How Beauty Editor Jessica Lacey Found Her Light With The LYMA Laser

Why The LYMA Laser is the Only Skin Device This Beauty Editor Rates

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Jessica Lacey is one of our favourite beauty editors, because she knows the industry inside out. That's why we love working with her, and why we really wanted to hear what she thought of the LYMA Laser.

"I've been hugely impressed by the Laser for simultaneously treating a few different issues," Jessica told us. "I had a little pigmentation mark on my cheek which has faded and become far less noticeable in a matter of three months."

It's not just pigmentation that the Laser has helped with: "I also have the start of frown lines across my forehead and no amount of jucifying serums has touched it. The LYMA Laser has smoothed out those lines and although just about still there, are considerably more faint."

If you don't have these particular concerns, Jessica's third reason for loving the Laser is something many of us can relate to. "I love the LYMA laser for the overall fresher, more youthful appearance it gives me after a poor night's sleep or over-indulging," she explains. "The next morning I'll spend twenty minutes working the Laser all over my face and without fail it makes my skin look brighter, more even and awake." Finally, a hangover cure that actually works.

"The LYMA Laser is the only skin device I've stuck to. That's because I can see it working, which gives me the impetus to carry on for even better results," Jessica adds. "I see the LYMA laser as an insurance policy against new lines and wrinkles forming and my hope is that I'll stave them off for a good few more years with it."

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What is the LYMA Laser?

If you're unsure what the LYMA Laser is, or how it can help you, here's everything you need to know.

The LYMA Laser uses clinic-grade laser technology that, usually, you'd only find in clinics coming out of vast hulking machines. In fact, our team first discovered its benefits because of laser light being used to fix people's knee tissue without needing to break the skin. After the procedure, it was undeniable that the skin of the knee they were trying to mend was significantly healthier than the skin on the patient's other leg.

That's when LYMA tried the technology ourselves - our founder gave it a go on her own knees and was amazed at the result - and turned it into a truly portable Laser that loses none of its oomph. Our state of the art ultra-diffused internal lens means the Laser is a cold beam of light that penetrates down through every layer of skin, resetting cells to function as they did when you were much younger. Because it's cold, it is also a light treatment that doesn't distress the skin in any way to stimulate collagen production, unlike most other treatments. This means it's better for your skin long term, and can be used by highly melanated skin tones that might otherwise scar easily during laser treatments.

The LYMA Laser is also safe to use around the eyes thanks to the aforementions lens, meaning it can tackle crow's feet without needing to invest in a pair of goggles. Our Laser is beneficial in reducing skin redness, wrinkle depth, and the visibility of scar tissue. The blue LED lights around the laser also help to sterilise your skin and clear up blemishes.

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What the experts say

"The LYMA Laser technology absolutely blew my mind. It has revolutionised the entire industry. Anything that bothers you, from the forehead to the toes, LYMA can help with." Here she explains why." Dr Dendy Engleman

“The results of using LYMA are amazing. I’ve personally never experienced using any home device that would bring this level of result.” Joanna Czech

"So many dermatologist lasers work by damaging the skin to create collagen but the LYMA Laser repairs skin by healing, so you feel like you're treating your skin. I’ve only had my LYMA Laser for 10 months and I take it on every single job with me because it’s so easy to travel with." Romy Soleimani

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