The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Workaholic in Your Life

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11.11.20 (Updated 22.10.21)

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. You’re in charge of seemingly everything: the guest list, the multi-course lunch, the decorations and the present buying. We know how you feel. When you’re busy juggling everything else life throws at you - deadlines, family responsibilities, holiday planning - it’s easy to fall-back on socks and book vouchers to placate the crowd.

While we all love to replenish our hosiery draws and line our bookshelves with new tomes, it can begin to feel a little repetitive receiving - and giving - the same gifts, albeit in various guises, year after year.

We have taken it upon ourselves to lighten your holiday load. For the next four weeks we’ll be publishing our pick of the best luxury gifts that you and yours are guaranteed to love. We’ve looked beyond the obvious knick-knacks and stocking fillers to bring you suggestions of gifts to uplift, inspire and indulge even the most discerning of family members.

First up, our guide to gifts for the stressed-out workaholic in your life. Smart, slick, mindful gifts are the name of the game, read on for our top picks:

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1. Best gift for workaholics in need of some calm: Tom Ford candle

Relaxation in a jar, Tom Ford's candles make the most sumptuous of workaholic gifts. There are 12 equally gorgeous scents in the current collection, and each comes in a sexy amber-colored vessel, making it the ideal decorative addition to the living room or the study. We especially love the limited edition ‘F****** Fabulous’ blend. Explicit, exclusive and fabulous, this candle is reminiscent of those elicit moments that you want never to forget. Tonka bean, leather, bitter almond and vanilla-cream prevail. Each candle has a burn time of 40 hours and every scent is replicated in the brand’s legendary Eau de Parfum range.

Tom Ford Candles from £65. Available to buy here.

2. Best gift for workaholics suffering from stress: Therapy dough

Remember playing with dough as a kid? Squishing, squeezing, and shaping it into anything your heart and imagination desired? This grown-up version makes a perfect stocking-filler for the stress-head in your life and a great gift idea for workaholics. Therapy dough lets you relive that childhood fun, all the while providing adult benefits: stress relief and aromatherapy. Dreamed up by a creative couple in Portland, Oregon, the colorful putty was inspired by the kind art therapists use to help patients manage depression, anxiety, and difficult emotions. By adding essential oils, the couple created a dough that helps you to slow down, focus, and calms the nervous system. Choose from lavender-, orange-, peppermint-, eucalyptus- and pine-infused putty.

Therapy dough from £11. Available to buy here.

3. Best gift for workaholics glued to their phones: Lexon Oblio Wireless Charger and UV Sanitiser

The Christmas holidays are a time when you typically swap the stresses of work for the stresses of family - after all, a change is as good as a rest! No one is exempt from the festive fracas of ‘no phones at the dinner table!’ Whether it be the adult workaholic, the angst-ridden teenager or the grandparent addicted to gaming, phones cause friction. Avoid the fray with this super chic all-in-one wireless charger and phone sanitiser that keeps devices out of eyesight, so at least they can keep their dirty little habits clean.

Lexon Oblio Wireless Charger and UV Sanitiser, £80. Available from here.

LYMA supplements in a luxury place

4. LYMA Supplement Starter Kit.

Working too hard can wreak havoc with your circadian rhythm, your appearance, your immune system and your general mood. Counterintuitively, overworking can also have a detrimental impact on productivity.

LYMA’s powerful formula was created to help you find balance in today’s modern world. The ultimate formula contains peer-reviewed patented ingredients, optimally dosed to work across areas of health from sleep, anxiety and beauty, to focus, performance and immunity. LYMA’s revolutionary formulation can help to bring the habitual hustler back into balance and restore them to a place of optimal health.

Most pertinent to those looking to gain an edge at work, LYMA contains Cognizin®, the world’s leading nootropic. Cognizin® has been formulated at a clinically-backed daily dose of 250mg in LYMA and has been demonstrated in peer-reviewed, randomised and double-blind studies to improve memory, mood, attention, focus and reaction speed in healthy adults when taken every day.

A LYMA Starter Kit arrives beautifully packaged and presented and includes a 30 or 90 day supply of the LYMA formula, our iconic copper storage vessel and a unique LYMA authenticity card, enabling your giftee access to LYMA Concierge as well as the ability to purchase refills.

From £149. Buy the supplement here.

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5. Best gift for workaholics who can’t log off: BluBlox Filtration Glasses

If they’re the kind who work well into the night, tapping away on the other side of the bed, face illuminated by the glow of their laptop screen, this is hands down the best Christmas gift for workaholics who are beyond saving. Blocking out the harmful artificial blue rays emitted by screens that have us tired but wired, affecting our sleep patterns and stress levels, these blue light combatting glasses are the best in the business. They come in both prescription and non-prescription options and every style imaginable.

BluBlox Filtration Glasses, from £95.95. Available from here.

6. Best gift for workaholics at the weekend: Mela Weighted Blanket

If you haven’t already heard about the incredible sleep benefits of weighted blankets, where have you been all 2021? One of the biggest wellness trends right now, weighted blankets are designed to relieve stress and anxiety by putting light pressure on the body, calming your heartbeat and putting the body in a deeper state of rest. An ideal Christmas gift for workaholics who find it impossible to switch off from streaming to-do lists and nagging emails.

Mela Weighted Blanket, £120. Available from here.

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