5 Powerful Mindfulness Techniques to Cope With Anxiety

Practical tools to calm stress and anxiety in the moment

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28.08.20 (Updated 20.04.23)

We will all be plagued by uncertainty at one time or another. Whether it be related to health, finances, our career trajectory or interpersonal relationships. Uncertainty is the fear of the unknown and therefore, a reliable source of anxiety and stress. Studies into what uncertainty does to the human brain show that, “Uncertainty diminishes how efficiently and effectively we can prepare for the future, and thus contributes to anxiety.” The brain works foremost on past experience and predictability and when that is removed, it's a short catastrophizing inch over to panic, anxiety and stress.

How to cope with uncertainty and build a stronger mind

Mindfulness often falls in with the meditation crowd but the truth is that it can come in all shapes and sizes, not all of them involving sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed for a sustained period of time. The most useful mindfulness technique is the one you can employ on the spot, at the very moment you need it.

Mindfulness is simply the practice of presence, awareness and managing to stay grounded when it matters. Practising mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety brought about by uncertainty, boost your mood and elicit a greater sense of overall wellbeing.

If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s uncertainty but these proven and effective ways quell anxiety and quieten your mind. Use them as tools to arm yourself as best as you can against the inevitability of uncertainty.

Here are some of the best mindfulness exercises for anxiety, uncertainty and stress:

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1. Get into nature

Arguably the most powerful anti-anxiety treatment there is, nature's mental healing properties have been touted for millennia and outright proved by modern science. Regular interaction with the natural world has not only been shown to improve mental health, it has also been shown to help speed up hospital recovery times post-surgery. A growing body of literature exists, supporting the idea of the interconnectedness of the human, animal and plant worlds. By getting outside and harnessing the symbiotic relationship between us and the natural world, we can expect to feel happier, relaxed and energised all at once. And nature’s benefits are universal; stressed out city dwellers taking a walk in the local park can have all the same curative benefits as a hike through the woods or a stroll along the beach.

2. Visualise your highest self

Visualisation is a powerful technique recommended by practitioners to combat stress and anxiety, and for helping you to focus on the bigger picture of where you see yourself next month, twelve months from now, or in five years’ time. The reason visualisation is so effective is that it can feasibly rewire your brain. Visualisation, now commonly referred to as manifestation, requires picturing yourself as the best version of you, doing the things that make you feel most connected, feeling a particular way, can reprogram your brain away from being stuck in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’. The more aligned your life is with your deepest wants, the less anxiety you will experience on a daily basis.

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3. Learn the art of adaptation

When the unexpected happens, it often knocks you for six. Dwelling on what you perceive should have happened, only serves to increase negative thoughts and heighten stress levels. The answer is to become more mentally elastic; that's not to let things go that are important to you, but to be able to let go of the outcomes you had predicted. Nootropics are a well-trodden and robustly proven path to mental dexterity. LYMA contains Cognizin® 250mg; a clinically dosed, engineered version of our natural brain nutrient citicoline. Cognizin nourishes neural pathways and supports the mitochondria that produce brain energy. Alongside this, patented saffron extract affron® is scientifically proven to dissipate anxiety in a matter of hours and KSM-66® Ashwagandha increases mental clarity and resilience in the face of adversity. The combined effects of these potent ingredients are the answer to becoming mind strong.

4. Practice solo-tasking

Multi-tasking can wreak absolute havoc with your zen, try doing one thing at a time instead. Research has shown that multitasking reduces your brainpower, making it easier for thoughts to become muddled, mind racing to keep up with itself and culminating in experiencing a sense of overwhelming panic and anxiety. By focusing only on the task in hand, there’s a higher level of engagement, lesser stimulation and proves to be more productive, too. Pace of thinking will slow, but those thoughts will be sharper, more effective, and result in getting more done. Practice solo-tasking when it comes to holding conversations to strengthen your interpersonal connections.

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5. Create a daily ritual and commit to it

If you’re looking to treat uncertainty with mindfulness then commit to a ritual, prioritise it over other tasks and do it every damn day. “Something with a low-level impact but which cumulatively and consistently improves your life. The keyword here is small, the smaller the aim and the less effort it takes, the more chance you have of upholding it," advises Dr Elena Touroni, Consultant Psychologist and Clinical Director of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic.

A ritual acts like an anchor, so by committing to that daily ritual, you are ensuring certainty every day as well as simultaneously building good habits.

What your ritual looks like is totally up to you - it could be a specific skincare routine, focussed stillness, Hiit exercise, writing, sketching or beginning each day by taking your LYMA Supplement.

LYMA has been designed with you and your highest self in mind - the powerful patented formula can help to support your mental wellbeing from the inside out. LYMA contains a combination of powerful peer-reviewed ingredients that can contribute to improved resilience to stress and uncertainty, and can help you to cope more effectively with challenging circumstances. For more tips and tricks to combat anxiety, take a look here.


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