace of life, its antebellum architecture, and its rich and vibrant history. The history of the city is best explored by visiting the historic district which comprises cobblestones streets and squares, gothic cathedrals, and reams of oak trees enveloped in Spanish moss.

Savannah places a huge emphasis on sustainability and is pretty eco-friendly as far as American towns go. It is a slow city; nobody is in a rush here. People walk to and from work, and weekends are spent outdoors enjoying nature. Recommended day trips include venturing inland to visit the forested creeks and idiosyncratic wildlife in the Skidaway Narrows, or renting a canoe and joining a guided tour out to the beautiful Little Tybee Island just off the Atlantic Coast.

Savannah is also famed for its alternative approach to health and wellbeing; you will find a yoga studio, crystal healing centre or tarot reader on almost every street corner. There’s a pretty sweet vegan game going on in the city, with a tonne of new plant-based eateries opening up every year, plus a range of stylish eco-friendly hotels to choose from both in the city-centre and on the coast.

Savannah is a little bit of something different for those who think that America’s East Coast is New York, Florida, and not much in between. Prepare to be surprised - in a great way.

Sicily Italy wellness travel

3. Sicily, Italy

We know Italy isn’t top of everyone’s travel list right now, but once this has blown over we’ll certainly be heading back to Europe’s most wonderful destination.

The main draw with Sicily is, we think, the food. Think caponata, cannoli, cassata, arancini, grantia, panzanella, pasta alla norma, pesto alla trapanese. The list is as long as it is delicious. Plus there are so many proven benefits to the mediterranean diet that you can eat it all knowing that your health is benefitting just as much as your tastebuds.

There are of course many things to busy yourself with in Sicily that don’t involve eating. The island is awash with ancient Greek temples and Byzantine mosaics and it plays host to one of the world’s most imposing active volcanoes: Mount Etna. The volcanic island of Stromboli - just north of Sicily - can also be visited by boat.

If you’re looking for a dose of luxury, we love the Verdura Resort which is part of the Rocco Forte hotel group. The stunning hotel and spa is in a great location and offers services to nourish the mind and body, all the while supporting sustainable living and focusing on giving back to the local community. The hotel restaurant is a little bit of yum, too, plus they offer nutritional consultancy and bespoke eating plans for the duration of your stay.

Ibiza Spain wellness travel inspiration LYMA

4. Ibiza, Spain

With the exception of ‘nightclubs’, the first things that spring to mind when this Balearic island is mentioned are likely to be ‘yoga’, ‘fitness’ and ‘wellness’. If you’re looking for somewhere to reset and reboot, Ibiza is a good place to start.

The island is famed now for its wellness culture as much as for its party scene. There are numerous companies - both large and small - across the island offering everything from yoga retreats and seven day juice detoxes, to full-out boot camps and fitness holidays. There’s something for everyone, regardless of age, inclination or budget. So if you’re wanting to come back from your trip looking, feeling and embodying your highest self, you might want to check out the Spanish island.

Of course if you're a wellness aficionado by day but a party animal by night, and seek balance and moderation from life, then you may require a little more support to get the best out of your holiday. LYMA contains KSM-66® Ashwagandha and our Wellmune® Blend, which have been clinically proven, respectively, to support strength and muscle recovery, boost cognitive function, reduce stress and anxiety and to optimise the immune system, keeping it in tip-top condition whilst protecting against overstimulation and burn-out.

In addition to to party towns and wellbeing enclaves, Ibiza is also home to some stunning landscapes ranging from pine-clad forrest and rolling hills, to golden beaches lined with restaurants, shops and bars, and tranquil coves nestled between dramatic cliffs on one side and sapphire blue seas on the other. Hiking and watersports are popular pursuits here.

Maui Hawaii wellness travel waterfall

5. Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is, hands down, the best place on Earth to take a vacation. It’s laid-back vibe, year round sunshine, emphasis on outdoor living, active population and Asian-American fusion cuisine are just some of the reasons we love it.

Hawaii is however, far away, even if you’re already in the USA, and we know that air travel can take its toll, so we recommend that you supplement daily with LYMA in the lead-up to travel, during your holiday, and afterwards too for complete 360° care and boosted immunity.

To be honest we were hard-pressed to pick our favourite Hawaiian island for this piece as all of them have their own personalities. In the end we settled on Maui because it has literally everything you could possibly need for a dream vacation.

Golden sands? Check. Water where you can see for miles? Check. Scuba diving and other water sports? Check. Yoga? Check. Fantastic (and fantastically healthy) cafes and restaurants? Check. Bustling towns to stroll through some sundown? Check. Secluded mountain jungle walks? Check. Gorgeous hotels backing out onto private beaches? Check. More intimate accommodation options such as quirky treehouses and overwater bungalows? Check, check, check and check. Oh, and not to mention the jaw dropping waterfalls dotted about the island.

One of the best things about Maui is the authenticity of the spa treatments available on the island. They have an incredible home-grown massage technique called lomilomi which involves stroking the body in a specially calibrated rhythm, and there’s usually the option to add pohaku (hot stones) if your muscles are feeling particularly tight. Facials tend towards using local ingredients, too, and papaya, ti leaf and poi can usually be found amongst the lotions and potions.

Whether you go for the beach, the watersports, the spas or the vista, Maui really is paradise and the closest thing to heaven on earth we’ve ever seen.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration here to sate your wanderlust, whether it be for a wellness retreat, foodie getaway, city break or a much needed dose of vitamin sea. None of us know how long we’re going to be asked to remain indoors, but in the meantime you can keep your mind and body nourished by supplementing smartly, keeping moving and eating well. And by the time bikini season rolls back around (which it will) you’ll be feeling better than your best and ready to enjoy every last second. So keep dreaming, get planning, and stay well.

You can find out more about how LYMA can help you make the most of your next holiday here.

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