“LYMA knocked three years off my skin age in six weeks.”

Gautami was never interested in skincare until she saw the LYMA differuence in the mirror.

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A self-confessed skin neglector, Gautami admits she checked out of her skincare a long time ago. “Growing up, I never had that dream skin. Instead I had lots of problems and breakouts. My poor mum would stress about my skin so much and drag me from one skin specialist to the next, trying all these lotions and potions. So as soon as I had autonomy over my own skin, I ignored the problem and did the basic minimum. Hence, my relationship with my skin hasn’t been the best over the years.”

The science of skincare can be blinding

So basic was her skincare routine that until a few years ago, Gautami didn’t even apply sunscreen and as a result she’s collected sun spots from lack of protection. “There's so much more skin science out there now than there was ten years ago and thousands of products on the shelves that unless I had a personalised routine from a skin specialist, I wouldn’t know where to begin and where to end”. But as she grows older, it’s a growing priority to look her best. Not younger, she insists, just her best. “I don’t want to be 25 again, I’m very comfortable in my fifty-year old skin and aging well is a good thing. Having said that, I secretly hope I don’t look as old as I am!”

How do you choose the right skin products?

Having heard of LYMA from friends and on social media but never tried any products, Gautami admits she was more than a little sceptical. “When I read all the LYMA Skincare literature and the amazing claims; I thought, how can that all be true?! But I was looking forward to using such a simple regime. Double cleanse, serum and a minute later, the cream. No layering 300 vitamin C serums, hyaluronic acid or retinol, the two products take care of everything which is the great thing. I can’t keep track of all those serum regimes on alternate days like other women my age, I simply wouldn’t have the patience to stick to anything that regimented.”

“I knocked three years off my skin age in six weeks.”

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I had a Visia scan a few months back and my skin age came out at 54, I’m 50. I was crushed. I didn’t think I looked older than my age but I have wrinkles and the sunspots have aged me. Maybe I had misplaced skin confidence but all that was going on underneath the top layer of my skin and I had no idea.”

She’s referring to new scientific findings in the eight mechanisms behind skin aging and the fundamental importance to addressing these root causes, deep below skin’s surface. LYMA’s epigenetic skincare has been engineered to counteract and effectively reverse these processes. So Gautami used LYMA Skincare every day for six weeks and then went for a second, identical scan and what happened? “My skin age has gone down to 51. It made me take a moment and think, okay so this really does work!”

“LYMA really has come up with a product that does deliver on the claims which is amazing.”

“I know this is working, I can see results for myself”

Having always had an issue with redness on her cheeks, after three months of using the LYMA Serum and Cream every day, Gautami noticed it wasn’t as pronounced and her skin was far smoother. “The Cream took a little getting used to because the skincare I used previously was all gel or water-based but within days I could see my skin was liking it. It's been fun and amazingly easy to stick with the routine which is where I think I would have fallen off the wagon with anything complicated. It’s literally twice a day on clean skin and you're done - you don't need to use anything else. It’s worth every penny just for that I think. I still want minimum fuss when it comes to skin health and that’s why LYMA Skincare is such a great fit for me.”

Skin that makes your husband do a double take

“I’ve been married for 21 years and my husband doesn’t comment on my looks but then we recently had this dinner with some colleagues from Germany. They were already seated at the table when I joined them at the restaurant and as I approached the table, my husband looked up at me with a surprised expression on his face. He literally gasped and said, “You look so young! They will think I'm married to a really young girl! Who is this young lady I married?!” I was bowled over and I’m still thinking about it - I’m crediting all that to LYMA.



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