How Starting LYMA Early Acted as a Preventative Perimenopause Treatment

For years, Lilian has managed to virtually sidestep her perimenopause symptoms.

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24.06.21 (Updated 22.11.22)

Lilian Bucke, a renowned Brand Consultant in the fashion industry, has done something remarkable. For years, she’s managed to dial down her perimenopause symptoms to nearly non-existent.

Whilst friends around her endure the full force of perimenopause hot flushes, anxiety, mood swings and night sweats, Lilian is using LYMA Supplements to keep her mind calm, her body in check and her symptoms tame.

She hardly believes it either…

I’ll be honest, I came at LYMA from a purely cosmetic angle

It was a chance meeting with an old acquaintance at a cocktail party that first grabbed Lilian's attention. "I went to a fashion industry event where I saw a guy I hadn’t seen for six months and he looked incredible. I mean it; he was bright eyed, fresh and perky. He told me it was all down to LYMA, so I went home that night and Googled everything about the LYMA Supplement, then the very next day I ordered a three-month supply."

Coming to it purely for the glowing skin and vitality benefits, Lilian was not expecting her energy levels to soar or her mind to get sharper. "Within weeks of taking LYMA, I had a feeling of being more powerful, more in control and more focused."

Lilian's hand holding LYMA supplement jar

I’m doing perimenopause minus the suffering

"As I got further into my early fifties, my hormones started getting a bit out of kilter and I knew my body was changing, only it just wasn’t a big deal. My friends were all talking about aches and pains, feeling awful and regaling me with tales of the dreaded night sweats but I couldn’t join in the conversation because I simply wasn’t feeling any of those perimenopause symptoms. Then it hit me, LYMA was acting as a preventative menopause treatment when I was just taking out of vanity! I knew it was LYMA because each time I ran out, I started to feel anxious and uncomfortable after only a few days."

Perimenopause has been smooth sailing rather than a storm

By taking LYMA when she did, Lilian fortified her mind and body and balanced her hormones, therefore not being susceptible to the rollercoaster of emotions and physical perimenopause symptoms.

"Of course, I’m not completely immune, I just don’t feel all the bumps in the road. I can only describe it as a magic carpet whereby I just glide gently over the waves without dropping down into the dips of the storm. Perimenopause has not been life-changing in any way, nor has it been debilitating."

LYMA Supplement in Lilian's hand

What’s more, my grey hairs have gone

And Lilian got even more cosmetic benefits than she bargained for; the unique LYMA Supplement formula contains Cynatine® HNS, the world's first 96% solubilised keratin to nourish hair cuticles to a point whereby they started reverse ageing. "I had a fair few grey hairs before but since taking LYMA, my hair colour has reverted to its former brunette and the grey receded. It’s strange to see but the roots have become dark brown again. My hairdresser went into complete shock that LYMA has halted my grey hairs and in some places, reversed the greying process completely."

Sure, I have lazy days

"If I find myself faffing, I can just pull it all together and be focused. There’s stress in my job and my role is to come up with quick solutions but I keep a clear head. With age, I’m not as heavy a sleeper but I still get eight hours most nights and if I do wake, I just go straight back to sleep, no mind whirring. More recently, I have had to shift my mindset to one of moderation but I still enjoy life. There’s always a place for chips and wine!"

Supplement vessel and capsules close-up

I profoundly believe in the power of the LYMA formula

It's the unique balance of nutrients in the overall LYMA formula that's put Lilian in an optimal state. "The KSM-66® Ashwagandha for anxiety is the ideal ingredient to level out perimenopause anxiety, so you don’t get those spikes and dips. HydroCurc® has completely stopped the water retention I used to suffer - I haven’t had that in years now. Then the Cynatine® HNS is the most remarkable keratin; my skin doesn’t feel any different to when I was in my thirties and my hair looks and feels like a 30-year-old’s."

Futureproof yourself like I did

Your late forties are a good time to start thinking about the changes your body is going to go through. LYMA supports your brain's coping mechanism and taking it makes you more focused and adaptive. Thinking preventatively; the things we do now, have a bearing further down the line and if you’re physically and mentally strong, you can cope much better.

"I’m not out the other side yet but now I’m coming towards the end of perimenopause and as I reach menopause I know LYMA will continue to safeguard my mind and body. Thus far, LYMA has prevented the need for me to take HRT and I’m so grateful that I haven’t struggled like so many other women have. "Women around me seem to be looking for the answer and I’m fortunate that I found it at exactly the right time."


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