How To Get the Most Out of The LYMA Laser

A guide to optimising your Laser usage by some of our savviest customers

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25.03.22 (Updated 15.08.23)

You’ve read the science, seen the impressive results, taken action and invested in the LYMA Laser. Now what? Taking control of your skin feels both liberating and somewhat mystifying. The good news is there’s no wrong way to use the world’s most powerful at-home Laser, but there are plenty of techniques for optimising it. Here’s how to get the most from your LYMA Laser and harness the full power of its ground-breaking technology.

The Golden rules of using the LYMA laser

Make it a daily habit

For the first three months, the skin cells need that energy transference every day for the photobiomodulation (switching the cells back on) to take place. After three months, you can shift down to maintenance mode, and use it just a few times a week.

Give it enough time

Fifteen minutes a day is the minimum treatment the skin needs but, of course, the longer the better. Windows of time such as reading, commuting, answering emails, long phone calls and watching television are all opportunities for a quick Laser session.

Take it slow

Real slow. The longer the Laser has to focus on each area, the more it can penetrate deep down into the deepest layers of skin, reaching cells and recharging their energy centres. Holding it stationary over areas of concern will get you the optimal results you’re after.

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The Game Changers: tried and tested techniques from our Laser community

That 15-minutes per day can take any form you wish it to, but a little guidance can be reassuring. Here’s how four LYMA Laser devotees fit their Laser treatment into ever-demanding schedules and continue to get impressive results.

Jancee Dunn reviews the best skincare products, treatments and gadgets for the likes of The New York Times and American Vogue. At 50, she suddenly developed midlife skin redness and after trying everything, she found it was the LYMA Laser that could keep it in check. “I was floored by it. It was truly fantastic. I'm not doing anything else [other than the Laser] and my skin redness has been dialled down by about 30%. That’s not a small number for just something that you can use at home. It even got rid of the fine lines and crow’s feet that I have around my eyes.”

Laser focus: I’m still using my LYMA Laser six nights a week, and I don't know if I'm going to downshift to the three-nights-a-week maintenance mode. I’m very careful to do all of my face and I concentrate on my cheeks because that’s exactly where the redness lies.

Best laser hack: I've been using the LYMA Laser for an hour a night in front of whatever’s on Netflix. We alI know some beauty regimes are hard to fit into everyday life but this really isn’t. I just sit on the couch and start rolling it all around my face. It couldn’t be any easier.

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As Hollywood’s first call for red carpet events, make-up artist Romy Soleimani uses her LYMA Laser as a skin prep tool on her A-list clients as well as improving her own long-term skin health. “Short-term it really does help with redness, healing and overall calming the skin down before applying make-up. Even just the action of it helps calm and lift the face.”

Laser focus: I’m not someone who has a regular schedule so I use it whenever I can and when I travel, my LYMA Laser comes everywhere with me. I’m pretty methodical; I hold it still and focus in on the area I want to treat, count to myself five times, then I move on to another area. If I have a sunspot, I’ll try to lighten it that way or to lessen the depth of nasolabial folds. When I look at the clock I realise 20 minutes has gone by. It's that easy.

Best Laser hack: Hold it still on the apples of the cheeks, right there in the middle. It builds more collagen and gives you that bouncy cheek.

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British Beauty Editor Jess Lacey has reviewed countless dermatological treatments and declares the LYMA Laser as the best she’s encountered. She uses hers to put off the ever-encroaching signs of ageing. “In the past couple of years I’ve had the unwelcome additions of expression lines, forehead wrinkles and dark circles. But four months into daily use of the LYMA Laser, they’re all gently retreating.”

Laser focus: For me, it’s using the Laser to halt new lines I see forming on my face. I’m not ready for Botox yet, so all the time I can use my LYMA Laser to fade out my forehead lines, I’ll keep on with my fifteen minutes every day.

Best laser hack: I’m a firm believer in making your skincare routine mindful, so I use my Laser time as an opportunity for stillness and to take stock of the day. I hold the Laser on my eleven lines, (that vertical duo in-between the brows), and I simultaneously practice ‘Box Breathing’ – inhaling for the count of four, holding for four, exhaling for four and holding again for four. Once I’ve done this a few times, I then move the Laser onto the next area I want to treat.


Nichola Joss, skincare expert and leading global facialist, describes the LYMA Laser as the most powerful tool she’s ever used. In her treatment room, Joss doubles her clients’ skin transformation results by conducting an extensive facial using two LYMA Lasers simultaneously. On her own skin, she swears by intermittent use throughout the day, “I do it for ten minutes, three times a day - at my desk answering emails in the morning, as a pause in the middle of the afternoon and again last thing at night incorporated into my bedtime facial with massage oils.”

Laser focus: I use my Laser to improve my facial contours, eliminate jowls and achieve a sleeker, more defined jawline. Placing the Laser under my chin at the midpoint along my jaw, I move it super slowly along the bone until it’s resting flat on the corner of my jaw underneath the ear. Then I repeat that trajectory in reverse, always returning to that centre point, then repeat on the other side.

Best Laser hack: Hold it under the chin for 3 full minutes. Your arm will ache but I promise it’s worth it for the jawline-smoothing results.

For a step by step guide LYMA Laser guide from Nichola, check out her masterclass on How to use the LYMA Laser videos.

The LYMA Method

After a little more direction? Here are the LYMA Laser power moves

Combat crow’s feet

Skin on the periorbital bone - which encircles the eye - is ten times thinner than that on the cheeks, so it makes sense that it would lose volume and elasticity first. The only Laser proven to be entirely safe for use around the delicate eye area without the need for protective glasses, the LYMA Laser lifts and firms the eye area, increasing cellular renewal without causing the fragile skin any harm.

How: Press the Laser to the outer corner of the eye and hold it there for three minutes. Then repeat on the other eye. Pausing on the arch of each eyebrow for a good few minutes will also lift the eye area and treat that dreaded hooded eye action.

Plump your pout

If you’re finding that your lipstick bleeds out of line, it might be that your natural lip could benefit from being bolstered. The LYMA Laser can diminish fine lines, lessen lip wrinkles and reintroduce volume and definition to lips for a noticeable plumping effect.

How: Hold the Laser in the centre of your cupid’s bow for three minutes then slowly glide it along the upper and lower lips as if you were applying lipstick.

Define your jawline

As collagen breaks down, so does the structure of the skin and it’s most obvious along the jawline and in the emergence of jowls. The LYMA Laser restores facial contours and gives the face its shape back.

How: Starting at the base of the ear, smooth the Laser along the jawline to the chin at a glacial pace and then return it to the ear again. Repeat this action five times and then do the same on the other side of the face.

Do the neck work

The neck gets the award for ‘Most Forgotten’ when it comes to both skincare and sun protection, which is why prominent wrinkles form and the area can age significantly. Also, being a vertical column of skin, gravity is at play and largely responsible for severe sagging.

How: Placing the Laser under at the top of the neck, in line with the ear, work up and down the neck methodically and most importantly, slowly. Glide the device, making sure full contact with the skin up from ear to base of the neck five times. Then move onto the next section and the next, until you reach the other ear and the whole neck has been treated. Combining this technique with a high-quality neck cream will improve the results even further.


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