New York Dermatologist Dr Dendy Engelman on Why She Loves the LYMA Laser

Few people know the power of lasers like Dr Dendy. Here she explains the power of LYMA's product.

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16.05.22 (Updated 01.10.23)

If anyone knows about skin, it's Dr Dendy Engelman, MD, FACMS, FAAD. An award-winning, board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, Engelman treats some of New York City’s biggest names, from actor Sofia Vergara, to Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John. ‘Dr Dendy’, as she is known, prefers a less-is-more approach, which she has brought to the beauty world via the world’s biggest magazines and TV shows.

A Director of Dermatologic Surgery at New York Medical College, Dr Dendy practises at the Shafer Clinic, Fifth Avenue, where she has longstanding expertise in neurotoxins, injectable fillers and chemical peels. But her real expertise lies in laser treatment, following a fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina in lasers, liposuction and vein treatment. She knows her way around the industry at large too, with a prodigious knowledge of the skincare products on the market right now.

So we were curious to see what Dr Dendy made of The LYMA Laser. "The LYMA Laser technology absolutely blew my mind. It has revolutionised the entire industry,” she told us. “Anything that bothers you, from the forehead to the toes, LYMA can help with." Here she explains why.

What the LYMA laser can really do.

This is a way you can bring me, your dermatologist, back home to your bathroom or even to the sofa. It’s so easy to use.

The way the LYMA laser works is that it actually changes the behaviour of your skin. The results are transformative. You can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, help with skin redness, scarring from acne or surgical scars, and body cellulite, which is pretty incredible.

The LYMA Laser is also amazing to use following procedures such as muscle relaxant injectables or filler because it’s biostimulatory, so it’s restoring cell function.

Wrinkles around the eyes - or crows feet - are usually one of the first signs where we start to show signs of ageing. One of the many points of distinction of The LYMA Laser is that it’s totally safe to use around the delicate eye area. The LYMA Laser incorporates a patented optical diffused lens technology, which makes it completely safe with no need for safety goggles.

I also love that it can be used on all skin types and skin tones.

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Dr Dendy Engleman's guide to using the LYMA Laser.

To optimise results Dr Dendy uses LYMA's skincare which is packed with actives which help the skin maximise the power of the laser light.

  • Firstly spray LYMA Active Mist across your face, and spray it evenly six times.
  • Use the LYMA Priming Serum, applying two pumps, evenly spread across the face.
  • Then you use your LYMA Laser. Hold the laser still for 3 minutes on the skin the area you wish to treat, then move to the next area for a further 3 minutes. This process takes anywhere between 15-20 minutes to treat the face, it’s super easy, it does not hurt, there’s no heat.
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Dr Dendy explains why the LYMA Laser is worth it.

Light-based skin treatments have flooded the market in recent years, but a laser light - especially our Laser light - is very different to the LED masks you might be used to. "LED makes have boomed in recent years because they’re very easy to use and very safe," explained Dr Dendy. "However, they aren’t able to deliver the power to the base level of skin where remodelling actually takes place. The LYMA Laser is 100 times more powerful than LED."

The difference, she explains, is the type of light LED uses versus the Laser's light. Lasers are 'coherent light', which Dr Dendy - and the industry at large - consider "the gold standard of light." LED, meanwhile, is a non-coherent light source, which - when it hits a dense surface like skin - bounces off. "That’s why LED is only able to have an effect on the very top layers of skin."

Coherent light, like the LYMA Laser, is "targeted, powerful, and able to penetrate through all the layers of skin without losing power," she explained. "Therefore it’s much more effective in skin renewal." This is because the LYMA Laser is able to target the fibroblasts - "the battery cells in the skin that are all the way at the base level" - and do so without causing any damage.

"Effectively, you’re empowering the skin to behave as it did when you were younger," added Dr Dendy, "by remodelling the skin from the base level up."



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