The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Sophisticated Woman in Your Life

What to buy the mature woman in your life. No receipts necessary.

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03.05.23 (Updated 29.11.23)

She knows herself, she knows her style and she knows exactly what she wants to unwrap this year. No pressure, but you need to know that too. She doesn’t want a joke present nor anything that’s ‘just a bit of fun’. Likewise, decadent for decedent's sake doesn’t cut it, she’s way past caring about impressing others. No, the gifts that the grown-up woman desires are authentic and for her enjoyment alone. Here’s our hand-pick of gift ideas to offer inspiration and spark some festive joy.

1. Most unusual gift for a 50 year old woman (or thereabouts)

We challenge you to envisage anything quite so fabulous as feather trimmed, silk pajamas. Dubbed the ‘party pajama’ by international fashion editors; she can make the call whether it’s off to bed or time to slip on some heels and slink out the door. The added brilliance is that the feathers can be detached should she be in the mood for something a shade more subtle than frivolous.

Sleeper feather-trimmed crepe de chine pajama set, £265.

2. Best beauty gift the mature woman will love

Beauty gifts for women in their 50's and beyond often pussyfoot around the changing appearance and although she has precious little interest in looking 25, she does want to look incredible for her age. The LYMA Laser understands the brief perfectly; clinic grade near-infrared laser light technology that reinvigorates and re-energises flagging skin cells into firing on all cylinders again. This world-first magic wand transfers 500mW laser beam energy into the nuclei of skin cells to power them back up for ultimate skin transformation without any call for the dermatologist’s needles, peels or scalpel. Plus she can use it every day, whenever it suits her.

Deemed the most lustworthy Christmas beauty gift set this year, the LYMA Skin System wraps up the Laser as well as LYMA's groundbreaking epigenetic skincare. Active ingredients that surpass anything achieved before, tackling the root causes of skin aging, rather than just the superficial signs. Give her the gift of glowing skin, sharper contours, a defined jawline and ultimately the best skin of her lift this Christmas.

LYMA Skin System, £2,394. Available to buy here.

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3. The most luxurious gift for the woman who has everything

‘Tis the season to give her the most outrageously oversized bag of the season. Dropped from handbag heaven, the Saint Laurent Icare Shopper is a status symbol fait complete. Incomprehensibly soft lambs leather, classic quilting, impressive dimensions and unapologetic jangling YSL metalwork, have already gained the adoration of the A-list. Zoe Kravitz was first to step out with it, Angelina took hers shopping in the cobbled stradas of Rome and Hailey Bieber doubtless keeps her LYMA Laser stashed away in hers. Buy now or regret later.

SAINT LAURENT 'Le 5 à 7 Supple large leather shoulder bag, £3,620.

4. Best table gift for the woman you’ve just met / hardly know

It’s a truth universally accepted that lesser-known women are the hardest of all to buy for. A Jo Malone candle will never fail you on this count but she will be expecting that, so instead, demonstrate great taste by giving her Ottolenghi’s latest world-class cookbook. Hearty herbivore dishes on every page that have been perfectly designed for no-fuss dinner parties or midweek suppers with friends. Alternatively, it makes for an aesthetically pleasing coffee table adornment if cooking isn't her thing and she’d rather order in.

Ottolenghi Flavour Cookbook, £27.

5. Best fragrance gift for the mature woman

Byredo fragrances have become synonymous with style in recent years but this new addition might just be their best yet. The inspiration for the scent is something she will no doubt attest to; the celebration of life and the ritual of honouring the past. Top notes of sage and mirabelle plum, a heart of iris root, anchored by powdery musk and warm amber notes, make this a grown-up fragrance that’s every bit as forthright and distinctive as she is.

BYREDO De Los Santos Eau de Parfum 50ml, £130.

6. Best subscription gift for 2024

Giving someone the gift of being a better version of themselves, never misses the mark. Set up a subscription of the LYMA Supplement and every month she'll receive a daily dose of gold standard nutraceuticals scientifically proven to fortify body, skin and mind. The 2024 formula contains peer-reviewed, patented ingredients to increase brain power, bolster the immune system, combat inflammation and improve sleep quality. There are even beauty-focused ingredients to make skin glow. You'll be buying her the most impressive version of herself.

LYMA Supplement available from here.
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7. Most pleasingly unexpected gift for the mature woman

Gloves for Christmas? A tad predictable? No so. There is nothing traditionally ladylike about these quilted, zip down leather biker gloves. Crafted in the workshops of the most famous French glove-maker Agnelle, they are a work of art, each finished with a pair of badass gold wings. Guaranteed to give an edge to the chicest of outfits, especially when clutching the designer bag of the season.

Zadig & Voltaire Out of Hands Gloves, £290.

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