Do You Know That Your Fillers May Stop Working?

Your injectables and fillers can wear off. Here is why.

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After having regular facial injections over the years, some people are reporting they’re not seeing the same pleasing smoothing effect as they once did. Here’s why and what to do about it.

When your injectables stop working

Muscle relaxant injectables resistance is a situation in which your favorite injectables stop working because over time, patients build up toxin antibodies against the injectables and the rate at which they metabolize the chemicals accelerates.

As the body gets used to the exact chemical composition of the toxins, injectable tolerance sees results wear off, become increasingly underwhelming and eventually may have no effect at all.

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What happens when you stop using fillers?

“Muscle relaxant injectables simply make the skin look smoother, but switching off muscle contraction doesn't do anything to improve the condition of the skin,” clarifies top London Dermatologist, Dr Anita Sturnham.

“When a patient stops receiving injections, their muscles will eventually start working as they did before having the treatment. Your wrinkles don’t get worse, but you do go back to your baseline.”

In years gone by, we may have slipped more readily under the needle in the quest to regain plumper, smoother, more youthful-looking skin. However, seeing some cases of muscle relaxant injectables working less efficiently over time has only amplified the need to stimulate the skin's own mechanisms to optimize and heal itself.

Acetylcholine release inhibitors and neuromuscular blocking agents, once praised for their immediacy, are increasingly being deemed short-lived and short-sighted, whilst in contrast, building skin health ensures ultimate longevity.

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The best filler resistance solution

Upgrading to the LYMA Skin System is a great way to ensure that your skin is already in better condition when inevitably, those popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedures stop working. Medically proven low-level laser combined with the world’s most advanced epigenetic skincare, is a 360 degree anti-aging skin protocol that surpasses any effects that injectables can achieve in the medium to long-term.

Clinic-grade near-infrared laser light in the LYMA Laser switches aging cells centers back on, so they can re-enter their youthful phase. Rather than wounding the skin through incision as with traditional laser rejuvenation modalities, the focused 500mW laser beam of the LYMA Laser transfers enough energy to cells to trigger a biochemical reaction, causing them to function better, repair and rejuvenate themselves, therefore reversing the skin aging process.

“Photobiomodulation is the intracellular conversion of laser light energy into chemical energy. This process boosts the battery packs of our cells causing changes in the epigenetic balance of cells,”

explains Dr Graeme Glass, cosmetic surgeon, geneticist and a leading mind in laser rejuvenation with many published research papers on the subject.

Bio-engineered, fully patented skincare ingredients in LYMA Skincare are able to manipulate gene expression and thus redirect skin’s cellular processes of decline. Modified beta-glucan Wellmune®, instructs immune cells to produce more fibers in skin’s underlying architecture, PrimaHyal™ 50 Hyaluronic Acid floods all layers of skin, creating an anti-dehydration shield that boosts skin's hydration barrier function by 150% and Tego® turns back the epigenetic clock to protect DNA function and prevent decay. Production of collagen, elastin and ceramides is dramatically increased and the surface lipid layer radically improved.

“The near-infrared low-level laser light of the LYMA Laser improves the delivery of these regenerative nutrients to the skin, increasing skin’s uptake of active ingredients in skincare formulations. Then, by temporarily re-aligning the lipid molecules in cell membranes, the polarized light indirectly opens ion channels, increasing the diffusion of lipid-soluble compounds whilst also enhancing the uptake of water-soluble compounds. Both these elements make the Laser the perfect trans-dermal topical delivery system. In isolation, LYMA Skincare is highly effective but together with the Laser, the results will be exceptional,” praises Dr Glass.

Injecting skin with toxins to create superficial plumping was where we were, but as technology advances at lightning pace, fillers are no longer regarded as the best option. Epigenetic skincare and cold laser technology that optimize skin health whilst reversing the signs of aging at source, is the future and it’s safe to say, we’re all here for it.



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