“There isn’t a magic cure for menopause but there is LYMA”

Deborah needed a menopause life line.

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From super healthy and hiking in the Hollywood hills to crushing anxiety and sleepless nights. Deborah needed a menopause life line.

By most people's standards, Deborah has a great life. “I've always had a lot of energy and we live in California, so we‘re out hiking almost every day. I just love being outside with my husband where everything feels perfect and balanced.”

She also has a long-term dedication to skincare. “It's not about being the prettiest woman in the room, it's about not looking beaten up by life. But when Covid hit and I couldn't get my facials, I invested in the LYMA Laser. I read all the data on the Laser and how much deeper it goes into the skin than any LED can. So, I abandoned my LED light in favour of the Laser. My aesthetician, Amy Peterson, is a big proponent of LYMA and she actually got someone to call me up to check, “Deborah, do you have a LYMA Laser?” And I said, “Yep, I already do!” I'm 53 now and I never wear makeup because I feel like I look very healthy and I always get great compliments on my skin.

“I got the full force of menopause”

Six months ago, menopause knocked Deborah for six. “It doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have, menopause can bring you to your knees, zapping you of your energy and enthusiasm for life. For me it started with extreme sleeplessness, followed by a barrage of hot flashes, digestive issues, exhaustion and depression. The whole gamut.”

Then came the mood swings and anxiety. “I came home every day and coached myself before I entered the house. “Be nice,” I’d say. “Be nice.” Because I was ready to tear my husband's head off. I really was and sometimes I did. I was miserable. I didn't want to get out of bed, I was resentful of everything my husband did, I got angry at everyone, even the cats! I mean, stupid things like people in the street, I was ready to fight all the time. Then I started having all these irrational thoughts, I kept saying to my husband, “Do I look like I'm dying? Am I dying? Am I done?” It became so bad that I couldn't swallow, I was so anxious all the time.”

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“LYMA took the edge off all my menopause symptoms”

Seeing her skin light up previously with the LYMA Laser, gave Deborah the impetus to subscribe to the Supplement too. Within weeks she started to sleep better, her anxiety calmed right down, moods lifted and her energy returned. “Now the symptoms have cleared, I am such a happy person. I love my life and I'm very grateful for it. Something’s changed in me and I feel very optimistic. Yesterday, I walked 10 miles and I'm just really grateful for the Supplement for giving me that vigour. I have three sisters all at different stages of the menopause and I've struggled the least because of the Supplement and I tell them all, “take LYMA!” Actually I tell everybody, wherever I go.”

An honest formula, proven to work

“Honestly, I think a lot of people waste money on supplements that don’t work. I looked into the LYMA formulation and it’s been so well researched and they’ve made a powerful combination of ingredients; adaptogens like Ashwagandha, plant-based vitamin D3 and there’s a fascinating probiotic in there. LYMA makes it clear that it’s not a multivitamin and that you should be getting all your vitamins and minerals from your food. I really respected that. I feel like LYMA is coming from a very honest place and that they truly believe in their products. So I'm happy to talk about it and I certainly wouldn't miss a day of taking them. If I had to take one thing, it would be LYMA. I trust it completely.”

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And her advice to women entering perimenopause?

Looking back, Deborah recognises that when she was entering perimenopause, she was pushing it too hard career-wise and her life was out of balance. “How your health is now, fundamentally affects the next 10 years of your life - something I learned perhaps a little too late. Give yourself space, be gentle where you can and start winding down now. You can prepare your body physically for menopause with an anti-inflammatory diet, cutting your cortisol down, nourishing your adrenals and stop making workouts so punishing. Now when I’m in the car with my husband, listening to music or having a good chat with a friend, I take a step back and clock those moments of happiness.”

“LYMA gave me the lift I needed to get through menopause”

“During menopause, sometimes you don't want to get out of bed. Despite all I’ve been through, I still want to go see friends, I want to do my Pilates, I want to go hiking. I see some women who are still so despondent and scared and to me, that makes LYMA priceless. My menopause really hit hard but it was short; I went through the absolute worst of it in just four months and already I feel like I'm on the tail end of it. Thank God for LYMA! So, I just wanted to share it with people because I really think other women should try it.”



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