How the LYMA Laser Has Found Its Way Into Derms Clinics Now

New York facialist Crystal Greene welcomes the LYMA Laser into her New York clinic.

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New York facialist Crystal Greene has joined the host of leading skin professionals bringing the LYMA Laser into the salon.

The LYMA Laser is the world’s first at-home laser light technology that can truly rival anything in the dermatologist’s office. Suddenly the results achieved from a full clinical laser course, can be matched from your sofa, bedroom, home office, transatlantic flight or back of a cab. But engineer an outstanding clinic grade at-home beauty device capable of profound cellular transformation and somewhat ironically, the professionals bring it right back into their clinics. That’s something LYMA founder Lucy Goff, certainly didn't expect.

"The LYMA Laser was created as a viable alternative to clinical skin treatments; it finally allowed people the freedom to laser at home, on their own terms. What we didn't foresee was top skin experts being so impressed with it that they'd bring it back into their clinics and start working it into their professional treatments." - Lucy Goff, LYMA Founder

Top Dermatologist Dr Dendy Engelman was the first to give it her stamp of approval, A-list Aesthetician Joanna Czech uses two Lasers in tandem on all her Hollywood Oscars clients and Vogue cover makeup artist Romy Soleimani relies on the LYMA Laser to put in the essential skin prep to create a seamless canvas. And now, coveted facialist Crystal Greene has just designed two new skin treatments around the LYMA Laser for her New York clientele.

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How have you explained to your clients what the Laser can do?

“It’s not a hard sell, they all want to try it! I tell them it's non-invasive, it works for all skin tones and types and that they won’t feel anything on their skin. They can walk out the door with amazing skin but no pain, no down time and zero recovery. Some have already seen big names posting videos about the Laser on Instagram, others have read about it in Forbes or seen it recommended on goop, then others haven't even heard about it yet. It’s definitely a discovery for a lot of people and I love that I’m giving them that first experience of it as a treatment.”

“This is a non-invasive laser that works for all skin tones and types with no damage or downtime but most importantly, it communicates with the cells of our skin. Healthy skin is made up of healthy cells and if we achieve that, we can age as gracefully as we want and have the skin we all desire.”

What made you decide to design skin treatments around the LYMA Laser?

“Obviously we need topical products to support our skin but I’ve witnessed firsthand on my own skin that the Laser does so many wonderful things. For me it's definitely helped with my pigmentation, boosted collagen, faded out ageing fine lines and wrinkles. It tackles all the concerns we have around our skin.”

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How do you use the Laser as a professional skin treatment?

“I use two Lasers at the same time, (lucky me, I have two!) I usually start at the lower half of the face, gliding back and forth for five to ten strokes, paying particular attention to the nasolabial folds, just gliding from the top to bottom in sequence. I work over the entire face and neck for some time but I like to really look at the areas where we tend to show the signs of ageing and pay a little more attention there. I’ll hold it around the eyes and crow’s feet, over the eleven lines, or if a client has some sun damage or hyperpigmentation, I'll definitely spend a little more time there. It's beautifully tailored in that sense.”

Tell us about the two new LYMA Laser treatments you’ve designed?

Le Sculpture X LYMA is a massage based treatment using various rhythmic techniques to really increase blood flow of the skin. I spend time cleansing and exfoliating depending on the health of someone's skin but most of the treatment is massage based, so it's 20 to 30 minutes of manual massage and then another 15 to 20 minutes of letting the LYMA rejuvenate their skin.

Vitality X LYMA is fully tailored to your skin's needs. I start with cleansing, exfoliation, an algae cold therapy mask and cryostics. Then I concoct these beautifully bespoke serums - that could be clarifying green tea extract or CoQ10, which works with the mitochondria within skin cells. I use a lot of vitamin E extract and boswellia extract which is a great anti-inflammatory. I also love to use In Fiore Fleur Vibrante which penetrates beautifully into the skin. All of these serums work intuitively with the LYMA Laser continuously gliding over them, pushing active ingredients deeper into the skin and boosting their effects.

LYMA laser off dark skin

What do your clients think of the new LYMA Laser treatments?

“My clients have welcomed them with open arms. I haven't used any other device in a treatment before, so the Laser has really sparked a lot of curiosity and interest from clients. I had a client who bought the LYMA Laser after her very first treatment and because she's been religious with it, she’s seen incredible results in the tone and clarity of her skin. It’s easy to get excited by the initial glow the Laser gives skin but I’m always super transparent and explain that yes, you can see significant results after one use, but it's the consistency and daily use where they’re really going to reap the best rewards.”

So, what’s next?

“It’s still in the early stages but I’m already planning to introduce a third LYMA treatment. This one will be a 90 minute face and neck protocol built entirely around the LYMA Laser. Yeah, I like how that sounds actually.”



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