6 High Summer Beauty Switches to Make Right Now

The skin, body and hair hacks that will make a visible difference this month.

3 Minute ReadFeature by Jess Lacey, Beauty & Wellbeing Editor

18.08.21 (Updated 17.07.23)

Sticking to a devout skincare regime earns you beauty stripes and some good skin behaviour but skin is a living organ that’s constantly adapting to its environment so heat, wind, humidity and UV exposure demand seasonal switch ups. Now we’re firmly ensconced in a stint of warm summer days, it’s time to make some small but integral tweaks to your beauty habits and optimize your efforts.

Switch No1: change how you exfoliate summer skin.

No need to confess, we all do it; build the slightest sun kissed tan and we cease exfoliating for fear of paring to back to pasty again. Only, no one ever got a gorgeously even tan without sloughing off the dead skin cells and impurities first. Switch grainy scrubs out for weekly chemical exfoliating creams that dissolve old skin cells and unwanted product build-up, without buffing away your glow. Fruit enzyme exfoliant creams like mango and papaya are also fantastic at seeing off unwelcome breakouts that are a direct result of pore-clogging sun creams. Sun protection is paramount but not at the cost of bad skin.

Lady tanning with fan

Switch No2: antioxidants are a summer must.

Even the most clued-up of serum aficionados should up the ante on their antioxidants all summer long. Even on the cloudy days, UV damage is still more than capable of conjuring up premature ageing, wrinkles and pigmentation patches.

LYMA Skincare is deemed the world's best performing skincare because it doesn't just treat the superficial signs of skin aging but gets to grips with scientist's recent discovery of the root causes our skin ages.

Hero ingredients Quercevita™ and Levagen® are some of the most fiercely patented anti-inflammatory antioxidants in existence because they work at the deepest dermal layers safeguarding cells from UV damage and creating a positive cellular life cycle. Alongside free radical fighting Ephemer™ and ultra-quenching PrimaHyal™ 50 - an unrivalled Hyaluronic Acid, the LYMA Skincare formulation achieves outstanding results for younger, brighter, stronger skin.

LYMA skincare Serum and Cream copper vessels

Switch No3: one supplement beats 100 vitamins.

We tend to eat better during the summer months, incorporating more fruit, vegetables and salads into our diets as well as being better hydrated but as a side-effect, many of us sack off the multivitamins we were so attached to in the winter. This is no bad thing because eating a healthy, balanced diet and absorbing additional Vitamin D in the summer months makes it highly unlikely that we’re deficient in anything anyway. However, switching the countless placebo multivitamins for the LYMA super supplement could be life-changing. LYMA contains a blend of patented power ingredients that have all been proven in peer-reviewed independent clinical trials to increase energy levels, improve your immune system, aid cognitive function and create a highly-restful sleep state. What’s more, LYMA only formulate with nutrients that you cannot get effective doses through food, which is what the true premise of a supplement should be.

supplement capsules near dunes

Switch No4: cancel your salon colour.

Yes, you read that right. That one you’ve waited months for. It’s time to debunk the myth of pre-holiday colour appointments because all that earnest work of your colourist will go to waste when their gorgeous colour job changes dramatically in the sun, sea and swimming pool. Stick to a strict no-dye policy until late September and instead, book in for an in-salon glossing treatment that refreshes colour, deeply conditions hair cuticles and infuses locks with megawatt shine. You’ll get a revamped hair colour that will last weeks - money well spent.

Hand on hair

Switch No5: swap the slathering for sweeping.

Layering on expensive body lotions gets limbs gleaming temporarily but also makes things very slippery in the heat. A far smarter summer hack is to switch to full body brushing before every shower. It might feel a tad equestrian at first but those long sweeping motions, always in a heart-wards direction, will truly transform skin. Not only does body brushing efficiently remove all dead skin cells leaving silky limbs, it also vastly improves blood circulation, aids weight loss through releasing water retention and breaks up cellulite.

Laser on woman face

Switch No6: become your own dermatologist.

Switch your monthly facial for the LYMA Laser and save yourself both time and money in the long term. When it comes to addressing multiple skin concerns, the LYMA laser is a game-changer. Able to simultaneously target scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, this world-first at home laser is every bit as powerful as the one your derm wields over you. The 500 milliwatt coherent laser beam is able to penetrate down to the deepest layers of skin to transfer intense light energy into cells whilst remaining heat-free and proven to be completely safe for use at home. The power to reverse all that accrued sun damage is now safely in your hands.

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