LYMA Laser.
The power to achieve
clinic results at home

Nothing compares to the LYMA Laser. The world's most powerful at-home
beauty device. Zero damage. No downtime. Painless.

100xMore Powerful Than LED Devices

Expert Reviews

"The LYMA Laser is the breakthrough beauty product of the decade"

Dr. Graeme E Glass

PhD, Plastic, Craniofacial and Aesthetic surgeon, Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery

Expert Reviews

"The LYMA Laser is the breakthrough beauty product of the decade"

Dr. Graeme E Glass

PhD, Plastic, Craniofacial
and Aesthetic surgeon, Associate
Professor of Clinical Surgery

"The LYMA Laser is the breakthrough beauty product of the decade"

Clinic-grade laser technology for all skin tones. Proven to transform your skin. Zero damage. No downtime. Painless.

Transformational results in weeks
















Skin tone

The Facts

The world's strongest at home Laser

Transformative results in weeks

The only device able to reach the base layer of your skin

Treats all signs of aging, redness, pigmentation, scars, blemishes and more

Gentle, non-abrasive treatment, with no downtime

Pain-free and safe around the eyes. No goggles required

The only at home laser suitable for use on all skin tones

Built to last; two year warranty and ten year lifespan

The expert's trusted beauty device

The expert's trusted beauty device

The world's most sought after aestheticians and facialists are using the
LYMA Laser on their A-list clients.

The world's most sought after aestheticians and facialists are using the LYMA Laser on their A-list clients.

Intelligent laser technology:
engineered to deactivate
the aging process

Originally developed as a medical laser in a research unit
in Leipzig, the LYMA Laser's primary purpose was to
heal a range of injuries.

An astonishing side effect was discovered; in order to
reach the damaged tissue, it needed to pass through the
skin, which began to visibly transform.

The LYMA Laser exists in a category of its own.

Your LYMA Laser Journey

Days Weeks Months Beyond

How long will it take

Deep within the skin the Laser light reaches the foundational level of the dermis, targeting the fibroblasts. Aging skin cells receive new instructions to rejuvenate and regenerate.

As the cells produce more collagen and elastin, you notice a glow. More cells are being switched back into their rejuvenation phase, and these now make their way to the skin surface. Some skin conditions already see vast improvement.

Fine lines and wrinkles are fading. Skin feels firmer, renewed elastin levels are giving skin a fuller, bouncier texture. Scars are fading, redness is calmed, skin texture is refined.

Collagen and elastin are at their maximum levels. Your skin looks the best it has done for years, with cells regenerated from the base up. The LYMA Laser is at the heart of your skincare routine.

LYMA Laser and LYMA
Skincare, a pioneering
protocol. Powerful
beyond measure

LYMA Skincare was by the world's leading geneticists, longevity scientists and plastic surgeons to deliver actives to turbocharge the LYMA Laser’s remarkable anti-aging results.

Online Exclusive The LYMA Skin System From $2,900

Online Exclusive

The LYMA Skin System $2,900

  • LYMA Laser. The most powerful at-home beauty device in the world. 100x more powerful than LED.
  • LYMA Skincare. The most active skincare formula ever engineered.
  • LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide.
    100x more effective than an oxygen facial.

$2,900 (RRP $3,220). Save $320. Pay monthly from with .

LYMA Skincare

The most active skincare formula
ever engineered.

LYMA Laser

The most powerful at-home beauty device in the world. 100x more powerful than an LED face mask.

LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide

100x more effective than
an oxygen facial.

How to use the LYMA Laser and LYMA Skincare

Industry Reviews

Katelijne Lecleir

"I am happy to connect clients a next-level skin reviving system to perform at home, unlike anything ever seen before. What is also very important to me is that it is very powerful and safe."

Katelijne Lecleir, Gua Sha Expert and Founder of Yuu Studio

Romy Solemini

"The LYMA Laser heals the skin, calms any redness before an event and overall makes the skin appear firmer and bouncier."

Romy Solemini, New York-based Makeup Artist

Anna Zahn

"I am so impressed with the LYMA Laser's ground-breaking technology. I’m not surprised everyone wants one with results so powerful."

Anna Zahn, Founder and Owner of Ricari Studio Health Spas, with locations in LA, NY and London

Diane Nivern

"The Laser is revolutionary in skincare as a remedial and preventative tool helping my clients reverse the signs of ageing and improve their wellbeing."

Diane Nivern, Award winning skincare specialist & facialist

Mary Greenwell

"To have healthy skin in the long-term, your focus needs to be on looking after it in the kindest way possible. The LYMA Laser, truly, is that kindest way."

Mary Greenwell, Makeup Artist

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, BEM

"The LYMA Laser is a ground-breaking laser technology that works for all skin types and improves a range of concerns such as scarring, blemishes, pigmentation and skin aging. "

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, BEM, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and the Clinical Lead for Innovation-Temps Belgravia

Dr Costi

"It's beautiful for the skin and very easy to use and it doesn't cause any damage to your cells"

Dr Costi, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Beirut

Katharine Mackenzie Paterson

"With no downtime, this portable magic wand can be used for a few minutes every day, at any time of the day.  I’ve seen skin looking brighter, more even and just healthier with continued use."

