The Biggest Wellness Trend of 2024 Will Be Optimizing Our Genetics

Know how to dial up your gene expression and get ahead of the DNA game.

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The wellness industry moves at lightning pace and can be challenging to predict but one thing’s for certain, wellness has long left faddy, woo woo territory and is now tech-driven, measurable and more science-based than ever before.

Longevity was a big health and wellness focus in 2023, taking notes from the hundred year old Hunza Tribe to remain fitter and happier later into life. So what’s on the wellness horizon for 2024? The next frontier of future wellness is curated genetics. 2024 wellness trends will be centered around enhancing and upregulating our gene expression for the ultimate in aesthetic and physical health..

You’re about to hear a lot more about… Epigenetics

The human genome is astonishingly complex and dynamic, with genes constantly turning on or off depending on what biochemical signals they receive from the body. Those signals depend heavily on everything the body’s exposed to including pollution, stress, sleep, hormones, nutrition, exercise and skincare. Epi’ meaning ‘upon’ or more specifically, ‘acting upon’, so epigenetics refers to those external factors that influence how our genes are expressed. Where it gets really interesting is in intentionally manipulating epigenetics to get a desired result and that’s where scientific endeavor is launching off from right now.

Epigenetics are the key to mastering your sirtuin genes

Another upcoming buzzword for you, sirtuin genes and more particularly, optimizing them, is regarded as next-level epigenetics. Sirtuins are enzymes that repair DNA, combat cellular inflammation, increase metabolism and make the body work more efficiently, so as to age slower. Control the epigenetics of sirtuin genes and you impact the body’s DNA methylation and potentially ramp up the body’s sirtuin activity which is excellent for your long-term health.

LYMA skincare vessels

Epigenetic skincare: the next frontier for beauty

Where epigenetics meets skincare is the zenith of cosmetic advancement right now. Formulas made up of active ingredients able to correct the gene expression that cause skin aging processes like chronic inflammation and the breakdown of collagen. By “cleaning up” these errors, we can make our genes function as they did when we were younger. Be that increasing the instruction to make more collagen, increased focus on barrier repair, driving cellular energy or clearing away senescent cells, these are skincare actives advanced enough to cheat the DNA system and win the aging game.

Make the genes fit. How to live an epigenetic life

1. Epigenetic skincare that taps into your DNA

LYMA has developed the world's first and only epigenetic skin science able to treat the root causes of aging, not just the superficial signs. An advanced formula that downregulates the gene expression responsible for cell death and dials up all gene expression responsible for collagen synthesis, key structural proteins and cellular regeneration. At a never-before-achieved ratio of 80% stabilized actives to 20% water, LYMA Skincare is packed with patented ingredients, clinically proven to transform skin and trick it into behaving like it did when it was young..“LYMA Skincare has the highest concentration of active ingredients, hand-picked for their ability to reverse, or slow down the underlying causes of skin aging. We’ve formulated the most effective topical skincare product on the market, bar none,” LYMA Founder, Lucy Goff.

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2. Skin regeneration switched on with laser light energy

As we age, our mitochondrial function declines and skin is unable to heal as quickly, loses elasticity, tone becomes uneven, pigmentation amasses and wrinkles and fine lines start to form. Through a scientific process called photobiomodulation, Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) can travel through all layers of the skin, reaching cells deep down, where it redirects gene expression towards renewal and amps up ATP. The LYMA Laser is a clinic grade 500mW near-infrared laser beam that travels directly into the nuclei of skin cells to switch their energy centres back on, increasing mitochondrial activity. This in turn optimizes collagen production, reinforces the skin barrier and strengthens the Extracellular Matrix, providing improved structural support for tighter, more sculpted skin.

“The most futuristic technology many of us will ever hold in our hands, when it comes to skin renewal, the LYMA Laser is in a league of its own. Think of the Laser as the master energy switch that acts at a genetic level inducing a process of tissue repair and regeneration and suppressing aging and decline,” Dr Graeme G. Glass, Plastic and Craniofacial Surgeon and LYMA Aesthetic Director.

3. Superhuman supplementation

Epigenetics comes from all external influences, not least nutrition. Sirtuins can be activated by Time Restricted Fasting, ice baths and HIIT which all help to revive biological youth. Evidence based supplements dosed at clinical levels also have more than enough power to stimulate sirtuin activity. The award-winning, peer-reviewed LYMA Supplement formula contains ten patented ingredients proven to tackle inflammaging throughout the body. Among them, HydroCurc®, the world’s first 100% cold water dispersed curcumin, boasts four times the active benefits of generic turmeric and is well documented to increase sirtuins. Validated 1,3 1,6 beta glucan Wellmune® Blend is a game-changer in terms of its anti-inflammaging potential and rejuvenating the body at a cellular level.

“Hacking the aging process needs to start at a cellular level and involves altering gene expression. Gene expression can be modified in a few established ways, all of which contribute to a deceleration of the biological aging process. You can make lifestyle choices to increase your sirtuin activity, be that through nutrition, exercise, mindset, skincare or supplementation,” Professor Paul Clayton, world-leading expert in the fast-developing science of preventative aging and LYMA Director of Science.

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As the number one Welltech brand, LYMA offers a full 360 protocol of epigenetic wellness. The LYMA Laser, Skincare and Supplement are the complete ecosystem of extending your healthspan and optimising your body, skin and life right this moment and years into the future.



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