The LYMA Laser PRO Has Landed Exclusively at Harrods

Where else would the groundbreaking LYMA Laser PRO launch than Harrods beauty hall?

4 Minute ReadInterview by Jessica Lacey, Beauty Editor


Here’s why Harrods had to have the world’s most powerful laser, first.

When it comes to beauty, it doesn’t get any more iconic than the Harrods beauty hall. A veritable emporium of luxury skincare, cosmetics, fragrance and wellbeing, you feel all the better for stepping in and imbibing it. But as well as being a fully immersive beauty destination, Harrods also stays well ahead of the game in the technology stakes. Cutting edge innovations, sci-fi skincare formulations and the most hi-tech of skin gadgets, it’s no surprise that the new LYMA Laser PRO - a world first clinic-grade device that consumers can use too - should be launched exclusively in Harrods. But behind the polished counters, there’s an expert team responsible for selecting the most important technology of the moment and predicting the next great beauty launch of the future.

We sat down with Harrods Beauty Editor Olivia de Courcy, to find out how she honed in on the Laser PRO early on and why it’s the cosmetic device set to revolutionize all of our skin regimes.

LYMA PRO harrods Olivia Courcy

Tell us Olivia, what makes Harrods such an iconic destination for all things skin and beauty?

“Harrods is the ultimate beauty destination: across four of its six floors, whatever your approach to beauty, we’ll have something for you. And it’s not only products (though, of course, you’ll find the best brands in the world), treatments and experiences are important for our customers as well, whether that is aesthetic treatments in our Wellness Clinic, hair and scalp analysis with our trichologist in the Hair and Beauty Salon or holistic facials in our Beauty Suites. Whether you have hours to spend on your beauty routine, or ten minutes, Harrods is the one-stop shop for the most effective beauty offering on the market.”

What makes Harrods customers such ideal LYMA customers too?

“The Harrods skincare customer is very ingredient and tech savvy – they know their retinol from their niacinamide and their ashwagandha from their probiotics. Efficacy is key for the Harrods customer – in their busy, jet-setting lifestyle, how can they achieve the best results that will slot seamlessly into their lifestyle? With LYMA, not only does its breakthrough technology and proven results pique the interest of Harrods’ beauty-savvy customers, but its easy-to-use design and simple supplement protocol also makes it a winner for incorporating into their existing routines.”
LYMA laser PRO harrods

So why did Harrods work with LYMA on launching exclusively the LYMA Laser PRO?

“Harrods is a place of firsts, we exclusively launched LYMA into the physical retail market, so it felt right to collaborate on this next stage of exciting innovation for the brand. We are also very excited to bring the new Laser PRO device to life with a residency from Nichola Joss in our treatment rooms, so customers can be immersed into the world of LYMA, and discover the Laser PRO with a true skincare expert.”

What have been the limitations of existing at-home skin gadgets up until now?

“Limitations have been down to power thus far. There are brilliant options on the market, though there has been a disconnect between the level of results you can expect from an at-home device versus going to visit a practitioner in-clinic. And that’s largely down to technology and what’s been approved for at-home use. The fact that LYMA’s original laser is as powerful as a laser you’d typically find in-clinic, and that the Laser PRO is even more powerful is something very special for the beauty tech market.”

“The LYMA Laser PRO is perfect for performing a medical-grade treatment at home, but also for maintaining the results of in-clinic treatments in-between sessions.”

LYMA laser PRO x2

What do you think Harrods customers will love most about the Laser PRO?

“We know that our customers already use the LYMA Laser all over their bodies, and many own more than one device to make their treatment time quicker. Now that our customers can get their hands on the Laser PRO, they’ll benefit from three times the power in the three near-infrared 500mW laser beams across a wider lens that can treat larger areas. I think they’re going to love achieving their results in even less time.”

Why is celebrity facialist Nichola Joss such a coup for Harrods and what will she and the LYMA technology bring to your beauty offering?

“We love partnering with trusted beauty experts from all over the world to offer world-class expertise to our customers, and Nichola Joss is so revered in the treatment world that we are excited to welcome her to introduce the Laser PRO device to our customers, and share her insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of the device.”
Lucy LYMA high tech Laser PRO technology

What surprised you most about LYMA Laser Technology, after experiencing it yourself?

“When I first tried the LYMA Laser, my initial reaction was just how easy it was to use. I have had laser treatments in the past, all of which come with varying pain levels and red flushes on my skin post-treatment. The LYMA Laser was completely the opposite: pain free and with absolutely no redness. I began to look forward to it as a mediative, wind-down evening routine before bed. What’s really satisfying as a beauty journalist is when you start to see a product working – and work it did! Within a month of daily, 15 minute use, I’d started to see a more even skin tone. I am prone to redness and blemishes, which both appeared reduced, and a particular area of pigmentation was markedly reduced. Plus, I loved how sleek the design was so I could easily pop it in my washbag when traveling.”

The LYMA Laser PRO is available at Harrods now. Find out about celebrity facialist Nichola Joss’ Laser PRO Harrods residency here.


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