Katharine Mackenzie Paterson, Skincare Expert and Founder of KMP Skin

Joanne Evans

"I’ve found that The LYMA laser gives a really lovely finish to the skin at the end of the treatment, which I was really surprised about."

Joanne Evans, Leading facialist and Founder of Skin Matters

Dr Graeme Glass PhD

"The LYMA Laser captures the efficacy of a Laser-based light therapy previously only available in the clinic and delivers it into the hands of the consumer for use at home."

Dr Graeme Glass PhD, Plastic, Craniofacial and Aesthetic Surgeon Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery

Pati Dubroff

"The breakthrough beauty device of the decade. I use it on clients’ skin before makeup and it massively reduces inflammation, erases under-eye bags and gives the face a fabulous glow."

Pati Dubroff, Hollywood's Leading Make-Up Artist

Nichola Joss

"The LYMA Laser takes skin regeneration to a new level. Clinic grade performance for everyday home use that I can’t live without."

Nichola Joss, Facialist to the stars and Skincare Expert

Dr Paul Clayton Phd

"The LYMA System is the break-through beauty product of the decade."

Dr Paul Clayton Phd, Medical Pharmacologist

Joanna Czech

"The LYMA Laser not only aligns with my philosophy of protecting and supporting skin but it can be used on all skin types and tones, truly representing inclusive beauty. LYMA is a total game changer - incredibly powerful, portable and most importantly, completely safe."

Joanna Czech, Celebrity Skin Care Expert

Dr Dendy Engelman

"It's thrilling to now have an at-home device that addresses wrinkles, skin redness, blemishes, scars, pigmentation and cellulite."

Dr Dendy Engelman, Board certified Dermatologic Surgeon at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue

Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars

From 132 people

1 month ago

Easy to use and so far with less than one month of use, result is amazing.

1 month ago

A great service and great products. My skin has never been so good.

1 month ago

Excellent timely reminders and tips from order processing , to shipping, to how to use the device and measure your progress, I have not had a chance to use the device, but I am already confident of the support I will receive once I get started yet.

1 month ago

I love it! I'm so glad that I bought this!! I'm already seeing great results!

2 months ago

I purchased my first Lyma almost 1 year ago and have seen beautiful results! With my busy work schedule, I felt having 2 would decrease my use time by half and keep me more consistent on a daily basis. 1 month in using 2 Lyma lasers and I absolutely love it! My results are obvious. I use everyday for 10 minutes. I do not regret the 2nd purchase.

Your Questions About The LYMA Laser

Is blemish laser treatment permanent? 

Laser treatment for blemishes is highly effective but no treatment can ever be deemed permanent because new breakouts can always appear as a result from hormonal, dietary, stress or emotional changes.

Is laser treatment for pigmentation safe?

The LYMA Laser uses clinical grade technology, but is completely safe to use at home thanks to its patented triple lens technology. It has the highest safety certification for lasers available: the IEC 60825 and IE 60601-1. It also carries the German TUV SUD Functional Safety Certification. Read this to see how LYMA helps to reduce pigmentation.

What is ND YAG laser for skin and how does it differ from The LYMA Laser?  

Unlike the LYMA Laser that emits coherent focused light energy to energise skin cells, ND YAG lasers all wound the skin to cause reparative collagen synthesis. Like The LYMA Laser, the ND YAG laser is used to treat many skin conditions such as wrinkles, scarring, and pigmentation. ND YAG lasers can be both ablative and non-ablative but both types are highly intense hot laser beams that cause varying levels of pain and trauma to the skin. In contrast The LYMA Laser is completely painless and uses the process of skin rejuvenation without cell damage.

Can laser treatment help rosacea?

Laser treatment in clinics can achieve results for rosacea but not without further damaging skin that is already suffering from acute sensitivity and inflammation. Moreover, rosacea is a long-term, recurring condition so future treatment is guaranteed.

The LYMA Laser is ideal for treating skin redness as it contains no heat or damage to skin, and it is possible to continually upkeep results naturally.

Do spider veins come back after laser treatment? 

Laser ablation can impressively break up spider veins, but like any skin condition, they can return even following full removal. Spider veins on the face are caused by environmental fluctuations, hormonal shifts, hypersensitivity or hereditary ageing. Any of these can reoccur at any time which is why an at home laser like LYMA is the simplest, most effective solution.

How much does laser skin rejuvenation cost? 

With The LYMA Laser the cost of skin rejuvenation is a one-off purchase price. The cost of laser skin rejuvenation in clinic is a moving target - multiple sessions are required within the initial course of treatment, potentially followed by numerous maintenance sessions over ensuing years. In addition to this, there are hidden costs of local anaesthetic for treatment pain, post-treatment pain relief and prescription skincare. The LYMA Laser, as a one-off purchase, is therefore a far more straightforward acquisition.


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