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How do I apply LYMA Skincare?

Always start with double cleansed skin. The first cleanse breaks down make-up, removes dirt and excess oils from your skin. The second cleanse should address your skin type, with ingredients to hydrate, smooth or exfoliate. Double cleansing enables optimal absorption of the active ingredients in LYMA Skincare. If you want, you can spritz the LYMA Oxygen Mist after cleansing to prepare the skin.

Rub 3 pumps of LYMA Serum between your fingertips, then massage into your skin using gentle circular motions to ensure even coverage across the face and neck. You may notice a slightly medicinal scent which is due to the formula’s high concentration of actives.

Once fully absorbed, follow with 3 pumps of LYMA Cream, massaging gently into the face and neck. Some skin types may notice a white film forming, this is completely normal and a sign the formula is getting to work.

The miracle minute. Leave the formula to penetrate into your skin for a full minute, then massage any remaining LYMA Cream into the skin using gentle circular motions until fully absorbed to avoid any potential transfer onto clothes. Don’t forget — consistency is key. For optimal results, repeat these two steps every morning and evening.

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