Joanna Czech Creates the Best 2023 Oscars Red Carpet Skin Using The LYMA Laser

Soothing, smoothing & straight-up skin emergencies, the real skin prep behind the best beauty looks.

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We need to talk about last night. Whether you bought the narrative of the champagne carpet or not, the 2023 Academy Awards was a star-studded and momentous occasion. It also marked the launch of the inaugural Joanna Czech X LYMA Oscars Facial, an exclusive skin treatment where celestial skin goals were realised in a private suite of L’Ermitage Beverly Hills. Joanna Czech has been leading red carpet skin prep for the last decade and once again demonstrated the craft required behind the best 2023 Oscars beauty looks. Earnestly massaging, sculpting, lifting and nourishing Hollywood's skin and for the first time, achieving world class results with the skin boosting benefits of the LYMA Laser.

The Joanna Czech X LYMA Oscars Facial, designed by Czech herself, entailed a sculpting and lifting manual massage, followed by exfoliation and a combination of targeted serums from her already renowned skincare line. The LYMA Laser was then used to improve skin elasticity, reduce pigmentation, brighten and push products more deeply into the skin. Each facial incorporated ultrasound, oxygen infusion and face masks, finally finishing with a combination of Joanna Czech C+ Serum and Soothing Serum.

Skin reigns supreme at the 2023 Oscars After Party

Cara Delevigne was one of the first into the Joanna Czech treatment room where Czech used not one, but two LYMA Lasers simultaneously to transform her skin. Gliding them in tandem across her cheekbones and holding them under her eyes to lift those iconic brows. Later, Cara stepped out in a stunning one shoulder, ruby red Elie Saab gown complete with hair slicked back off her face in an extreme side part, to showcase her flawless complexion. Following suit, fellow Brit Lily James received some serious skin brightening from Joanna Czech, so she could pair her powder pink Versace gown with slicked back hair, thus awarding full attention to her glowing skin.

Solving Hollywood’s skin emergencies

Skin is ultimately personal and on the day, everything must be specifically tailored to the client's needs. “No two treatments are ever the same as everyone comes in with different skin conditions,” explains Czech, whose A-list clients came into her on Sunday with a variety of breakouts, redness and highly stressed skin from their fast-paced lifestyles. “Ideally, I like to see a client a few days before the event for 60-90 minutes and then also on the day of the event. I do not perform any harsh treatments the day of, and I like to focus on calming, brightening, hydrating and lifting to get them glowing on that red carpet. I turn to the LYMA Laser for many of my clients because it creates glowing skin due to its ability to repair and rejuvenate cells, tackling hyperpigmentation and dullness in skin tone.”

Certainly this was the case when supermodel Lily Aldridge walked through the salon doors with a pre-Oscars breakout (nightmare). A short session with the LYMA Laser smoothed out the blemishes so they were completely flat and could be easily concealed by make-up, ready for the red (champagne) carpet. “Now you won’t even tell that I’ve had this troublesome area,” beamed Aldridge, offering up a chef’s kiss. Hours later, when she posed at the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party, her skin looked radiant and impressively blemish-free.

LYMA Red Laser Oscars Lily Aldridge

The laser for every age, skin tone and type

Other A-list clients who visited the skin salon were high fashion supermodel Anja Rubik with her incomparable cheekbones and Camila Morrone, fresh from her heart-wrenching performance in Daisy Jones & The Six. Amber Valletta, already a long standing fan of the LYMA Laser, benefitted from Czech healing her skin and redefining her jawline with two LYMA Lasers at once. Comedy genius Maya Rudolph showed that dark skin no longer need be discounted from powerful laser treatment; the Laser unified her skin tone, lifted, tightened and sculpted her skin without any danger of hyperpigmentation or scarring. And Adwoa Aboah trusted the Laser to boost her base whilst highlighting her trademark freckles.

“Great skin takes commitment and consistency”

With all her pre-event prowess, Joanna still insists that the longer term habits remain key. “Consistency is one of the most important concepts in our lives. Adhering to a proper daily and nightly routine ensures the skin will receive the nutrients it needs to achieve the results you desire. I really encourage my clients to be consistent in whatever they are doing. I also promote intuitive eating, hydration, sleep and facial massage with my Joanna Czech Facial Massager along with physical movement which will not only help your body, but your skin tone as well.”

Czech is even known to set her Hollywood clients skin homework, “I try to make myself available to my clients 24/7. I am always ready to jump on facetime, call my clients to update their skincare routine, address specific skin concerns, or just check-in. I recommend that they practice daily facial massage, use their LYMA Laser for 10 minutes every single day, eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated. Amber Valletta and Lily Aldridge are great at keeping up with their skincare routine between appointments,” she adds approvingly. This regular interaction and continued care means Czech receives plenty of intel on her client’s skin. “All my clients that have the LYMA Laser have seen incredible results and mention how rested and fresh their skin looks. Since using it, clients have noticed brighter skin, increased skin elasticity, controlled redness and reduced fine lines.”

Pouring over the pictures of last night’s Oscars, it’s evident that skin glowed like never before; beautifully offsetting the gowns and unashamedly outshining the hair. With results like this, it’s little wonder the LYMA Laser has fast become Hollywood’s favourite skin device for every red carpet event.


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