Let Laser Season Commence!

Dermatologists are working overtime right now but shouldn’t the best skincare be evergreen?

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20.01.23 (Updated 13.09.23)

What is Laser Season?

Top dermatologists are renowned for having rockstar extravagant summers. Why? Because come fall they’re locked in their clinics with back-to-back clients embarking on six month-long treatment plans. As summer tans fade, the preceding months of accumulated sun damage become apparent; irregular pigmentation, crow’s feet, fine lines, crepey decolletage… yep, skin amasses more issues than Vogue. But as when the clouds gather, temperatures drop to single digits and the nights draw in, those skin crimes can be reversed. Laser season comes around each year, marking a significant event in the NYC derm calendar and it's officially begun.

Why is now the best time for laser treatment?

Any professional skin treatments such as microneedling, microcurrent, laser skin resurfacing and IPL create intentional superficial wounding to the skin to encourage collagen renewal and therefore they come with associated lengths of downtime. It’s not uncommon for chemical peels and laser treatment to demand full sunlight bans to safeguard skin’s compromised barrier and heightened photosensitivity, plus the fact that they required skin to be fully tan-free to work effectively.

If you’re going to intentionally break skin’s protective barrier in order to treat sun damage of pigmentation, Dr Sherene Idriss recommends you do it throughout fall and winter when sunlight and UV exposure are much less of a risk. When it comes to Manhattan’s elite dermatology scene, Dr Idriss is the one to watch. Those in the know descend upon for her subtle approach to pressing pause on skin ageing and her expert lasering techniques for pigmentation reversal. Emily Ratajkowski is amongst her A-list clientele and Idriss has recently been profiled by WWD, American Vogue and US Harpers. The doors of her Midtown apartment style clinic, Idriss Dermatology, were opened last year and the appointment book closed by lunchtime that day. Those toying with a course of laser treatment right now, will likely get the keys to a Porche Taycan before making it past her receptionist.

Model Laser close up

Laser all year round, the LYMA way

When we live in a society that solves problems often before we notice we have them, it seems somewhat archaic to have to wait for a seasonal cue to treat your skin. Enter the LYMA Laser; an at-home laser light skin treatment device you can use all year round to consistently improve skin. The LYMA Laser uses breakthrough cold laser technology that doesn’t cause the traditional thermal damage to skin but instead, passes light energy directly into skin cells. Scientifically termed photobiomodulation, the laser beam is able to transfer though the skin's surface, past layers of subcutaneous muscle and fat, to reawaken targeted skin cells. This energy transference has the resultant cosmetic effect of fading out pigmentation, blurring out fine lines, sharpening contours and universally strengthening skin from the inside out.

Technology creates possibility

As with all aspects of health, exercise and wellbeing, the key is consistency and now the LYMA Laser achieves this in the skincare arena. Rather than sacrificing skin to the elements for the majority of the year, only to treat it at full force with in-clinic lasers, the LYMA Laser maintains optimal skin health all year round, improving your skin need never stop. Heck, we can even be lasering whilst still poolside, reversing sun damage as it forms.

Dermatologists are in favour of this continual upkeep too - the world's most sought after facialist Joanna Czech and leading dermatologist cosmetic surgeon Dr Dendy Engleman are already vocal advocates of the LYMA Laser, using it on their clients to encourage good skin ‘homework’ between appointments. Whilst winter will always be the best time of year to carry out intensive intervention on skin, interlacing that with a daily at-home LYMA Laser regime is a systematic, methodical way to achieve the best skin possible and thus, potentially making the mad dash of laser season a thing of the past.

Laser close up

Your daily Laser skincare regime

Selecting skincare to use alongside clinical lasering techniques has always been a rocky ground because the skin is left profoundly damaged and open. Not so with the LYMA Laser because not only is all skincare compatible with it, the Laser has also been developed in tandem with two new ground-breaking products, thus making it possible to increase the results the Laser can achieve.

LYMA skincare Serum and Cream copper vessels

Laser compatible skincare for exceptional results

LYMA Skincare is a two-step bioactive protocol of the most powerful epigenetic skincare in existence. The Serum and Cream have been formulated by geneticist and stem cell experts to address the eight mechanisms of skin ageing. The complex formulation targets each of these processes, changing cellular behaviour to shift the ageing trajectory. The result is skin that's better hydrated, more resilient to external impact and with increased energy reserves to renew itself.

And the LYMA Laser is the perfect partner to its techy skincare counterpart. By temporarily re-aligning the lipid molecules in cell membranes, the polarised light from the Laser indirectly opens ion channels, increasing the diffusion of lipid-soluble compounds whilst also enhancing the uptake of water-soluble compounds. The 808 nm wavelength of the LYMA Laser also enhances ATP energy production in cells, optimising carrier systems, and increases local capillary blood flow leading to better the internal supply of key nutrients to the cells, as well as oxygenation. All these elements make the Laser the perfect trans-dermal topical delivery system for the world's hardest working skincare.


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