The Only Skincare You Need To Counter Your Sun Worshiping Habit

Imbibe all the goodness of the summer sun without entering the dreaded Bronze Age thanks to LYMA.

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01.08.23 (Updated 26.02.24)

Summer. Glowing skin, hair tumbling over sun-kissed shoulders in glossy beach waves, radiating health from highlighted head to pedicured toe.... Yeah, about that.

Billed as a time to look our most alluring, the truth is that summer beauty habits can be damaging in the long term and provoke premature aging of the skin. Which is why it pays to be unequivocally smart about it. Luckily, LYMA’s fully science backed skincare is here to keep us glowing, protected and even looking younger as a result long after summer's over.

Sundrenched and thirst quenched

A sunkissed summer glow is great. Lines, wrinkles and parched skin courtesy of UV exposure, not so much — no one wants to look like their leather purse, no matter how designer. The answer to this age-old conundrum is simple: effective hydration and powerful antioxidant action through proven anti-aging skincare.

Enter LYMA Skincare; engineered by stem cell experts and geneticists to pause, prevent and reverse the 8 root causes of aging. The list of patented actives formulated to combat cellular aging reads like a Marvel superhero cast. Securing the hydration front there’s PrimaHyal™ 50, a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that penetrates below surface level, flooding all layers of skin to boost skin's hydration by 72%. Closely backed up by Zemea®, which is actually able to draw moisture from the surrounding air into skin and immunity boosting Wellmune® that tricks skin into producing more collagen, plumping up skin structure even further. Then there’s the entire army of antioxidant protection for anti-aging in the sun’s rays. Free radical fighters Ephemer™, Quercevita™ and Levagen® are some of the most fiercely patented anti-inflammatory antioxidants in existence, working at the deepest dermal layers to safeguard cells from UV damage and create a positive cellular life cycle. All killer, no filler, the LYMA Skincare formulation is like nothing ever seen before. This is the kind of support our summer skin needs; allowing us to achieve a glowing tan whilst also ensuring skin remains young, healthy and vital.

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Get that summer tan safely

It may come as a surprise, but good tanning is also an inside job. There’s a lot to love about tomatoes, not least, Lycopene. Hero carotenoid and world class tanning ingredient Lycopene, is a powerful natural antioxidant compound that fights free radicals to prevent chain reactions leading to cell damage. The LYMA Supplement contains bio-engineered and patented version, Lycored Lycopene™ 30mg, proven in over 20 peer-reviewed studies to reinforce skin's defense from harmful rays. Eating tomatoes and carotenoids will marginally boost your innate levels but a daily dose of Lycored Lycopene™ (the LYMA level), will protect against UV damage and reduce the likelihood of sunburn by up to 50%. Although not an SPF substitute, Lycored Lycopene™ reinforces cellular resilience, helping you achieve a beautifully even tan. Lycopene also counteracts the aging impact of sun exposure, preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Studies show it effectively inhibits collagenases, whereby the skin’s natural collagen levels are broken down over time. Lycopene’s propensity to stop this breakdown as well as reinforcing skin makes it a leading phytonutrient for plump, younger looking skin.

Pardon those past skin crimes

Decades past, we might have been guilty of slathering our young bodies in olive oil and cooking in the sun. SPF who? And now many of us are paying the price for putting our skin through such blatant sun damage. Thankfully now, the best tan is a safe one and we can go some way to reverse that damage.

Post 40, it’s somewhat inevitable you’ll accumulate a scattering of sun damage. No matter, as the most powerful at home Laser on the market, the LYMA Laser is unrivalled at fading out sunspots and sun-related pigmentation. Suitable for every skin tone, this is laser light technology that’s safe, completely cold and achieves remarkable results as the best sun damage treatment. The latest iteration of low level laser therapy, the LYMA Laser is a powerful, uninterrupted beam of light able to pass through the top layers of the sun damaged skin, to reach melanocyte cells in the base layers and break up the unwanted pigmentation. The dispersed pigmentation is then re-absorbed by the body and the skin appears clearer and more luminous.

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Keep your cool

Make the LYMA Oxygen Mist a staple in your Loewe Raffia Basket Bag this weekend. Cools and refreshes parched skin better than other skin mists but more noteworthy is that it contains the most concentrated ASO possible to squeeze into a skincare product. Stabilized oxygen floods skin cells and ramps up ATP, so skin can repair and rejuvenate more readily. Likewise, the LYMA Oxygen Glide is every bit as loaded with ASO to calm down redness and inflammation. What’s more, as its name would suggest, the Glide is an excellent product to smooth over sunburnt skin before using the LYMA Laser at the end of the day. The ultimate skincare product for slugging, the Glide creates zero drag on scorched sensitive skin and allows the Laser to work its regenerative light therapy without disturbing skin at all.

Summer should entail spending full days outdoors, basking in the sunlight and not feeling one iota of guilt about the aging ramifications of your free spirit actions. LYMA came into existence to allow people to live their best life and if that’s fully bathed in the summer sun, then go do it.

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