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Why are LYMA Lasers more expensive than other skincare devices?

The LYMA Laser is the only device of its kind; the ONLY clinic-grade laser skincare device FDA-cleared for home use. While there are pretty LED masks and simple red-light torches that cost less, with the LYMA Laser you get what you pay for; medical-grade technology, no false claims, no false promises, just pure power and ground-breaking results.

The LYMA Laser creates a new standard of efficacy in the at-home beauty tech category, offering the convenience to have clinic-grade treatment at home, daily and unrivalled results on signs of aging, wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation, skin elasticity and scarring.

Harnessing the power of low-level Laser technology, which has been used in hospitals for decades, the LYMA Laser goes beyond surface level, superficial benefits, targeting deep within the dermis where true rejuvenation happens.

It's this feat of engineering that led to the world's best plastic surgeons, scientists, clinicians and experts saying it's the most significant beauty launch of a generation and the reason Time Magazine named it a world's best invention of 2023.

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