The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Workaholic in Your Life

Give the gift of unrivalled wellbeing and replace stress with some festive spirit

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Most Wanted: Gifts for workaholics that truly deliver

A jolly festive welcome to the 2022 LYMA Christmas Gift Guide. Here, we’ve curated the luxury, the gadgetry, the delectable and the desirable, then wrapped them all up into a neat little edit for you to select from, adorned with a sumptuously oversized bow.
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What to buy the workaholic in your life

Forever zipping from one meeting to the next, furiously thumbing emails from the backseat of town cars and with a work calendar fuller than Santa’s sack? You know who that is in your life and yes, we’ve got one too. Workaholics can’t (or won't) seem to switch off, so come Christmas time they yearn for the traditional adage of peace and joy with a side of maximum efficiency. A truly expertly selected workaholic’s gift is one that makes their day-to-day slightly easier, removes an ounce or two of stress and makes their lives that little bit more enjoyable. Be warned though, the likelihood is that they’ll leave your gift to a last minute dash or delegate it to their trusty PA but ‘tis the season for spreading that goodwill, so you’ll find a spark of inspiration for them right here.

1. Best gift for workaholics who are frequent flyers

Because jet-setting around the globe shouldn’t be a drag. Seasoned travellers will no doubt have spied Carl Freidrik luggage in the first class lounges, sleek, understated and undetectably navigating the terminal on Japanese engineered silent spinner wheels. Designed to the highest spec to store everything you require for your work trip, complete with protective laptop compartment, power bank and compression pads to maximize space - this is conscious design at its highest echelon. We’re rather taken with the leather handle detail in Cognac. What a carry on.

Carl Freidrik The Carry-On Pro, £454. Available to buy here.
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2. Best gift for workaholics who don’t need another desk toy

Long hours spent at your desk deserve some creature comforts but make it chic. Soften the blow of burning the midnight oil with this diffuser from much-beloved British fashion designer, Bella Freud. Diffusers are more user-friendly and considerably safer than a candle and this one sends forth the gently detectable scents of vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood. Heady, yet in no danger of giving you a headache, it's an effective therapeutic touch-point for those not leaving the office to relax any time soon.

Bella Freud Ceramic 1970 Diffuser, £145. Available to buy here.

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3. Best gift for workaholics who need some gentle organisation

LYMA has been proving for a while now that tech doesn’t have to be ugly, overly complicated and nor should it come with a spaghetti of wires attached. Perhaps that’s why we’re so taken with this ergonomic charging tray. Classically crafted Italian leather makes this a welcome bedside companion for jewellery, watches and skincare but with an artfully concealed charging system to simultaneously power up both your phone and headphones. The perfect resting spot for your valuables whilst near enough observing sleep hygiene rules.

Courant Catch:3 Classics Wireless Charging Tray, £194. Available to buy here.

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4. Best gift for workaholics dreaming of a light Christmas

Intentions be damned, let’s face it, a busy work schedule renders dermatologist appointments nigh on impossible. Facials are demoted to lunch hours and a course of laser skin rejuvenation is never to be completed. Until now. The unrivalled gift for a workaholic woman or man, the LYMA Laser is the ultimate time and skin saving device that works just as hard as they do. Scientifically proven to deliver laser light energy into skin cells to reinvigorate and recharge them, just fifteen minutes a day achieves measurable, noticeable results. Skin is firmer, bouncier, smoother and with more vitality no matter the all-nighter you’ve just pulled. Stash it in your Mulberry Belgrave Document Holder for use on the commute, at your desk or in-between meetings. Wherever you’re working, it can be too.

The LYMA Laser Starter Kit, £1999. Available to buy here.

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5. Best gift for a workaholic in danger of burnout

Fitness buffs will be well-acquainted with the scientific prowess of Therabody for their impressive Theragun massage tools but now the brand have pushed the recovery envelope even further. Goggles that read your biometric data and emit a sensor to lower your heart rate, increase focus, reduce stress and encourage relaxation. Through massage, heat and vibration, they have been shown to effectively treat headaches, dissipate anxiety and create restorative sleep (some qualities shared by our gold-standard LYMA Supplement). Link the goggles to the app to bring audio into the mix for an all-round immersive experience. Check out, reset and reboot.

Therabody SmartGoggles, £174. Available to buy here.
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