Medical Aesthetician Amy Peterson Called Her Clients To Tell Them They Needed the LYMA Laser. Here’s Why.

8 valuable lessons to take your skin to flawless heights, courtesy of the world’s finest.

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Known in the industry as ‘The Skin Savant’ Amy Peterson is a world authority on non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Indeed, her Miami practice, Skincare By Amy Peterson is home to a good number of them. Never one to be tempted to hop on the at-home device bandwagon, she was a wholly unexpected convert to the LYMA Laser. Here’s her best skin advice for free.

1. Cheap is expensive

“When it comes to beauty and wellness, you have to be willing to invest in proven technologies that significantly move the needle in your life. Social platforms like TikTok can be misleading, particularly when it comes to the latest at-home skin devices. Not only do they fail to deliver on their promises, they can also potentially damage the skin if used incorrectly. A thoughtful, single investment in a reputable and proven product like the LYMA Laser will not only transform your skin, but prevent unnecessary spending in the long-term. Like I say, cheap can be expensive.”

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2. Facial rejuvenation is your PT session

“I view in office treatments like going to your personal trainer and your skincare regimen as the cardio you do at home. Personal trainers wouldn’t promise a dream body in six months without maintenance. As we continue to age, the better approach is to consider what your maintenance journey should look like. Ask your aesthetician or dermatologist to come up with a comprehensive strategy that effectively addresses your specific skin concerns whilst also being cost-effective. The key is to be prepared to do the work at home in between professional treatments.”

3. There’s power in Prejuvenation

“I feel strongly about Prejuvenation; addressing skin aging from a proactive approach before it becomes a significant issue, reduces the need for more invasive procedures in the future. The key is a combination of regular in-office, professional treatments, and conducting your own daily skin treatments at home. I feel confident about the “skinvestment” my clients are making when purchasing the Laser; they're not just investing in achieving significantly healthier, glowing skin, they're investing in maintaining it”.

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4. At-home beauty devices have to be simple

“I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about the latest at-home gadget. My answer is always the same; it likely works if you use it consistently. However, most people use something for two weeks before they put it in their drawer to collect dust. The act of having to use any skin device in a certain manner in the mirror for 20 minutes can feel too time consuming for most people.

What I love about the LYMA Laser is that you can do it anywhere, you don’t even need a mirror! It’s the ease of use that makes me feel like people will actually use it and why people are seeing significant results. At-home beauty devices need to be simple to use because life gets in the way and it becomes too easy to be distracted by other everyday tasks. This is what the LYMA Laser is doing right.”

5. Do your skin homework

“People tend to assume that because you are working in this industry, you have access to do all these incredible treatments all the time. More often than not, while running a busy practice, I am the last one who has time to get an in office treatment. I am, and have always been, very good with my at-home skincare.

Just last night, I was using my Laser while watching a movie with my kids. I got a good 15 minutes in with it and it was so easy. I have also been known to use my LYMA during Zoom calls, it’s just that simple. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin, especially around my eyes and my skin is a little bouncier. Personally, I just love it and I've been really happy using it.”

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6. Set your skin expectations

“Clients come to my clinic presenting clear skin concerns, like acne, aging skin or pigmentation and I’m confident that I cannot only improve their skin but enhance their confidence as well.

“Then, there are those who come in and their skin is already in excellent condition, yet they want their skin to look even more flawless, a complexion with no imperfections or marks whatsoever. They want what is popularly known as, “glass skin”. In Miami, this is highly sought after. People here love a filtered aesthetic and impeccable looking skin, similar to what your skin looks like under an Instagram filter. In today’s day and age, the expectation is enhanced results, minimal down time and faster healing.”

7. Beauty is ever-evolving. Move with it

“I think if you're in the aesthetics space and you don't prioritize education and innovation, then you're likely missing out. Every day there's a new product, a new ingredient and improved techniques to enhance treatments. In my clinic, we take pride in having first in class for every indication.

This is a reflection of my commitment to finding the most effective solutions and taking into account how the world is changing and evolving.”

8. Professionals can educate you on your LYMA Laser

“We have a Magic Hour Facial which incorporates three to four amazing devices and during that hour, I’m constantly manipulating the skin. When I introduce my clients to the LYMA Laser, I take a deep dive into showing them what it does for the skin.

“I show them not only what it is activating, but how it operates. I believe my clients deserve a full hour to have an exceptional experience, I want them to walk away feeling totally blown away and empowered by what I have taught them.”



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