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How do I use LYMA Skincare with the LYMA Laser?

Start by spritzing 6 pumps of LYMA Oxygen Mist over a cleansed face and neck. Follow with 6 pumps of LYMA Oxygen Glide, ensuring the gel is evenly distributed. Using long horizontal strokes, glide the LYMA Laser slowly over the skin for a minimum of 15 minutes per treatment area. Target any stubborn problem areas by holding the Laser still over them for 3 minutes. Dampen the LYMA sponge in warm water, and carefully remove any leftover Glide using a circular motion. Repeat if necessary, then rinse well and leave the sponge to air dry. Spritz another 6 pumps of the Oxygen Mist over the face and neck, and follow with the LYMA Serum and LYMA Cream as outlined here.

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