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How will LYMA improve my immunity?

Wellmune® Blend, a standardised and validated 1-3, 1-6 beta glucan, acts in harness with HydroCurc® via immunomodulation. Replacing the 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans which have been progressively removed from our food chain over the last half century, these natural compounds act at receptor sites on our immune cells and improve innate immune cellular function. This in turn improves resistance to infection and reduces the tendency to allergy via inter alia lowering the TH2/TH2 ratio.

The xeno-hormetic action of KSM-66®Ashwagandha and the mood-elevating impact of affron® provide additional protection, by reducing the immuno-suppressive effects of stress.

Last but not least, K2Vital®Delta and Vita-Algae D3 is a potent combination for bone, heart and immune health, and the actives we use have been shown to enhance bone and vascular physiology, and a range of immune functions.

If you follow the links in our ingredients’ section, you can make an unbiased view for yourselves.

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