How LYMA Skincare Became Devyani's Non-Surgical Strategy To Ageing Gracefully

With a strict no-nonsense approach to skincare, only real results could make her a convert.

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When it comes to skin ageing, Devyani is pure pragmatism. She doesn’t buy into skincare miracles or get drawn in with promises of youth. “I go into any new skincare protocol with open eyes and a hefty amount of realism,” she says, openly admitting to being an advertising team’s nightmare. “I have a minimalistic natural approach to skincare and I do not mess around with my skin.”

The young overlook the importance of maintaining good skin

With her own international property business, she’s frequently travelling back and forth between London and the US. “We’ve also been doing university tours in the US for my daughter who's about to go to college and I’m completely perimenopausal. It’s certainly a period of change for me. I strive to do a good job though and my husband and I are able to raise our family with balance.” Seven or eight years ago she wasn’t having to invest in her skin on top of everything else but now at age 47, things are different. “You don’t think about it when you’re young but it’s when you get here, to your mid forties and fifties, that you realise good skin is about consistency and maintenance. Maintenance is such a big part of middle aged skin.”

LYMA skincare review ageing skin

So why add skincare to an already full on lifestyle?

Having read all about the processes behind skin ageing; that cells lose energy, that their ability to renew themselves slows down and that collagen depletes considerably, Devyani started looking for skincare that would keep her looking as she does now, for longer. “I knew my skin had reached the point where it needed help to rejuvenate and it was time to give more time and investment to my skin. I have a good level of skin confidence and I’m happy with what I have but as science progresses and we gain more knowledge, there’s no harm in adopting skin care practices that will serve us in the long run.”

Don’t we all just want to age gracefully?

“Ageing is a reality that we all have to face so we do it gracefully and it will serve us. I have noticed more dark spots appearing because I run and play tennis a lot outdoors, spots come with age and I suppose that depends how much exposure you have. I don’t want to enter into cosmetic surgery, but everyone has their focus points and droopy eyelids are my vanity thing. Maybe I might consider having some sort of cosmetic intervention with them but I don't know if I’d ever have the courage to have any work done around my eyes.”

Seeing the LYMA difference close up

“One of my close friends recommended LYMA to me and I take her advice seriously because when it comes to skincare products, she’s someone who always does her homework and due diligence. She was using the LYMA Laser and the Supplement and I genuinely saw a vast difference in her skin. Not just once but every time I saw her she’d have this clear, bright, consistently young looking skin. I knew LYMA had a good reputation amongst professionals and celebrities too, so I wasn't at all hesitant. I knew I wanted to try it.”

Modern skincare with ancient roots

“The smell of the LYMA Cream and Serum reminded me of the Ayurvedic herbs I grew up with in Calcutta, India. The scent is reminiscent of thyme and rosemary and Ashwagandha - all those ancient Indian medicinal herbs. Honestly, the LYMA Skincare regime
was pretty easy to adopt because it was about cleansing and then applying the serum and moisturiser so that was not at all difficult.

“Brightness and hydration are the two most I think biggest takeaways for me from LYMA Skincare.”



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