The Groundbreaking Skin Laser Successfully Getting Rid Of Thigh Cellulite

Scientists confirm that the Laser PRO is how to remove cellulite on the thighs and bum.

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Is there a skin condition more loathed than cellulite? Moreover, thigh cellulite? Even for the most body positive among us, cellulite remains the common sticking point. Cellulite has never been directly linked with fitness, health or nutrition, sadly it’s the case that some are simply more predisposed to it than others. Only now, cutting-edge technology has progressed enough to bring us a device capable of taking on the greatest of skin challenges.

What causes cellulite on the thighs and bum areas?

So why do we get cellulite? Dr Graeme Glass, Craniofacial, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon and Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery, explains the science behind what makes cellulite.

“Cellulite develops as a result of the connective tissue bands which surround your fat cells becoming tight and inflexible, trapping the cells and pushing them up against the surface of your skin, thereby rendering them visible. Termed as hypertrophic fat cells, (fat cells enlarged by fat storage), they’re commonly found in storage sites such as the thighs, bottom and around the abdomen and it is the dimpling of the skin that we know as cellulite."

The reality of professional treatments for cellulite

Skepticism is welcome and encouraged here, because cellulite is public skin enemy number one, so therefore any treatment claiming to combat it, gains popularity fast. As ever, it’s paramount to look for the proven science, and independently peer-reviewed evidence of any treatment working.

Until now, professional laser skin tightening thigh treatments have required multiple sessions, been highly painful and entailed significant downtime. There have been consistent introductions of new fat freezing treatment techniques such as Coolsculpting, for cellulite apparently in need of ice-blasting.

Unfortunately, the independent evidence behind any of these fat-freezing cellulite techniques is scant. Independent medical professionals struggle to vouch for the scientific logic behind cellulite freezing treatments, meaning the statistics and results come only from the brands themselves. This also applies to red light therapy for cellulite treatments billed as body sculpting treatments that heat fat cells in order to break them up. The light source is crucial here because LED does not have the correct linear wavelength formation to penetrate anywhere deep enough into the skin to reach cellulite. As a scattered light source (as opposed to the coherent, monochromatic and polarized Laser light of the LYMA Laser), LED loses its power exponentially upon entering the skin, thus rendering any LED treatment for cellulite a futile effort.

Let us talk about lasers for cellulite.

LYMA secondary PRO Laser leg knee

The zero heat, zero damage laser fully proven for cellulite removal

Finally a solution cellulite should be scared of, the LYMA Laser PRO has the power and technology to reduce cellulite on the legs, bum and anywhere you choose to use it. The world’s most powerful anti-aging laser therapy, the three near-infrared 500mW Lasers housed within the device give it three times the power, while a lens nearly four times bigger means even larger areas of thigh cellulite can be quickly and effectively treated in less time.

250x as biologically effective as near infrared LED and 12x more biological penetration at the base layer of the skin than in-clinic LED, the LYMA Laser PRO can penetrate 10cm without losing biological healing power. This unrivalled laser power in a sleek, handheld device means no more time-consuming clinical treatment courses and zero downtime.

The Laser PRO achieves all of this skin regeneration with no pain, no heat, no damage, and it’s even been certified safe enough to be used at-home by consumers wanting to treat themselves.

How does the Laser PRO work on areas of cellulite such as thighs?

With no need for blasting, zapping or freezing, when areas of cellulite are stimulated by the near infrared low-level laser light beams in the Laser PRO, the enlarged or stretched fat cells have shown to release their stored fat. “Under the influence of the Laser PRO in these zones, engorged fat cells develop holes (pores) through which the stored fat products leak and are then filtered out of the spaces between cells by the lymphatic system and return into healthy, regular circulation,” explains Dr Grame Glass who has authored numerous academic medical papers on Low-level Laser Therapy, the very technology inside the Laser PRO.

The LYMA Laser PRO is The laser treatment for cellulite that’s revolutionizing both the professional and at-home skin renewal industries. As well as being a proven treatment for combating cellulite, the Laser PRO shows impressive results within just daily use over 12 weeks at treating fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of elasticity, musculoskeletal discomfort, redness and scarring.

The Laser Pro is a proven safe and effective cellulite laser to use anywhere on the body, marking a new era in total skin transformation.

Laser pro closeup

How to get rid of cellulite through positive lifestyle changes

  • The best cellulite cream is the one you rub in vigorously. The reason for that being that no topical cream can actually break up enlarged fat pockets deep down in the skin. However, the physical motion of forcefully rubbing the skin, stimulates both circulation and the lymphatic drainage systems which can go some way to reduce cellulite on legs, or anywhere on the bottom. It's the motion that’s taking effect, so using a dry body oil can be just as worthwhile.

  • The reason that Gywneth Paltow regularly demonstrates her dry brushing routine is that dry skin brushing for cellulite sloughs away dead surface skin cells and increases circulation deeper down. Dry skin brushing is also a brilliantly complementary cellulite treatment for the Laser PRO as it both increases blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, aiding the removal of the fat deposits forming cellulite that the Laser has targeted.

  • Eating lean protein helps to reinforce connective tissue, fixing broken collagen structures under your skin which cause cellulite. Good protein sources are red meat, chicken, white fish, beans and quinoa.

  • Next comes the utilisation of the Laser itself. All you need to do is pass the powerful portable Laser PRO over your problem area - be it thighs, buttocks or arms - for 15 minutes daily, slowly moving the beam over the skin. Consistency is key for the Laser PRO to produce the astounding results it's been scientifically proven capable of.

Check out the full LYMA Laser PRO protocol for treating cellulite on the body here.



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