How LYMA helped Sylvia on her road to recovery after breast cancer surgery and treatment

"A health supplement should work like your life depends on it and that’s exactly what LYMA does"

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22.08.22 (Updated 02.10.23)

“Forget ineffectual multivitamins, a true health supplement should work like your life depends on it and that’s exactly what LYMA does,” Lucy Goff, Founder of LYMA.

We often think of health supplements as the realm of the fit and healthy. Those already in their optimal state, exercising regularly, maintaining their youth and vigor. But, it’s when your body is at its most vulnerable, operating at its lowest capacity, that all those lofty health supplement claims need to show up for you.

“When you’re fit and healthy, the supplements and vitamins you’re taking don’t have the chance to prove themselves because the benefits aren’t perhaps all that obvious,” Lucy explains. “It’s when you’re at your weakest, most wiped out, that a health supplement needs to prove its worth and restore your body back to health. That’s what I so desperately needed and that’s how LYMA came about.”

The LYMA Supplement came to exist when, following the birth of her daughter, LYMA founder Lucy Goff was left battling septicaemia, her body unable to function on even the most basic level. Leading clinical pharmacologist and pharmaco-nutritionist, Prof. Paul Clayton introduced her to the widely unrealised world of evidence-based, clinic grade supplements and his bespoke cocktail brought Lucy back to herself. That unique remedy was the basis that formed The LYMA Supplement that’s changing lives today. The LYMA Supplement’s ten powerful ingredients are all patented and peer-reviewed in independent studies to work at the exact dosage delivered in the LYMA capsules.

Years later, The LYMA Supplement has made the same life-changing impact on Sylvia but for entirely different reasons.

Sylvia went from being an active eighty-year-old, to someone battling a violent form of cancer and she discovered that it’s when you’re at your most fragile, that you need a health supplement most. Here she shows there’s longevity to be had, even in your eighties.

“Getting up off the sofa a bit awkwardly one day, I reached to hold my side and came across a lozenge-like lump in my breast. I phoned the doctor the very next day and after a series of examinations, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Cancer. That’s a highly aggressive form of cancer that usually returns within three years.”

Reeling from her prognosis, life morphed into one of regular hospital visits making up a complex treatment plan. “No one tells you that the operation will be the easy part because then it was a full schedule of chemotherapy and radiotherapy involving near daily visits to the hospital. Each session was six hours long with my poor husband waiting in the car park outside for every single one. Nobody can convey how dreadful you feel either. I had a violent reaction to chemotherapy; it wiped me out, made me vomit and I seemed to pick up every infection out there. When I finished the course of treatment I thought I’d be alright but again, I was severely naïve. Treatment was deemed a success by my medical team as right now, they can’t find any trace of the cancer in my body. Although, now if I get any aches or pains or lumps, it zips into my mind that the cancer could be on its way back. When you’re sick, the mental battle is just as important as the physical.”

Like anyone would, Sylvia was grasping at straws to find anything that might make her feel better; she gave it all a try. “I have a bread bin full of vitamins, minerals and supplements that I’ve tried in the past but all have proven useless to me. I don’t know why I’ve kept all these half full bottles of supermarket multivitamins, Vitamin D, Calcium Glucosamine, bone health and Vitamin B complexes. Most of them just made me feel worse than I already did.”

So how did she come across LYMA? “My daughter brought The LYMA Supplement to me, urging me to try it and I’m so glad I did because it’s the only thing I’ve ever taken that has ever worked. The first improvement I noticed was that I could finally sleep, it was blissful. A good night’s sleep is wonderful and it’s half the battle if you can get some rest. All of a sudden I was sleeping better and longer than I had in years, even before the cancer. Now I wake up feeling restored and with a better frame of mind. I feel more mentally strong and like I can cope with all of this.”

Over the ensuing weeks, other benefits followed suit, all building a picture of better health. “My digestion settled again, my memory came flooding back and I could finally finish my sentences. What gave me most relief though, was that the aches and pains from even the smallest movement, gradually eased and then evaporated. I’ve found such joy in slow, gentle movement and pottering about again. I’m afraid I don’t know much about the world of supplements but I can say that LYMA are the only tablets I haven’t given up on and that have truly worked and that’s something I shall forever be beyond grateful for.”

So what exactly was it that brought both Sylvia and LYMA founder Lucy from their weakest, most vulnerable states, back to full health? Here’s what's in the revolutionary formula:

  • Potent, plant-derived Vita-Algae D3™ improves cardiovascular health, rebuilds weak muscles and reinforces the nervous system.

  • Cognizin® is a potent nootropic that increases cell communication between neurons in the brain for quicker thinking, sharper focus and improved memory recollection.

  • Solubilised K2VITAL® DELTA regulates calcium within the bones, strengthening the physical body throughout.

  • Infection-fighting prebiotic Wellmune® Blend brings back the immune system from its weakened state, safeguarding against harmful bacteria and enabling the immune cells to work at full force once more.

  • Full Spectrum Adaptogen KSM-66® Ashwagandha creates predictable, deeply restorative sleep wherein the body can repair itself through productive, effective rest.

  • Unique standardized saffron extract, affron® is lauded for its mood lifting ability to bolster mental resilience in order to tackle the long journey to recovery.

  • 100% Cold Water Dispersed Turmeric Extract HydroCurc® reduces inflammation in every organ of the body as a result of harsh traditional medicines and trauma.

  • Levagen®+ is an engineered defence protein that stocks up the body's own reserves of the naturally occuring fatty acid that actively removes and reduces physical pain and stiffness in joints.


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