Is Your Skin Telling You You’re Perimenopausal?

Why skin acts up during perimenopause and the best menopause skin care step-by-step.

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Ensconced in your forties or settling comfortably into your fifties, you might think your bad skin years are decades behind you, but not necessarily so. One of the most common signs of perimenopause starting is a noticeable change in skin behavior and appearance. Alongside the more predictable signs of skin aging, many women report dry, dehydrated, sensitive, itchy skin - characteristics they might never have encountered before.

Why does skin change when perimenopause starts?

Estrogen is skin’s favorite hormone of all, a crucial contributor in the body’s manufacture of collagen, elastin and fibronectins that rebuild the Extracellular Matrix (ECM). The main reason we’re glowing on those days we’re ovulating, estrogen is excellent at feeding skin the fortification it needs. Plus, the more ECM you have and the better shape it’s in, the younger you look. And yet, during perimenopause there’s a steady depletion of it, flatlining at menopause and causing skin to lose its vitality and compromise its resilience.

What may come as a surprise though, is that our skin’s supply of oxygen is also on the out around the time we enter perimenopause. “By age 40, our skin has lost 60% of its oxygen capacity,” warns LYMA Founder Lucy Goff. “So it’s incredibly important for skin health, to return oxygen to the skin. Skin cells have a limited lifespan and increased oxygen supports regeneration and the metabolism of waste which in turn helps with production of collagen, elastin and migration of new cells to the surface”.

Restock the oxygen supplies of perimenopausal skin

On the surface, this decline in oxygen supply to skin cells speeds up the aging process and we begin to visibly age quicker.

“Mitochondria need oxygen to make ATP so when that becomes increasingly scarce, the impact on skin is profound. Cell energy depletes, renewal functions are compromised and free radical damage increases,”

says Dr Graeme Glass, Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon & LYMA’s Aesthetic Director.

“When skin cells receive enough oxygen new cells are more readily produced, skin is brighter, smoother, tone is unified, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped out and skin elasticity is improved immeasurably. Quite simply, oxygen helps skin thrive,” explains Dr Glass.

Lyma skincare menopausal skin

How do you get more fresh oxygen into the skin?

Active Stabilised Oxygen (ASO) is the best thing to happen to perimenopausal skin. As a liquid, oxygen is in its purest, most absorbable form and penetrates through every layer of the skin. ASO in the LYMA Oxygen Mist floods the skin with this pure nutrient source for increased cellular production, blood flow and moisture retention. All these mechanisms make skin more hydrated, less inflamed, and thankfully, slow down the aging process.

Proven to be over 100 times more effective than standard oxygen alone, the LYMA Oxygen Glide is an at-home oxygen facial mask that floods even the deepest, newly-forming cells with vital oxygen and safeguards hydration at every level. Designed to fit into busy lifestyles, use the Oxygen Mist for a daily spritz and the Oxygen Glide for a weekly drink.

How does the LYMA Laser help perimenopausal skin?

Clinical trials have proven the LYMA Laser capable of ramping up oxygen delivery, boosting the transportation of molecules into the skin and the uptake of active ingredients. How so?

“By temporarily re-aligning the lipid molecules in cell membranes, the polarized light indirectly opens ion channels, increasing the diffusion of lipid-soluble compounds whilst also enhancing the uptake of water-soluble compounds. The 808 nm wavelength of the LYMA Laser also enhances ATP energy production in cells, optimizing their associated carrier systems, and increases local capillary blood flow leading to better the internal supply of key nutrients to the cells, as well as oxygenation. All these elements make the Laser the perfect trans-dermal topical delivery system,” says Dr Graeme Glass.

Results show that using the LYMA Laser System (Oxygen Mist, Oxygen Glide and Laser) is 30 times more powerful than any professional oxygen facial. Reinstating a healthy oxygen supply at every level, skin looks plumper, acts younger and gets its bounce back.

What’s the best moisturizer for menopausal skin?

Menopausal skin isn’t a fixed skin type, so it’s not necessary to seek out a menopause skin care range. The most important attributes of menopause skin care should be locking in long-term hydration, optimizing cellular function and active ingredients capable of delivering oxygen and nutrients back into the skin. Like every aspect of menopause, symptoms are transient and personal, so far better to establish a hydrating, nourishing skin routine and stick to it.

LYMA skincare menopausal skin

LYMA Skincare targets all symptoms of perimenopausal skin

The scientifically proven actives in LYMA Skincare cover off all bases of perimenopausal skin. Patented skincare actives at optimal doses, developed by geneticists and stem cell experts, LYMA Skincare is perfectly formulated for menopausal skin. The LYMA Serum and Cream increase ATP energy in cells, establish healthy cell renewal, boost microcirculation, rebuild the ECM, combat inflammation and support natural collagen manufacturing within the skin.

“Not only is it the most active skin science in existence, LYMA Skincare is the first protocol to address the eight causes of skin aging. The LYMA Serum and Cream are packed with patented ingredients proven to change gene expression, supercharge cellular energy to slow mitochondrial decline, and radically improve surface lipid layer to reduce wrinkle formation. LYMA Skincare is the best thing you can do for menopausal skin,” says LYMA Founder Lucy Goff.

Active skincare just got slicked into a new dimension.

Menopause skin routine step-by-step

  • Double cleanse skin every day to wash away impurities and harmful pollution particles.

  • Morning and evening, apply three pumps of LYMA Skincare Serum to double cleansed skin, using gentle circular motions. Ensure equal coverage across the face and neck. Leave for 30 seconds to ensure full absorption before applying LYMA Cream.

  • Apply three pumps of LYMA Cream using gentle circular motions until you see a visible white film. Leave for 60 seconds to allow the actives to penetrate. Massage into the skin using circular motions until fully absorbed.

  • Recharge cell mitochondria and cell function and increase skin strength, use the LYMA Laser every day on the troublesome area.



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